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The King of Lamoria, Chapter 10

September 4, 2010
By kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
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Tara had been running on a path which was leading her to the nearest town. She stopped running and slowly came into a brisk walk. The path suddenly came to an end. She figured she must have been running for at least a couple of hours. She saw an inn and a few houses. She knew she would need a place to spend the night. She walked into the inn and saw a man with red hair and freckles. He was standing behind a long desk talking to a young man and woman. They looked like they were going to spend their honeymoon there. The couple picked up their bags and walked upstairs to their room. She walked to where the red-haired man was and said, “I want to stay here for one night.” “I can pay you a large amount of gold.” She took out a huge bag of gold from one of her pockets. “You can weigh it if you think I’m lying.”

He grabbed the bag of gold from her hand. “I’m sure I won’t have any need to weigh this.” “I can tell you’re telling me the truth.” ”Can you tell me your name so that I can register you into my guest list?” Tara thought of which name she should give him. “My name is Laura Stewart.” “All right Laura, here are your keys.” “Your room is the second door on the left.” She took the keys from him and went upstairs to find her room. She opened the door and jumped onto her bed. I’m going to have to buy some new dresses for myself. I can’t wear this stinky dress all the time. It seems like I’m always getting kidnapped. The first time I was kidnapped, I was taken underground by surprise. Now I’m in danger of being kidnapped by a king I’ve never met. The only thing I’m sorry for is breaking Peter’s heart. I think I am in love with him. I was just too confused to make up my mind before. There must be something wrong with me. I keep on getting really bad headaches. Maybe I should see a doctor tomorrow. No I can’t, Kevin’s spies might see me there. I’ll have to wait for these headaches to go away. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Kevin was sitting at the table in his meeting room, talking to his scouts and spies. He looked at the spy sitting across from him and said, “You told me you saw Tara in Normington, now you tell me that you don’t know where she is.” The spy replied, “It’s hard to keep track of her.” “She probably disguises herself by giving every owner at the inns a different name.” Kevin was about to lose his temper. “I don’t care if she’s clever with names.” “You should have captured her by now.” “I’m going to leave and search for her myself.” “I should have known not to rely on idiots like you.” Kevin walked upstairs to his room and started to pack. He heard someone else walking in the hallway. He turned around and saw his wife come in as she closed the door behind her. “Why are you leaving me again Kevin?” “You’re gone almost all the time.” Kevin looked away and said, “If I wasn’t a king I would stay here with you and the children. “You know I don’t like leaving you.” “There is an evil woman out there who is trying to kill me.” “I need to find her and punish her for the crimes she has committed.” “It seems like there always someone who is trying to murder you.” “Go ahead and leave me then.” “Someone has to be here with the children.” “I don’t want to see them begging you not to leave.” He picked up his suitcases and quickly kissed her on her forehead. “You know I don’t want to leave you.” He walked out the door and sat down in his carriage. He waved his hand goodbye as he left to find Tara.

Christiana was sitting in a chair in her bedroom. She was thinking about her husband. I think Kevin is having an affair with another woman. I know that kings travel a lot. But he is gone almost every day. I should talk to all of my servants. It is very possible that he could be having an affair with one of them. She walked out of her room and went to all of her servant’s quarters. She had interrogated every servant living in her castle. They all said the exact same thing. They said that they had never even spoken with her husband. She was now sitting in a couch in the sitting room. One of the maids walked into the room and said, “I was afraid to tell you about this earlier.” “But I feel like you have the right to know.” She began to cry as her tears dropped past her brown eyes and blond curly hair. “You are right about your husband.” “He was having an affair with one of your maids.” “Her name is Emily.” “She is pregnant with your husband’s child.” “I know all of this because she’s my sister.” “She is now living with my oldest sister who lives in France.” Christiana replied, “Thank you for telling me.” “I wish more of my servants would have more courage like you.” “You may go back to your room now.” The maid went out and walked quickly back to her bedroom. Christiana thought to herself, so now I know there is a child who will be born with a servant’s blood. My husband won’t want anyone to know the mother of his child is only a servant. He’ll try to kill her the next time he sees her.

Tara had been spending every night in a different inn for sixteen weeks. She was sitting in a stagecoach, waiting for it to get to the next town. The stagecoach finally came to a stop. She stepped out and started to walk down the street. I need to find a doctor. I think I might have a sickness. I seem to be getting worse every day. I’ll just keep on searching in this town until I find one. She saw a man holding a black bag. He looked like he was giving a little girl some medicine. He left the girl’s house and went back to his stagecoach. She ran to the stagecoach and asked the man who was holding the reins to stop. She opened the door and told the doctor she hadn’t been feeling well. He told her to get into the stagecoach. “This stagecoach is going to take you to my office.” “I’ll examine you there.” “And then you’ll find out what is wrong with you.” The doctor looked out the window. His hair was black and his eyes were dark blue.

They waited until they came to his office as they stepped out of the stagecoach. She saw a sign by the door, it said Jonathan Smith. She lay down on the table as he examined her. “There is nothing wrong with you.” “You’re carrying a baby.” Tara looked the other way and said, “No, I can’t be pregnant.” “I know when a woman is pregnant.” “I’m telling you the truth, whether you want to believe it or not.” “I must leave and try to find somewhere to spend the night.” “I wouldn’t advise a lot of traveling to a woman in your condition.” “You should go home and rest.” “I’m sorry but I can’t do that.” She walked out the door and left to find an Inn. She had found one and started to fall asleep in her bed. She woke up to hearing someone climbing through her window. The man grabbed her and told her not to scream. She tried to get away from him, but he was too strong for her. He jumped out the window with Tara in his arms. He placed her on top of his horse as he sat on front of her. The man whispered, “Remember if you try to make any noise, I’ll have to kill you.” She had no choice but to stay on the horse as they rode off into the night.

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