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I Feel Like A Cheater

November 14, 2011
By Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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If Ashton ever found out, I knew I would never forgive myself. I can’t even begin to imagine how hurt he would be. How does an overly-sensitive varsity debate-r handle the fact that his beloved girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend? I can’t even picture it.

“Emma!” I heard someone calling my name and I instantly recognized the voice. Ashton’s voice used to excite me, used to make me grin in anticipation of giving him a hug or a quick kiss, but now it just made my heart feel like a chain was wrapping around it.

I turned and watched him hurry over to me from the parking lot. I stood by the doors to the west entrance of the high school, my friend Caitlyn, who I had given a ride, standing next to me. She had the door open and was about to go in. She glanced at me, silently asking me if I wanted her to stay. I shook my head and started walking towards Ashton.

“Emma,” he wrapped his arms around me and I forced myself to hug him back.

“Hey Ashton.” I pulled back from him, maybe a split second too soon. He gazed at me with his hazel eyes and he brushed his dark red hair back from his face.

“Is something wrong, Emma? Usually your all smiles.” He leaned down a little to look in my eyes better, but it just frustrated me.

“I’m fine, Ashton.” I turned away from him and headed towards the doors.

“Emma,” he hurried to catch up and matched paces with me. He opened the door for me and I met his eyes from a moment. I saw pleading and confusion in them and my heart ached. I felt terrible.

“I’m sorry, Ashton, I’m just not having the best day.”

“That’s ok, you can talk to me about.” There he goes trying to play therapist, sticking his pointed little nose into my business.

“No, it’s ok, I just need to get to class. I’ll see you later.” I turned on my heel and darted off down a side hall that was nearly empty.

“Bye Emma!” I heard him call after me, but I just ignored him.

I flop down into my seat in my first hour classroom, sighing at the thought of having to sit through nearly an hour of extremely boring geometry.

My phone buzzes secretively in my pocket and I check to see who texted me.

“New Message: Kyle.” My heart fluttered.

“Hey babe, I saw you and your man in the parking lot.” I clicked reply.

“Yeah. He was bothering me.” I slipped my phone back in my pocket.

The last bell rang and I gathered up all my stuff. I left the classroom and joined the crowds in the hall. I made my way to my locker and grabbed my bag. As I was shutting the door, Kyle appeared behind me, hugging me sweetly.

“How ya been?” He spoke in my ear so I could hear him clearly. Before I could answer a tuff of dark red hair turned the corner and I sighed loudly.

“There he is.” I pulled away from Kyle and slung my bag over my shoulder.

“Dump him.” Was all Kyle said before strutting away.

“Hey Emma!” Ashton hugged me tightly and I gave him a small grin. Kyle’s words burned into my brain. I knew what I had to do.

“Ashton, we need to talk.” Ashton’s smile dropped and I motioned for him to follow me outside. We stepped out into the afternoon sun and students started spreading out, some draining out into the parking lot, other’s down the street, and some just stood around talking.

“What is it, Emma,” Ashton grabbed my hand and pulled me towards an empty bench by a short, newly planted tree.

“Ashton. I don’t think this is working out.” I glanced down at where he was gripping my hands, a little too tightly.

“What? No, Emma.” I looked up into his eyes, and I could see a few gathering tears. I knew I should have felt bad, but I just wanted to call him a baby and leave.

“Ashton, we are really good friends, and that’s all I see you as. A really really good friend.” I stared deep into his eyes. I pulled my hands away and stood up slowly.

“Bye, Ashton,” and I walked away, towards my car.

The author's comments:
Just a short little story. I didn't really feel like continuing it, but I didn't just want to delete it, so here is what I started. Hopefully you like it.

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I liked the plot to this a lot, but I think if there was more detail it could be a lot better. But I really wanted to know more, and find out what happened. I loved the way you made the charector think. I felt super bad for her boyfriend, man that was cold and cruel. I don't hear a ton of stories about the girl doing something like this, usually its the other way around but when girls do its even worse because its hard to find the guy that'll stick it out so when they dump'em like that its mean lol. Nice plot, I liked!