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Say That You Love Me Chapter 1

December 18, 2013
By Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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I remembered what it was like to love. All of my exes always reminded me of the person I used to be: Hunter: We never really dated, he was my first kiss, Landon: He got p*ssed off at me for hanging with other guys, Caleb: We broke up when I found him with my best friend, Weston: the dude was short, but we were good together, tall + short = fun, Zach S: We dated for a month.... then his best friends happened, Dedrick: even though, he was black I didn't particularly like him, Robby: he only dated me to get something, which he never got, Steven: I got tired of our relationship, Mark: He was my first time and he left after that, Zach K: We were the on-and-off couple, and Chris: (my last victim) A month and a half of pure bliss. We did it together and we were fine... until my best friend tried to tear us apart. He and I started getting into more fights and it eventually led into physical fights. I want him back...but he loves her.

*at school*
I walked into the school, clinging my jacket close to me. It was pretty cold this morning, at least around 45 degrees. I usually got cold really fast. Cheyenne, my best friend, was standing with our old friends…the ones who hated me for beating up Chris. He was with them, too. Wherever Cheyenne was, he was there too. I walked past and my friend, McKean, said, “Hey, Tara!” I turned and waved softly. Then I continued to walk away from them. It smelled like heartbreak and it sounded like betrayal. I sat by a nearest wall and I looked to see McKean, Bruce, Skylar, and Chris making their way towards me. “Why are you sitting alone, T?” Bruce asked. I looked at Chris with sad brown eyes and then at the floor. “B-Because I can’t stand being over there,” I replied. Chris asked, “Why?” I couldn’t believe he asked that! He knows why! “Because it smells like heartbreak and sounds like betrayal,” I added mindlessly. “Who betrayed you?” Skylar questioned. “The one I loved so much and the one I believed was my best friend.” He gave me a questioning look and Chris said to him, “She means me and Chey.” “Oh.” I hid my head in my jacket and waited like that. I heard footsteps walk away and someone sit next to me. I peeked out to see Chris sitting beside me. “Tara,” he said, “I’m sorry… I really am. Please forgive me for the way that I treated you. You didn’t deserve that…” I rested my hand on his shoulder, as if to tell him that I was listening. “Chris… It’s me who should apologize. I’m the one who beat you up…” I felt tears fall down my face. He looked at me and wiped them away. “Bear, don’t cry…” He remembered my nickname…. He remembered the nickname he used to call me. “Y-You called me…” I said, staring at him. “Do you honestly think that I’d forget the nickname I called my girlfriend?” “G-Girlfriend? I thought you loved Cheyenne…” He shrugged. “She has Josh Cricket. He’s lucky. Remember what I said about you when we got into our first physical fight?” “That I was gorgeous and you were surprised the whole school wasn’t crawling over me?” He chuckled and nodded. “Then yes.”
“I wasn’t lying, you know.” “I know.” He said, “I love you, Tara.” I stared at him some more. “W-what??” “I love you. I have and I realized I never should have left you. I felt different without you.” I felt my heart bubble on the inside. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 and that I found that love I was missing so badly. “Chris…” He looked at me. “Yeah?” I leaned forward and kissed him softly. “That’s my answer.” “Your answer to what?” I giggled softly and replied, “To what you said, I love you too, Chris.” Then I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Chrissy Bear.” His face broke out into a smile. “Tara Bear.” He hugged me and sighed deeply. I heard footsteps as Chris and I hugged. I looked up to see my ex-friends, Megan, Cheyenne, Katherine, and Lizzy [she’s actually in a wheelchair, but oh well] “So you two are back together?” Katherine asked, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah-“ I interupted Chris, “Yeah, we are. And this time, you AREN’T going to ruin my happiness this time. And whenever he and I get into arguments, let US handle it. I don’t need your f***ing help!” Lizzy snapped, “Well, Miss B****y, it seems like you’ve got your panties in a twist. I growled but Chris wrapped his arms around my shoulders, his way of calming me down. “Come on, Tara,” he whispered, “Let’s go somewhere else.” I nodded and we both stood up, walking away from the Judgement Party.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to put a little twist in my life.

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