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It Will Always Be Him

May 21, 2010
By Basketball4everr GOLD, Smithtown, New York
Basketball4everr GOLD, Smithtown, New York
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It will always be him…I can’t get him out of my mind, not even for a second. My veins sing in tune to my heart pulsing faster when thoughts of him flood my head to my toes. What is it about him? I still have no clue; he’s just your average brown haired brown eyed guy. In a crowd he’d blend in because he’s any ordinary person, but not to me. To me there’s a golden halo embracing his body. Something… there’s just something. I know he’s the one because even when I look into his everyday brown eyes there’s just that sparkle, and deepness that I get myself trapped in. There was a bond at one time where we’d constantly talk. I felt so close to him, he could read me easy, and I opened myself to him, and showed him who I am. He talked to me; I felt so close to him; however I’d never saw inside him…mysterious…and stubborn. Until that one night, he showed me a part of him I would have never guessed that he was going through, but he showed me and opened up. As quickly as he opened that door, he slammed it shut in my face realizing he let me get too close…He turned bitter, cool as dry ice, those deep eyes looked unpleasantly deep where I felt uncomfortable. No more. We were done. I knew it was too much for him. He’d never admit to it but I knew the truth, because my heart told me. He ignored me, putting up a blockade with maximum security, so it’d be almost unbreakable. However, he’s not going down without a fight. I stand up for something that I truly believe in. I’ll get to him again; it’s only a matter of time. I know this because my heart tells me, and I don’t give in too easy. Until then, he will avoid me, shut me out, be cruel, and yet still our eyes will meet and I see that spark of hope, with my heart fluttering at the sound of his name; this is how I know it will always be him.

The author's comments:
This is something true that I'm experincing. It's tough, but im getting trough, still fighting, because i still belie in him.

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