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Walk With Me

February 20, 2010
By Valkeryie BRONZE, Okc, Oklahoma
Valkeryie BRONZE, Okc, Oklahoma
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Come walk with me, I'll show you that your footprints in the sand are not alone. I'll show you how the tide leaves little creatures strewn among the rocks, and then we'll throw them back to sea, we'll set them free.
Come watch the sunset, I'll be by your side. The dying light will blind us for a while, sear our eyes, we'll stand with retinas aflame. It's all the same to me, as long as you are by my side, as long as you're beside me.
Come with me, let's find a dying seabird. We'll nurse it back to health, I swear to you, and when we set it free, you'll feel your heart sing. Oh, you'll feel your heart sing!
Come collect the pretty sea glass with me, all the luminous shades, broken bottles, stones and driftwood. They've all been in the limbo of the tide so long, their worries and their cares are washed away. Such smooth perfection, that of the perfect soul.
I can see your soul shine, you remind me of the sea glass, all gleaming shades and facets, no facades, no mask you hide behind. Your mask is long away, scattered by the sea breeze. Dissipated by the salty breath of mermaids.
Hidden by the cliffs so high, do you want to swim awhile before the sky is dark? Maybe we'll meet a dolphin, maybe we'll find Noah's sunken ark. Maybe we'll find a little cave beneath the water, full of little fish, we can marvel at their little lives and sigh for such simplicity, such little care.
And you'll look into my eyes, you know I love you, and you'll say the same to me, if only to ease me poor, weeping heart. Oh, I love you. Will you walk beside me for a while?

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