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You and I together...or not

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Over the summer I met the most amazing girl named Katie at the beach. She had beautiful flowing blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. I’m not going to lie, but she was hot! It was love at first sight. I introduced myself to her and she couldn’t stop smiling. I knew that she was into me by how shy she was when she talked. I was so nervous to get to know her because I was just a skinny boy with no muscle or tan or anything and I didn’t know what kind of person she was attracter to, but I tried to have confidence. She was so cute I couldn’t get over it. I finally asked her out to dinner on Friday night and she accepted. She took my phone out of my hand and put her number in it and said “call me”. My stomach dropped.

That was only the beginning. After Katie and I had been together for almost ten months and we were deeply in love until one day after school when it all almost ended. I had always told her that I would be loyal, but she never believe me and she hasn’t talked to me in days and I didn’t know why. She had left me these mean voicemails on my phone about how all guys are the same and she knew that I wouldn’t be able to be tied down to one girl. She was so mad over something that I had no idea about. She told me that she has clear evidence that I had been cheating with another girl. She told me that over the past few days I had been acting really weird and distant and she felt like things just weren’t the same. I didn’t know what she meant. “I had my reasons for being distant” I had told her, “but I didn’t cheat”. She claims that there was a long brown hair lying on his computer, which couldn’t have been hers because she had really light blonde hair, and he didn’t have a sister who could have been the owner either. She also saw the flower store website up on my computer screen and knew that those couldn’t be for her because there wasn’t any holiday or anniversary coming up that they could be for her. She wouldn’t return my phone calls or texts or anything. I thought she was going to leave me for good and never want to talk to me again. I couldn’t handle that. I loved her too much. And I had done nothing wrong. Secretly, I had been out shopping for days to try to buy her a promise ring and flowers just because I loved her and I wanted to surprise her. I had gone out with her sister to try to find the right one. And she wouldn’t even talk to me. I couldn’t tell her the truth without ruining the surprise. I didn’t know what to do.

I had an idea so that I might still surprise her. I called her mom while she was at work and told her the truth and the whole story behind why Katie and I haven’t been talking. We arranged for me to go in their house and surprise her my own way. I went in while everyone was at work and put a path of white rose petals all the way upstairs to her room. I lit candles all around her room and put a dozen red roses and the ring in the box on her bed. I hid in her closet waiting for her to come home. I heard the door open and her franticly walk up the stairs. I knew she had to be confused. She shot into her room and went over to the bed and started to tear up. I popped out of the closet and wrapper my arms around her. I explained to her that that hair she found was her sister’s because I took her with me to pick out her ring and that the flower website was for her. It was all for her. I was loyal and I didn’t lie. It was all for the better of our relationship.
We finally were able to trust each other and she started to not be so bothered by anything I was doing. She used to completely blow up my phone every time I was out anywhere just to make sure I wasn’t cheating on her or doing something that she wouldn’t like. But we were finally passed that and everything was good.

Later, the following week, I was at home working on my homework to keep my grades up so that I could get into a good college, which is what my parents so desperately wanted. I needed to start being more efficient. Katie knew I needed time to study and had a hair appointment at Glitz salon, just down the street from her house. She’ll tell you the story from here.

I pulled up to the salon and I was five minutes early for my appointment, which excited me because I could have a sit down and read a magazine, which was one of my favorite parts. I picked up the Glamour magazine from the top of the coffee table and opened it up to the middle. It was an ad for lip gloss of course. Right then I felt a soft breeze hit my face. I shivered a little, and a guy sat beside me. It was Josh, my ex-boyfriend and first love.

“Hi Kate!” he was a tall muscular guy with a nice tan and a gorgeous smile!

“Oh hi Josh! How have you been?”

“I’ve been good how about you?”

“Great,” We kept up with the small talk until my hairdresser called me back to the chair to get my hair done.

“Well it’s time for me to go back,” I said.

“Oh that’s okay, maybe after our appointments we can get together for some lunch to catch up”.

“Sounds good to me, I’ll meet ya at the café down the street in an hour”. I walked back to the chair and sat down. All I could think of was Josh and our past. How much fun we used to have, and how much I missed him everyday. Then Jake popped into my head. “How would Jake feel about this?” I knew that he trusted me and I could get away with it without him even finding out that we went out to lunch. It wasn’t a big deal.
Sitting there getting my hair cut and blow dried I had racing thoughts. Thoughts about what might happen, or where this lunch could go, and how to make sure Jake never found out about this. I love him, but I loved Josh too. I admit I still have some feelings for Josh, even though I convinced myself that I didn’t. We had only broken up because his mom had died and he was too emotionally unstable to have a girlfriend, but he seemed to be doing okay now. I wondered if this was some kind of sign, how he had popped back into my life. I took off my ring that Jake had given me and slipped it into my pocket.

After I left the salon I quickly walked down the road into town where the café was. I didn’t know if Josh was already there or not, but I sure didn’t want to wait outside and risk the chance of someone seeing me and telling Jake, so I went inside. Josh had already been seated in a little booth towards the back of the restaurant waiting for me.
I sat down and right away we started talking like we hadn’t even been apart. It was really weird. Jake and I had never talked like this. This was the best date I’ve ever been on. I felt so happy to finally see him again and catch up. He was the perfect guy. But I did feel bad about going behind Jake’s back.

After lunch I had to go back home and start working on homework of my own. It was awkward trying to say goodbye because neither of us wanted to. I felt these butterflies in my stomach that I used to get when he looked at me. He leaned in for what I thought was going to be an innocent hug and he kissed me. I felt my stomach drop and I kissed back. He grabbed me and held me close. He told me that he missed me and wished we could be back together again. I started to tear up again. Then suddenly I felt my phone in my pocket vibrate, it was Jake. I ignored it and slid it back in my pocket.

Back at home, Jake was concerned. “Why wouldn’t she answer my calls?” I thought to myself. “She had to be out of the salon by now…” I was starting to get worried because I was blowing up her phone and she still hadn’t answered. Maybe I should go try to check up on her. I hoped that everything was okay. I walked down the road to the salon that she always went to and went inside. The lady at the fount desk said that she had left over an hour ago and said she was going to the café down the road for lunch. So I left. I headed the other way down the road again and I saw her there on the sidewalk outside of the café. I walked closer because I saw that she wasn’t alone. She was kissing someone! I thought, “This couldn’t be Katie, it must be someone else,” I got closer and sure enough it was. She cheated on me. She went behind my back and hooked up with another guy! So many thoughts and emotions were running through my head I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I could feel my whole body heating up and the sweat trickle down my neck.
Between breaths she looked up and saw me standing there. She turned away pretending to be someone else. “How could you do this to me!” I turned and started to walk away, tears filling my eyes.
“It’s not what it looks like, I’m sorry!” She ran after me.
“How could you do this to me? After all we’ve been through, after I bought you that ring! It was all a lie, you never loved me. You are so fake!” I busted into tears and started to walk away. I took off the necklace that she bought me from Florida and threw it at her feet. As it bounced off the sidewalk into the street and turned the other way. Right then I knew it was over. She was my life and now she was gone. My world was gone.
After months have passed full of sorrow and pain I began to get over her. I started to move on and hanging out with new people; new girls. There wasn’t any that I met that would ever match up to Katie, but eventually I knew that special girl would come along and make me completely forget about Katie. Until then, I decided that there were more important things in life and that I had to live it up while I still had time. My life wasn’t really over, I just came upon a rough patch and things finally were starting to smooth over. It wasn’t the end of the world after all.

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I love it:) It's very well-written!

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This is really good. I like how it's told by both of them

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wow that was really good. very impressive. :D