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Stepping towards forever-Part 1

March 13, 2010
By OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Take chances"
"never regret something that made you smile"
"Forever isn't infinity. It's the time two people spent together, be it a few seconds, five minutes, an hour, days, months, or more."

Her floral dress swings around her body as she skips a little in her steps; the bag in her right hand flies back and forth with her steps. She walked with a spring in her step towards the old brown building down the street that housed his psychology class.

In the distance, she can see the sun starting to descend from its place in the sky. Her last class ended early because her professor had an appointment to get to and she gratefully stepped out of the room in high spirits.

They agreed to meet up at their usual place, but since she was early, she decided to go surprise him. She thought about his reaction as she walked. Would he be surprised to see her? Pleased? What if he was in the middle of something? She hopes she won’t be interrupting some important lesson. The lessons are ever so important becasue they’re in their last year. She was graduating in a few months and she’ll have her Bachelor’s degree! Of course, she plans to do a master’s, but a diploma after 4 years of work! She’s looking forward to donning the black robes and cap.

Four years, she muses. That makes it almost 7 years that she’s been his, and she’ll never regret it. She couldn’t believe her luck when they first got together and she couldn’t grasp for days the idea that they managed to get into the same university. She’s blissfully happy with him and she thanks whatever’s out there for giving her this happiness.

Entering the brown-bricked building built in 18th century style, she makes her way down the hallway as quietly as she could, sharply aware of the sound of her shoes tapping on the floor.

His class was at the end of the hall. She opened the side door to the lecture hall as subtly as she could, cringing at the creaking of the ancient wood. The professor up in the front was droning on about something and the students look perplexed. A few of them turned her way upon hearing the creak. She spotted a friend and smiled, at which the friend promptly winks back. She grins a little wider and rolls her eyes.

She hesitantly pokes her head through the crack of the door and looks around for him. All of a sudden she hears the polite yet firm voice she knew so well, “Sorry to point this out professor, but I think your explanation is inaccurate.”

She immediately turns in the direction of the voice, and sure enough, there he was, looking up with a hint of arrogance and cool confidence in his features.

Suddenly, the lecture hall was much more awake.

The professor demands sternly, “Excuse me, young man, do you think that you can teach this lesson better?”

“Maybe.” He replies calmly, looking the prof straight in the eye.

She takes in a sharp intake of breath, oh goodness.

The sound “Ohhh” was heard whispered under the breath by the surrounding students. She giggled lightly at their immaturity.

The professor was taken aback and huffed, “Well then, by all means, come up here and teach it.”

“Gladly.” He grins a easy grins, takes the pointer from the prof’s hands, and proceeds to stride confidently up to the podium where the powerpoint was set up. All the eyes followed his every step, watching the scene unfold, watching to see what he will do next.

As he’s walking, she stealthily slips from the doorway and into his seat, never taking her eyes off him for more than a few seconds.

He stands up there at the podium and explains the theory with an air of nonchalance but manage to stay serious at the same time. She marvels at his stance, his gestures, the way he speaks, and the way his voice captivates his audience.

A few sentences after he started, there was a collective “ahhhhh” heard all over the room, the universal signal that comprehension has set in. He smirks triumphantly from his place in front of the powerpoint and she sneaks a glance at the professor to see him nodding. She turns back grinning at him up front, proud of what he just did.

Only him, only him. There were few people she knew in this world that could do things the way he does and succeed. To challenge a professor, be right in his reasons, teach a senior level university class and have them understand completely, and then earn the approval of the professor he just proved wrong? There wasn’t many like him in this world, she firmly believed.

“And, that’s it.” He says as he finishes his explanation. Applause broke across the lecture hall and a few hoots can be heard from the back. She grins and shakes her head as he smirks even wider and bows to his audience. Then he walks towards the professor, hands back the pointer, and announces, “It’s all yours, sir.” She sees the professor give him a pat on the back. Only him....

He earns a few high fives on his walk back to his seat, grinning a triumphant grin. As he approaches his seat, he looks up and she sees him do a double take. Ha, guess he just realized her presence.
He feels good as he congratulates himself on proving the prof wrong and manages not to get in trouble for it. “You’ve got guts, kid.” The professor told him quietly when he gave him a pat on his back after his little performance. It was good being him.

A couple of people gave him the thumbs-up or a high five as he makes his way back. He grinned and nodded in acknowledgement of the first and returned the high fives. Making things a little more fun, that’s what he was good at.

He stops as he looks towards his seat and did a double take. He was too busy grinning at his achievement that he didn’t notice her slipping in the lecture hall and is now sitting in his seat and giving him a grin that rivals his own.

He smiles a little wider, if that was possible. Oh yeah, it’s definitely good to be him. They were supposed to meet up after class, he doesn’t know why she’s early but he doesn’t care. The sight of her make his heart speed up a little. Then he realizes that she must have seen his little display just then and a hint of blush creeps upon the side of his face up to his cheeks. He must have just made a fool of himself in front of her and proved to be a nerd.

Uggh, nerd. That’s a word that shouldn’t ever be associated with his name.

He controls himself and tells himself to walk calmly back to his seat. Her laughing eyes never leaves him as he pushes to the end of the aisle, removes his bag from the seat next to her to the floor, and sits down.

As soon as he’s seated, she takes his hand and holds it in her own, her fingers molding to his and they clasp together. She leans over to whisper in his ear, “Only you can do something like that and get away with it. Nice job.”And then kissed his cheek. He can hear the laughter in her voice and blushed a little more.

“I thought you had class.” He tried to change the subject.
“Classes ended early, thought I’d surprise you.” She shrugs like it was the most natural thing in the world.


She merely gives his hand a squeeze and turns to the front. The professor is now just wrapping up the lesson because the classes ends in a minute. He smiles softly at her before turning his attention to the front as well. Although, the words of his professor just went in one ear and out the other, his mind was a little occupied on the girl next to him currently holding his hand.

“See you tomorrow.” The professor announces and the ruffle and bustle of books and bags can be heard. He pushes his chair back and she rises along with him. He lets go of her hand long enough to shove his books into his messenger bag and swinging it across his shoulder before taking hold of it again.

Together they walk out of the building and towards his car in the student parking lot. He puts both of their bags in the back trunk as she slips into the passenger seat. When he opens the door on the driver’s side and he gets settled in, he’s welcomed by a light scent of her perfume. He looks over at her sitting quietly in her seat,waiting for him, and couldn’t resist leaning across to kiss her. She kisses him back willingly, softly, before breaking away with a smile.

The author's comments:
Inspired by daydreams, because we should always have a little bit of hope.

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on Apr. 4 2010 at 12:10 pm
OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
22 articles 0 photos 18 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Take chances"
"never regret something that made you smile"
"Forever isn't infinity. It's the time two people spent together, be it a few seconds, five minutes, an hour, days, months, or more."

Thanks :)

If you'd like I can try and help you with the format. It's not that hard.

on Apr. 4 2010 at 8:13 am
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
When life gives you skittles...throw them at its eyes and yell "TASTE THE RAINBOW!"

That was great! I see the formatting that i dont have in my story. x] You are a great writer