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His memories

August 13, 2011
By IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
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I wake up my heart beating faster and faster by the minute. My head on something hard, my hand and arm wrapped around something large and warm. My eye's are bleary and my head is pounding. Clothes laying on the floor nothing unusual my room has always been messy. Then i look over and see a Male's shirt and shoes by my bedroom door. Then my eyes cleared and i felt hung over. I lifted my head up and looked down the quarterback from the college team was laying there his chest was bare. I scan my room and see his pants hanging from my bed post. I think to myself what have I done? I quickly get up and walk over to my dresser. Sliding on a cami and sliding on a skirt. as I was looking for a shirt I hear a yawning behind me. I jump and turn around. "Do you have any idea what happened last night?" I ask him as he sits up. He reaches for the pocket of a sweater that was laying on the ground he picks it up. He grabs a small folded piece of paper from the pocket. It looked like the note i got from Jenny in my morning biology class. I un crumble the note and read it. Jenny had seen my boyfriend head into Lindy's room at Lindy's midterm party. I had left the class and ran to my dorm in tears. Later that night my roommate had dragged me to some party off campus and that's as far as i can remember. "You were at the party and you had a beer in your hand you ran into me and started crying. We sat at the bar and you told me what happened. As you were telling me you were drinking and you got drunk so I walked you back to your dorm. We kissed and you told me to come in so i did. We slept together." "You took advantage of me?" "This was the only way I could think to get you to go out with me, I have loved you since the first day of freshman year when you dropped a heavy box on my foot." "You remember that." "Yes I do that and the first game you went to at the college you wore a pink north face, skinny jeans, your hair was curled, you wore black boots and a gray scarf. I accidental ran into and we started talking I told you i was an undeclared major and you said you were premed, and you said you wanted to be a doctor every since you were 13." "Oh my god I cant believe you remember that." "Well i better go, I got class." He slid on his clothes and was about to walk out of the door. "Drake!" "Yes?" "I love you too." We stared at each other then he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. "Now I'm am sitting here next to my husband who loved me when I was hung over. Today was the day I married my soul mate and memory holder."

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on Aug. 28 2011 at 6:18 am
Jenga142 BRONZE, Stoke On Trent, Other
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Fantastic, had me hooked from the first sentence !!!!! please could you give me some feedback on my work too.... tahnkyou xxxxxxx