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Dear Old Love

June 14, 2011
By Emonie SILVER, Sauk Village, Illinois
Emonie SILVER, Sauk Village, Illinois
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It was raining. With each rain drop a tear fell from my face. I couldn't feel my face. My body is so numb. Yet, I smiled when I thought of you. You broke my heart and these next 2 weeks are about to be up and down. The next day I woke up with a headache that pounded so hard I couldn't even get up. So I sat in bed and stared at a picture of you and me. I begun to cry. I turned off my phone and let my computer die. I had no way to contact you. That was day one. Day two, I was able to leave the bed. I made it to the living room and watch romantic movies all day. I cried for an hour and then laugh then was sad then depressed and I did that all day. Day three, I stayed in bed. I couldn't bare to move. My friends were coming by and seeing if I'm ok. I felt like crap being with them. I just wanted to be alone. Day four and five, I felt a little bit better. I walked around thinking of you, wondering were you thinking about me. It felt like I was walking forever because you were on my mind forever. I laughed on the sixth day and smiled. I had a girls night and they did my nails. They Fixed my hair and put make-up on my face. They told me I was beautiful and as they said it I could hear your voice. Day seven was the worst. I realized I lived a week without you.

Monday came around again. I walked to place where we first kissed. I stood in that spot and looked up. I closed my eyes and felt your lips again but when I opened my eyes you weren't there. I stood there until the street lights came on. I walked home with my hand opened wishing your hand was in mine. Day nine got better. I saw you. You waved at me and then texted me "hi". I didnt reply back because I didn't know what to say. I just stared at the text all night. Day ten was bad. I cried most of the day. I felt shallow. You weren't there anymore. I was alone. Day eleven you called me. I didn't pick up. You called me again and again and again. Still i didn't pick up. You sent me a message saying "sorry I keep calling. Just wanted to hear your voice." You made me smile but cry at the same time. Friday I called you and you answered and called me "bay". We talked for ten hours. We cried, laugh, yelled and screamed. We were silent and we talked over each other. Then you asked me why we broke up. I couldn't give you an answer. I forgot myself. Something about I said something or you did something. My mind was racing. Saturday, we met up at the place where we first kissed. I stood there and closed my eyes. You hugged me and kissed me on the tip of my nose. We stood there until the street lights came on. You walked me home and our hands were intertwine with each other. Day fourteen, Sunday. Two weeks without you. I made a promise to myself to move on. Just can't believe I havent felt your lips on my lips, hear you say you love me and promise me to never let me go.

Day fifthteen, you came to my door. You picked me up and kissed my lips. You told me you loved me and you promise me to never let me go. You said those were the worst two weeks of our life. I looked at you and was surprise. You said our life. Our life. So our life never ended. Then you told me our love never ended.!

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