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You and I

May 6, 2013
By kiwiful BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
kiwiful BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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I would have known if it were you. Above all else I would have known it were you. Your smell of the cider woods, where you walk among a night, with the so very faint smell of smoke from you large black motorcycle. How I adore your shaggy black hair and how it feel so smooth and silky on my trembling fingers. You who tower over me when we embrace, in your arms is were I make my home. Your arms rests on the curve of my waist. My head lies upon the curve of your neck. As you inhale all of me, I to inhale all of you. The shape of your body perfectly flawlessly fits into mine. And as we begin our walk through the shadowy night in the ever so calm woods, our hands clasp for dear life. We stop in the center of the woods, no world exchanged, only our bodies communicate; our hands, our feet, our arms. Our eyes. Your eyes the exact colors of the moonlight shimmers as we look into each others depths and read each others minds. You envelop me with your eyes making me loose my foot hold. Your low deep chuckle makes me blush as you sweep me in your arms right before I slip down to the leafy blanketed ground. You hold me in your lean arms, your eyes never leaving me. I bury my face into your black jacket not wanting you to see how flustered you've made me. You startle me as you begin walking. Knowing I'm not exactly the kind of weight it's easy to carry, I struggle to get to my feet. You hold me still with your firm grip, as if I was a bird, so gentle you held me, but not so much so I could get away because you wanted me. And again you charm me to silence with just your definite stare. As you walk my eyes can't stop from wandering all over your immaculate face. Your high cheek-bones, your pale pink lips, the small arch on your nose, all so very flawless and unreal. I wondered how I was blessed with such a man. How God must have favored me to give me a man like you. I was so lost in your beauty that I didn't know that you had stopped until my eyes wandered to yours. You were staring at me again. You were too late as you tried to take stronger hold of me, I had already leapt out of you arms....and right into a the water. Lucky, it was only my shoes that were soaking wet. You gave me a playful look as if to say "you should have just stayed". I smiled not believing my luck, but also happy I forgot about my tension as it was slowly going away. I looked around scanning where we were at. It was a small beautiful pond. The trees surrounded the place, almost making it hidden from sight. I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants as I stepped into the the pond. You stared at me as I gestured you to join me. You looked at me as if your your mind was on something else. I splashed you with water. That got your attention. You took off your shoes and socks and splashed into the water after me. I ran around the rim of the lake. I did not want to get wet. It was getting chilly too. But great, you had another plan. You got a hold on me and the next thing I know we were both plunging into the water. We were facing each other as we finally surfaced, still waist high in the water. You laughed, I well, I didn't. It was so cold. The water was dripping all over me, I began to shiver. I felt your hands wrap around my waist under the water as I tried to pull away wanting to get out of the icy water your hands gripped even harder, making me stay where I was. I turned and looking into your eyes, hoping you'd get the idea that I wasn't having fun anymore. Instead your hands went up to my head and held it. You leaned in your lips softly brushing my forehead, then slowly to my nose, and then ever so gently to my lips. With ever touch I felt a sizzling tangle. You moved away again looking into my eyes. Man, at this moment how you stared at me made me want to just devour you. You leaned in again, but this time it was my turn I met your lips and we just let it linger there. Your hands wandered down to my waist again and to the the center of my back. you held me tightly as if scared I'd fly away. We finally released each other and embraced instead. I felt extremely hot, as if I were in lava. then everything went black as I slumped into your arms.
When I woke up I was in bed. I was looking at my ceiling. I felt someone next to me, as I turned sure enough it was you. I winder how long you've been staring. I smile but then cover my mouth, embarrassed that I still have my morning breath. You laughed and then wrapped me in your arms kissed me and and whispered "It's alright darling, I'll be waking with your morning breath everyday now. Expose yourself to me for I long to know every inch, part, and side of you. Don't hide from me, Beloved." You voice penetrated through me making me even more cautious. You kissed my forehead and and held me in your arms. You whispered with the most calm and loving tone "I'll wait my love, for you only. For when the Lord made my heart from the very first beat it has never been my own, but your. And forever more it will always beat only for you. I love you." Tears watered my eyes, streaming down my face,"I love you, too. I was taken from your rib be closes to you and to protect and love you, and that's what I'll do for the rest of my life, Love." We embraced for hours falling asleep in each others loving presence.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to try out a romance piece. I tried to incorporate my own beliefs in too. I think I did pretty well for my first piece. Still have more to go.

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