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Vampire Castle

December 28, 2009
By montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
montana PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
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He walked into the tower. Foolish mortal I thought. He had fallen into my trap. Little did he know I was the "damsel in distress" when I really wasn't. I had killed many and wounded less. I hardly ever let a human live. I had the most power and I was the most evil vampire to walk this forsaken earth. He thought I was his pretty pink perfect princess. He was wrong, because he was merely a human and I was an evil vampire.

In our legends it is said that if a human rescues a vampire princess, princess or not he is the one. The soulmate dedicated to the vampire for as long as he lives and in the afterlife. But did vampires have an afterlife? Would he rescue me or would he not?

I smelled him as he walked up the dark malicious stairs. A zinging sensation ran through my body, I ached for his blood. One taste I thought, but I knew after a lucious red drop I couldn't stop. I felt so drawn to humans because of the curse that was layed upon me. It felt like I was a magnet constantly trying to pull away from the force. Opposites attract in this situation.

The tower door slowly creeped open in front of me and a hand wrapped around the edge of the door. Faster than Zeus himself, I slid into the silver chains that made me look like a trapped princess but they were no match for a vampire. The human stepped in, his eyes twinkling a dark misty purple hue. Those eyes. I plunged into them and I experienced his life in an innocent heart beat.

He was a boy who had survived death. The boy who had been killed by his mother, a slow agonizing death. Somehow he had lived through the kiss of death. No wonder his eyes were such a unordinary purple hue. I saw him open his eyes and cringe at the sight of his own blood. Blood....

The silver chains ripped and tore in under a second. I was there, beside his throat feeling the warm inviting red liquid swim under his skin. So fresh and ripe waiting for me to take it and his life. Waiting for me to harness it. He wasn't scared at the sight of my fangs and the ghostly white skin I wore or the dark desire expression on my face. He did the most unexpected thing. He grabbed me and set me down on the floor.

I was close enough to decipher his blood type. He was an ab negative my ultimate favorite. Only one person out of a hundred was ab negative. I was about to sink my fangs into him. But his eyes captured me and never let go. Then right there I fell head over fangs in love. To add to that he hugged me and started to weep. A tear fell on to my lips, I swallowed it and the salty warm tear found its way to my heart. The moment I fell in love a bit of my black heart had melted white. The second the tear found my heart it melted even more.

He bit me full on with his suprisingly sharp human teeth. A bead of my red blood dropped upon my wrist. Another bead fell from my neck and splat it went onto my wrist. He licked it and then he came for my neck. I could tell he hated the taste of it but he continued to drink. When his thirst was satified he looked at me with those eyes...

He spoke. " I know what you are and I know what you have done. I accept it and the problem of blood drinking. I know you would never believe that a human would be okay around blood. To prove this I drank your blood. Please drink mine."

I stared at him for what seemed a million years lost and swimming in his eyes. Finally my immortal brain caught the idea and I could resist him no longer. I sat up hissed and embedded my fangs into his neck. I moaned my body going limp for his blood.

Pleasure ran through my body into his. I picked him up and set him on the red velvet bed gently. I was lost in his past, his childhood. I witnessed his girlfriends breaking his heart and I wanted to kill them all for all the pain they had caused.

A tugging pulled me back into the real world. I willed myself to stop. A minute later I let go but I could tell he wouldn't be up and running for awhile. I sat next to him shocked that I had stopped. Then I remebered he had tugged at me with his soul.

I looked at his wound and mine. I licked my blood and made it heal. I turned to him on the bed and licked his blood and sealed his wound up. His and my blood mingled in my mouth tasting so rich and malicious. I swallowed it and felt it dance its way down my throat tingling my soul. Pushing my soul to remeber something... remeber somethin...

I felt my enery drain and I fell against the puffy pillow.

He was lightly shaking me trying to arose me from my deep slumber. I barely opened my eyes sensing it was light outside again. Vampires can function in the sun it doesn't hurt us. We would rather do everything at night because it hides our abilities and the moon is a friend to us. I sat up before falling against the bed again. I wondered what was wrong with me. A pounding headache interupted my thought. I fell back into the deep slumber.

I woke up to a bloody murderous scream. I then realized it was coming from my lips. I stopped mid-scream and forced myself to take a deep breath. He was gone he had left me here. He left me when something was wrong with me. I blew up. I grabbed my coat and slipped on my boots. I ran down the stairs reaching a new recored of speed.

Halfway down the stairs I collapsed and hit my head upon the stone. A red waterfall cascaded down my head and I couldn't breathe.

A few seconds later he was there beside me his wrist torn open waiting for me to drink. I tryed to extend my fangs but they wouldn't. I settled for my tongue and sipped up a drop. Finally my fangs extended and I bit my tongue, without thinking I licked up the drops of my blood. I went back to his blood and drank until I was satisfied. I sealed his wound and mine.

Colors danced at the edges of my eyes but I fought them away. I stood up and walked back to my room at the top of the stairs. He followed closely behind. It was then I realized that I couldn't tell if the sun was still up. I walked over to my burgundy drapes and pulled them open. The sun was still up, that was for sure.

I didn't feel right, my body was aching but not for blood. What? Then my stomach growled. I was hungry. Like hungry for human food. What the hell was happening? I had never felt the need for food as a vampire, sure I ate it to look normal. But I never truly desired it.

The hunger controled me making my feet move one after the other until I stood at a field of strawberies. I grabbed a handful and ate and ate. I stopped, looking at the feet that stood before me. I slowly looked up for the first time being scared. He had fangs now and his face was awry looking at me. And I knew he wanted my blood. I wanted to say don't because for a fledgling, vampire blood doesn't satisfy. Then somewhere deep inside my soul, I knew I wasn't a vampire anymore.

He flew at me and grabbed my neck. His fangs dug into my skin and I passed out. I knew I was going to die. So much for being immortal.

A golden light surrounded me and encased my body. I felt my soul leave my body. My soul stood looking over my body. Then my soul saw his fangs were still dug in my body. His face was not. I was so confused, why would he fake it?

My soul slithered back into my body returning the glow. My eyes flickered open and I smelled my blood. I took my hand and brushed it against my neck. I looked at it and licked it up out of habit. I then realized I didn't want it, I wanted something else that was red, strawberies.

Before I could grab another handful, I was on the floor. He was tied up and so was I. A vampire came in front of me and said " Hello my little vampire gone human". I shrieked and yelled. He was taking us somewhere. He left me awake but blindfolded. My lover was out cold. The car came to an earspliting crash. I was throw against the back of the trunk.

And then it hit me. My soul had finally tugged on me enough to remember. I remembered when you drink your blood and your soulmate's blood that you become human. But no vampire had ever found their true soulmate before. Thats what he was after. I knew he wanted to study my soulmate, to find his. Only to become human once more.

I wouldn't let him have the chance. I slowly started rip out of the wood cuffs I wore. I was a human again but I was super strong, still. I tore them open. They had no chance to ever cuff someone again. After they were off I split them into a zillion pieces. Somethings you couldn't return when you became human. Finally I was free, and I ripped off the tape across my mouth. I then remembered fake fangs were still implanted in my neck. I pulled them out and wondered what made my soulmate put on fangs and bite me. Then I figured he had been influenced by the driver.

Once my feet shackles were undone I freed my soulmate. He was barely awake but I told him to run. I said that I would catch up somehow.

I would not let my kiddnapper live. I was human but my immortal heart wasn't thawed. Yet.

I staggered to the front of the car. He was still breathing. Blood was splattered all over the stearing wheel. I felt like the demon barber of fleet street also known as Sweeney Todd. I picked up the sharpest piece of windsheild glass and was ready to slit his throat. It was then my soulmate cried in my head Nooo!!! I dropped the glass and slowly backed away from the body.

I ran until I caught up with my mate. I wondered how we could send our thoughts to each other. I tried sending him one. I saw his face light up as we ran into the dusk.

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great story i enjoyed it