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Vampire Castle

December 25, 2009
By montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
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He walked into the tower. Foolish mortal I thought. He had fallen into my trap. Little did he know I was the "damsel in distress" when I really wasn't. I had killed many and wounded less. I hardly ever left a human live. I had the most power and I was the evilest vampire to walk this forsaken earth. He thought I was his pretty pink perfect princess. He was wrong, because he was a human and I was an evil vampire.

In our legends it is said that if a human rescues a vampire "princess" he is the one. Would he or would he not?

I smelled him as he walked up the dark malicious stairs. A zinging sensation ran through my body, I ached for his blood. One taste I thought, but I knew after a lucious red drop I couldn't stop. I felt so drawn to humans because of the curse that was layed upon me. It felt like I was a magnet constantly trying to pull away from the force. Opposites attract in this situation.

The tower door slowly creeped open in front of me and a hand wrapped around the edge of the door. Faster than Zeus himself, I slid into the silver chains that made me look like a trapped princess but they were no match for a vampire. The human stepped in, his eyes twinkling a dark misty purple hue. Those eyes. I plunged into them and I experienced his life.

He was a boy who had survived death. The boy who had been killed by his mother, a slow agonizing death. Somehow he had lived. No wonder his eyes were purple. I saw him open his eyes and cringe at the sight of his own blood. Blood....

The silver chains ripped and tore in under a second. I was there, beside his throat feeling the warm inviting red liquid swim under his skin. So fresh and ripe waiting for me to take it and his life. He wasn't scared at the sight of my fangs and the ghostly white skin I wore or the dark desire expression on my face. He did the most unexpected thing. He grabbed me and set me down on the floor. He hugged me and started to weep, a tear fell on to my lips I swallowed it. Then right there I fell head over fangs in love.

The author's comments:
I want to change the vampire sterotype. It is not finished.

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