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Fire Heart11

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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Chapter 11: To Be Skilled in Love

I woke up that next
Morning with Drew beside me. He was reading the novel “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.
“Really, you are reading that?” I asked him blankly. “Well, it is for school, and we have to read it, so kind of yes.” He smirked in an obvious tone. “Drew, you have it memorized.
You have been reading it since what, 1742?” I asked laughing. “Well, truthfully, yes I do have it memorized.
But it is my favorite novel, and it reminds me of someone now, making it more enjoyable to read. And now that I have a love life, I am not sitting there wishing I was Romeo, because I am.
Now do you see my point?” He asked as if he were in a deep daydream. He was smiling staring off into the distance as if there were something to see. I lay back, and for the first time, there was a bright sunlight streaming in from the large window next to my vanity.
The light colored curtains let the light shine through. I hopped up and walked over to the window. I sat on the siding and gazed down at the beautiful green grass.
It seemed as if for the first time Tills had actually come alive. Drew walked over to me and picked me up. I put my arms around his neck. He spun in a circle, and pressed his lips to mine.
For the first time, the spinning had come to life. He looked back into my eyes and smiled. “I am so in over my head…but I love it.” I threw my head back and laughed.
“Today is your day. We can do anything you want.” He vowed. His freshly clean button up shirt hung open for two buttons, and was open one at the bottom.
His jeans were long and ruffled at the end. His leather jacket hung on the chair sitting next to my bed. “God I love you.” He shook his head. “Do you have any idea how wrong this is?”
He asked grinning. “Get over it Drew. This happening. Everyone knows I am way in over my head. But I can’t help it. You are always on my mind.” I smiled and pressed my lips to his.
He put me down and put his skillet hot hands on my face. He stroked my cheeks and I could feel him grinning, it was the most beautiful feeling ever. I smiled still my lips on his.
I huffed as he let go. “What is the plan for today?” I asked getting my close out from the now clean wardrobe.
Ever since Drew had been coming almost every night for about two months, I decided it was time to be a little neater. My room seemed now delightful, and I enjoyed every minute I spent in it.
Perhaps because every minute I was there, Drew was to. No longer did it seem so dark and boring.
It had elegance now, yet it looked exactly the same. Maybe because of the love, passion and elegance that filled the air of the yellow delightful room. The floor was now visible.
The hard wood floor was shiny and glossy. Drew huffed. “I actually don’t know. It is your day, remember?” He asked sweetly. “Yeah,” I huffed and looked down at the bed.
“What do you want to do?” He asked sitting in the rocking chair in which his leather jacket hung. “Well I don’t know. We can do anything werewolf safe. What is exactly?”
I asked. He huffed and thought. “Well pretty much anything. I can keep control for the most part can’t I?” I nodded and smiled. “Yeah, so far.” I mumbled.
He grunted and folded his arms. His perfectly unwrinkled grey button up shirt wrinkled at the fold of his arms. “I don’t know what is going to happen in the future.
You were the one who told me to take precautions.” I folded my arms. “Not unlikely precautions Aar.” He rolled his eyes and got up. “Just get dressed. I will be waiting for you.”
He grabbed his jacket and his tall, wide, muscular body walked out of my room.
I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair, and walked out of the room to where he stood just as plainly as he had before any other time. “So, any ideas?”
He asked plainly again. “Nope.” I sighed as I walked in front of him to the door. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked bleakly. “I am so way in over my head.” I stopped and put my hand on my head.
“Honey, no.” He wrapped his arms around me and swayed from side to side. “Maybe a little but your safe for now. You are very safe for now.” He kissed my forehead.
“What about later?” “Well, Sweetheart, I don’t know about then. I am doing my best to completely surround you with protection and keep you safe.
I will do everything I can, I promise. Look at me, everything in my power possible is right here, surrounding you in a little bubble. Honey, you are my life now.
Everything I have is in you. There is nothing left of me. I have nothing but love. It is all in my body. From my feet to my head, you are there. Your picture engraved in my mind.
You are my little girl, nothing will happen to you if I have anything to do with it.” He smiled and rubbed my head. “Why is it happening this way?” I asked shuddering.
He held me tighter. “Aar I don’t know. See these things happen for a reason. We don’t know why or how, but they are there, and we have to accept it.” He sighed.
“But Drew I’m scared.” I shuddered again, and he squeezed me even tighter. “I know Honey, I know. It’s okay. Just let it come. That’s one thing I can do is stay here and protect you.
I know your scared Sweetheart, but don’t be. I’m here and I won’t let anything hurt you Honey.” He rubbed my arms. “Now let’s go.” He picked me up and walked over to his black car.
“You make me smile too much.” He stroked my hair as he stood at the open car door. I sat in the passenger side. “Don’t think of it that way. You never smiled before.”
I pointed out. He nodded and shut the door. As soon as I blinked he was in the car and the engine had started. “You scare me when you do that.” I muttered.
“Do what?” He asked blankly, obviously disconnected from the entire conversation. “Well Drew, obviously you weren’t paying attention. After you shut the door I blinked and there you were.”
I raised my eyebrows. “Sorry Honey, habit.” He huffed.
I smiled that whole day, and my grin never wore off. Drew was my safe hold,
And he was killing me.

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