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Fire Heart10

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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Chapter 10: Figuring out the hard

He drove silently with full attention on the road. He looked over at me as I fiddled with my fingers mindlessly. “So, what is there to talk about?” He asked breathlessly as he tinkered with the mirrors.
His black sunglasses rested gently on his nose, and the lenses were so dark, you could not see his beautiful green eyes. “Umm, well I don’t know. There are so many things to talk about.
There is school,” I started to count on my fingers. “There, that is a good one. What is your…favorite subject?”
He asked in a bored tone that was sort of careless, as if the whole conversation meant nothing to him.
As he wasn’t looking I sort of grimaced and then I pretended to think by staring out the window with a hard look. “What is yours?” I asked in a mimicked tone.
“Well, after doing the same thing for so many years, I really don’t have one. They are all sort of boring.” He still had the same tone, which made me mad. The conversation ended bleakly there.

He pulled into the cliff, and there was a man standing there on the cliff. His feet were on the edge, and his balance was perfect. His eyes were closed and looked as if he had seen something.
“Careful Honey, he sees you.” He warned getting out of the car. I pressed his arm down. “His eyes are closed Drew.” I shook my head. “Well, I forgot to tell you, but we can kind of see through our eyelids.”
He shrugged. He got out of the car and walked over to my side. “Come on Sweetie we have to go.” He encouraged. I looked at him with the obvious look of, ‘Do I have to?’
He nodded at my expression and pulled me out of the car. “Just stay behind me if you really want to.” He stroked the side of my face with his skillet hot hands.
I shuddered and he pushed me behind him. “Adolfo.” Drew greeted in a buff tone. “Snack!” He growled and jumped behind Drew. Drew’s eyes got red and large.
“Adolfo let her go!” He screamed. Adolfo held my waist and had my neck cocked to the left. He breathed on it and I felt so uncomfortable. Right as I heard Drew yell once more, I blacked out.
I was sure that I was dead. I felt different and I opened my eyes. I was in Drew’s arms. “I didn’t know that hell would be so perfect. Oh well, I am going to take it.” He laughed.
“Honey, you are not in hell.” He kissed my forehead. “What are you talking about?” I asked mindlessly, my eyes closed again. “Sweetheart, you are here in real life.
You didn’t die, you passed out.” Drew smiled and shook his head. “My little girl.” His face went straight and furious as he looked at Adolfo. “Drew I am sorry.
I didn’t know she was your snack. When did you start being a meat eater?” He asked. “Adolfo, she is certainly not my snack. She is my girlfriend.” He explained.
“Drew Giver! Why are you with a human?” He yelled. “Adolfo do not go there. I am with her, because I love her. And yes she knows full well about everything.” He said coolly.
“Honey go get in the car.” He whispered into my ear. I ran as fast as I could to the car and slammed the door behind me. He looked back and smiled. Adolfo put something in his hand.
Drew walked swiftly to the car. He got in and kissed my forehead. “Honey, I’m sorry that happened. I didn’t think that was going to happen. He has been sober for quite a few years.
And then when you passed out, my heart really skipped a few beats. Honey, my Sweetheart, I love you too much. I love you more than life itself. But to me, loving you too much just can’t be accomplished.
All I do is dig for the love that I have for you. But I can always seem to find an out pour wherever I look. You are so easy to find love for. Sweetheart, my life is still intact because of you.”
I could only smile at his loving words that he felt for me. Love for us was real.

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