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Fire Heart, Ch.19 - On a High

April 26, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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After Adolfo did what he needed to do, I wasn’t exactly sure what he took me to the pizza parlor.
We sat down at a table near the counter and we talked. The waiter came to take our order.
She had thick blonde hair that was pulled into a pony tail. She had on a load of makeup, a bunch colors like pink, blue, and orange.
I saw her eyeing Adolfo and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.
I ordered an iced tea, unsweetened with lemon, and Adolfo ordered some type of alcohol. This surprised me because Drew never drank. He sensed my curiosity and when the waitress left he said, “Alcohol helps.”
I nodded. “I thought you couldn’t sense emotions.” He sighed. “Drew puts it in you like we are invalids.
We are just impaired not stupid. I can eye you and sense emotion, but humans can sense emotion by touching people or just getting a sensation, you know?
We cant. That’s all.” He sipped his beer. I nodded. “Rain sucks. You know Drew used to think it was like the best thing in the world. Maybe I just didn’t get it.
Maybe it’s a werewolf thing.” I sighed twisting my straw in my drink. He chuckled. “More like a Drew thing.
He’s always been like that you know.” “Hmm? Like what?” I asked looking up into those green eyes that were so bright they looked unnatural. “Depressed, sad, emotionally detached. That’s him.”
He rested his head on his hand until the food came. When it did he looked at the waitress from his position and gave a late reaction by sitting up when the food was already on the table and thanking the lady.
“You know Drew is the only Giver who left. Everyone else stayed. I’ve been talking to them. They’re worried ‘bout the both of you.” I nodded. “Why are your eyes brighter than most?” I asked.
He leaned a little closer. “Because I’m stronger than Drew and the Givers. I feed on people periodically and that makes me significantly stronger. You know Drew would’ve been great if he didn’t waste his time fighting cravings instead of learning how to manage them.
That’s what I did and look at me.” He sat back in his chair. “Handsome as ever and strong as ever. That’s what human stuff does to yah.” He took another drink. I nodded.
“See, people always have it all wrong. We don’t have to feed everyday. Only before every full moon. We’re good till then. If you don’t before than you pay the price.
You’re a wolf forever, and no one likes that. see if you eat human blood your good. Easy quick change. But that stuff the Givers feed on makes it take a little longer to change.
Weird I know, but its true. Suspect Drew didn’t tell yah that.” He pointed out. I shook my head and took a huge bite of pizza. I didn’t eat breakfeast and I was starving.
Adolfo paid and got back in the car. We drove home as easily and careless as we came, and I felt happy, content, and perfectly fine.
But when I got home and Adolfo was gone, I found that I missed Drew more than ever.
I missed screaming, I missed fighting, I missed the rain. I missed kissing, I missed his arms, I missed my fantasy nights and dreams, I missed the atmosphere shaking, I missed my world.
I missed Drew.

I got up and walked over to my computer. There was blinking box on my screen. I had two messages. I opened the first.
“Here is the address’

A tear ran down my face.
I put on the ring that sat on my vanity and I cried more.
I wasn’t ready to read the second message.
I could barely stand to look at the message signed ‘D’ sitting in front of me. My high was gone and I fell back into the drag. That night I remembered his face and I cried.
I screamed and kicked. My heart was pounding, beating, thumping.

But it couldn’t compare to my Fire Heart.

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