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A Romance Article

July 18, 2011
By haha4579 GOLD, Westfield, Wisconsin
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“Jonah, I’m happy you’re here.” My voice trying to sound a little but happy.

“I was surprised when I got you’re text. You haven’t talked to me since the day at the boat launch.” The haunting memories of that day flooded back into my mind. I thought I had finally forgotten about that day. Thanks a lot Jonah!

“Ya. Well I have to tell you something. You’ll probably take it ok, because this was my choice to do this. I wasn’t forced to.”

“Alli, I’m getting scared. What happened.”

“Jonah, you have no reason at all to be scared.”

“Then why are you saying this?”

“Jonah...” I couldn’t tell him, though he had already told me those words too. “Jonah this is too hard.”

“Alli you better say it now. I’m leaving in a week.”

“I know you are, but...” Somehow, the air, the setting, the world, seemed different when I had to say these words, not having to hear them. “I’m leaving in a week too.”

“Where are you going?”


“How long are you staying there?”


“Alli, what do you mean?” I could hear the worry and sadness in his voice. I knew he knew the answer before I even had to let the words to describe this, leave my lips.

“Jonah.... I’m moving to Milwaukee in a week and a half.”

There was a long pause. “Let’s take a walk.”


We were walking in park. The sun was about to set and I felt as though someone had jabbed a swords, or some other sharp objects, into my heart. Jonah looked sad, mad, and every other feeling of hate towards me.

“Alli, you know this is going to be even harder for me to ever see you again?”

“Yes... I know.”

“Then why are going?”

“Because, you’re with Kenna now and I’m alone. You’re leaving in a week and Kenna is going to camps and everything for sports. Plus my mom wanted to move.” That wasn’t the truth. I couldn’t tell Jonah the truth. The truth was that his presence was now going to be leaving me, and I didn’t have to stay here anymore. His weight on me was now lifted to set me free.

“Alli...” His voice got serious and deep. Like he was about to ask a serious question. “Alli, I think we need to say good-bye.”

“What about on moving day? You have one more week here.”

“I know, but..., it’s for the best. Get it over with now so we can move on faster. I don’t want you to come to my house the day I’m moving. It’ll be too hard.”

“Ok.” That one word was so shallow and sad. Heartbroken and mad. I didn’t want to say good-bye. I didn’t want to leave my best-friend. I wanted to go back to when our lives weren’t so hard. I wanted to just go back.

Jonah and I hugged and he kissed me on the check. I felt sad, because that would probably be my final, last kiss from Jonah. It was too hard to think about. I had to leave.

“Jonah, I’ll always love you in some form, like a brother... and forever a best friend.” Tears were coming down my face like my eyes were factories producing some form of a product.

“Alli....” He hugged me again. “This won’t be the end, but someday, we’ll see each other again. And... I love you too. Forever as a best friend.”

“Well, this is good-bye.” We were both crying. The fear of losing him has faced me more than once, and now, it was forever. We hugged for a minuet, and then I turned to go get my car. This was the end. The end of this friendship. Memories filled my mind. They played like a movie. The end. It was too hard to think about. Good-bye Jonah.

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This is in a collection with 2 other articles. If You look at some of my other stories, Bright Lights is one of the others associated with this piece! Hope you like!

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