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More Than Enough Proof

June 15, 2011
By Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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Vibrant blue eyes stared back at me from my painting. I stared into them and even though they were scowling, I saw the love in them. They were the eyes from my dreams. The ones that seemed so real I knew everything about them.

“Oasis! Are you down there?” My mother called from the top of the basement steps and I looked up at where the light was pouring down from the door. Her silhouette at the top made me smile.

“Yeah, I am.” I sat my paint brush down next to my other ones and wiped my hands on the paint splattered towel on the table.

“Are you ready to go to Marni’s dance recital?” I glanced down at my pajama pants and my “LOVE” t-shirt with a smudge of paint on it.

“I just got to change and brush my hair.” I jogged up the steps and squeezed past her into the kitchen. I walked around the steps upstairs. At the top, it front of the body mirror on the hall bathroom door, was Marni blowing kisses to her reflections. Her glittery outfit was tight on her and she wore her shiny black dance shoes.

“Get ready, loser, I don’t want to be late,” she scowled at me and I just walked into the room we shared. It was large, but always felt small when we were both in there. It was the master suit, but my mom took the smaller room so we could share this one.

I slid into my strapless cream dress that only reached mid-thigh. It had deep red and purple polka dots on it and a warm brown belt around the waist. I pulled my hair from it’s messy bun and brushed out the tangles. The natural curls looked cute around my heart shaped face and I just fixed my eye liner. I zipped some tall cream sandals on that matched perfectly and went back into the hall.

“Ok, Marni’s team is up next.” My mom studied the program for the tenth time and then looked up as the curtain rose. Everyone clapped politely and then quieted at the sound of the jazz music coming from the speakers. I watched as the other girls danced in unison, but Marni was not present. After the first 20 seconds, the girls spilt and Marni appeared between them, dancing more extravagantly than the others. She was star of the show, again. Her long legs flashed around her body as she spun and her straightened hair flowed around her and I felt jealous that she was the gifted dancer of the family. After the dance finished people stood up and cheered and whistle, including my mother. I stayed sitting, staring at my hands that still had blue paint on them.

“Mom, I’m going to go get some water,” I tapped her shoulder and she just nodded, watching Marni do another bow.

Out in the nearly empty lobby, I bought a small bottle of water from an older lady working at a concession stand.

I sat down on a bench and took a big drank, emptying half the bottle. The doors to the auditorium opened and a tall boy came out he walked past me, not noticing me and bought himself a bottle of water. He turned from the stand and his eyes landed on me. I’m used to guys staring at me, I’m some what cute. But I had never stared back, till now. His vibrant blue eyes were fixed on mine and he closed the gap between us with a couple of steps.

“Hi,” he said staring down at me, his eyes fixed on mine still.

“Hi,” I said standing up, my hands clutching my water bottle safely.

“I’ve seen you somewhere before. Have we met?” He bit his bottom lip and I giggled like a little kid.

“No, but I’ve seen your eyes before. Many times. Come one.” I pulled him outside to my car. I drove my mom and Marni here, but they could wait.

“Where are we going?” He asked as he strapped himself into the passenger seat.

“You’ll see.” I said smiling as I sped off towards my house.

He held one of the many paintings of his eyes in his hands. He stared in them, his mouth hanging open a little.

“You painted all these.” He said looking up at me.

“Yeah. I saw your eyes in my dreams, and painting them was all I could do.” I was sitting on the edge of the table, the unfinished painting of his eyes next to me.

“I’ve seen your eyes before.” He sat the painting down and walked over to me.

I chuckled and smiled at him as he stood in front of me.

“What does this mean?” He asked taking my hand and making me stand up.

“How should I know.” I said following him towards the steps.

“I know how we can tell.” He turned and faced me, and then we were kissing and the sparks making my nerves go crazy were more than enough proof.

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