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Lost in This Love

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

As I kissed his lips the blood rushed to my head. It was wonderful, for once I felt close to someone. I never felt close to my mom or my dad they were just there to harass me and try to make me do my homework. They never succeeded I always won the battles I picked, well they'd give up actually.
Was this true love? How would I know, I've never loved anyone in my life. This could be it its what I always had imagined true love would feel like. All the nights sitting together in my room talking like best friends. I knew all about him and he knew all about me, or did he. There was one thing I wasn't ready to tell him yet, all those nights alone in my room, they weren't really in my room I was using Maddie's house to make him think that I was the rich girl I told him I was, but when I told him I was rich, I meant that I have a rich personality, but like all guys, he took it the wrong way. He thought I was "Loaded," but I really wasn't, unless you consider living in you're grandma's house because your parents didn't have enough money to take care of you. So, I asked madi if I could use her house to act like it was mine, and she said it was fine, but I don't know if he'll find out that this isn't my house and then, what will he do. Will I be able to regain his trust or will he even want talk to me any more, will that one feeling of love be taken from my heart, who knows, I don't even know, maybe I should tell him, who knows?

The author's comments:
This peace has nothing true about it, I have two loving parents and they aren't just there to harass me!:]

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