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January 14, 2011
By go_green100 BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
go_green100 BRONZE, Winnipeg, Other
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My feet move to the rhythm of music, the melody drowning the beat of my heart. I move around slowly, people applaud in awe whispering to each other,” It’s rarest beauty of all”. They see the grace in the move, but not the pain that it causes. The torn muscle, the broken ligament, my satin-slippered toes hurt. Everyone thinks that I am weak but today I am going to prove them wrong. The slumber of feelings are burning inside me and I yearn to succeed with all the might. I dance my way through their hearts and it is enough to heal me. I hear the music: light and airy;it breathing through my soul. I feel the spotlight, basking in the glory of pure joy. The sun is setting down, it’s radiant and subtle. I do a triple pirouette; I try not to miss a step. Every step should be filled with poise and elegance. Every ounce of concentration is needed to make the movements perfect. I jump high into the air, the audience gasps! It amazes them. I have practiced this dance for a month till I remember it by heart. Till my feet move automatically creating a web of magic behind me. I commence an assemble ; it’s the hardest of all! I give it all I’ve got, the execution matters the most. I belong to this place, it is peaceful and surreal. I am dancing my way through their hearts, and the audience loves me I know! You feel alive when you sing, you feel alive when you act, you feel alive when you speak and I feel alive when I dance. The background behind me is of a beautiful waterfall, and angels flying around. The roses are larger than life, and a breath taking moon. But they don’t notice it; they have their eyes on me. I spin and spin and spin around, the soft silence grow into a standing ovation. I end it all with a low bow, firm but gentle. This marvelous night will be etched in my heart forever. What I wonderful journey I think! And with that end thought the curtain falls and it’s all over. I dreamt that I was a Ballerina

The author's comments:
I saw a picture of a ballerina in a magazine, and instantly these thoughts came to me.

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