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Moon Dance

April 28, 2009
By kaura123 SILVER, Huntington Beach, California
kaura123 SILVER, Huntington Beach, California
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Late one night, as I slept soundly in my bed, the wind blew. It was cold and made me grab at my blankets. Like a soft, hushed whisper the wind blew softly around me. It spoke words that were hushed yet, it filled my ears.

“Marylynn, it said, “Marylynn, come to us, come out, we need you!” It was soft and calming, but I knew I had to go at once.

I gathered my long night gown and walked over to my closet, it was filled with all sorts of things. My yellow boots were what I was looking for. I found them just as the wind whirled around me again. My long, straight, brown hair lifted off my shoulders and tangled itself in my eye lashes.

“Hurry Marylynn. Hurry, it is getting late.” I ran down the stairs and out the patio door. My parent’s door was always closed and I knew they couldn’t hear me.

As soon as I walked outside I was momentarily awed by the beauty the darkness portrayed. The tree’s looked as if they were dancing in the cool summer breeze, when I finally was done staring my feet took me to where the voice was calling. Some how they, knew exactly were to go.

I was in the meadow that my grandma had once taken me. There sitting on a log were the two prettiest things I have ever seen. As I walked closer I realized they were not human but, flowers, white and blue and purple flower! One was a girl who looked my age. She had on a dress of blue and her hair was white peddles. The other a boy, he had on blue pants and a purple shirt. His hair was made of the same white peddles. They were absolutely beautiful.

“Marylynn, I am so glad you came! We are the moon people who were sent on a mission to the sun. During our flight we ran into a star and fell out of the dance. That made us loose course and we landed here. Will you help us get back into the sky?” her voice was soft and beautiful. There was a hint of plead in it.

“How do you know my name?”

“Your grandma is one of us, it’s what she chose to become when she died. She has told us all about you so when we were falling we chose to come here.” His voice was firm and strong and I knew he was telling the truth.
“Oh, I see, but how can I help you. I am only a six year old girl.”

“We need to recite the moon dance, on the night of the full moon. It requires three people move about and dance to the song of beauty. The next full moon would be in two nights, we enough time to teach you. Meet us here tomorrow and the next. We will call you just like we did tonight.” The boy said.

“Wait what are your names, I would very much like to know your names.”

“My name is Luna daughter of Silina.”

“My name is Eli son of Elija. We are twins from the land of the moon.”

“Well my name is Marylynn daughter of Jesse but, you already knew that!”

“Of course! Your grandma often talks about her little girl. Now Marylynn, we must bid you goodbye. Goodbye sweet dreams, until we meet tomorrow.” And with inhuman speed they disappeared into the night.

“Goodbye,” I whispered into the night and then took off back towards the house. I figured it would be hard to sleep with all the excitement but, I was overwhelmed by sleep and was gone in a dreamland instantly.

That night I dreamed of the moon dance. I knew it was the real one because the following night Eli and Luna taught me the same dance. It had twirls and spins and jumps and lots of hand movements. It was our only night to practice and yet I had it memorized by heart. When I got home that night I couldn’t wait until tomorrow when I would actually perform the dance.

“Come on Marylynn, its time for the moon dance! Come on out.” It was Luna’s familiar whisper. I jumped out of bed and ran out the door. I got there out of breath and panting.

“ I am so excited, yet I am also very sad.” I announced.

“Why sad” Luna asked.

“Because our time together is over and I have only known you guys for a couple of days. Don’t got! Please stay here forever.”

“We can’t, we belong on the moon. But, don’t worry we will be back. Any time you need us just call. We will listen and reply. We talk to you through the wind, and you talk to us the same way.”

“ You promise you will come back?”

“We promise,” they said this together and I believed them. That night we danced the moon dance needing only the sound of the wind, the swish of the trees, and the twinkle of the shining stars as our music. It was the prettiest song I have ever heard.

Luna and Eli were right. Anytime in the following years, that I wanted to talk to them all I had to do was whisper. They always replied. When I grew old, I still talked to them. Now I sit here in my house on the moon, next to Eli and Luna as a write about how I met the moon people and decided to be one as well.

The author's comments:
I was sitting in class and an idea popped into mind. When I was little I use to dream of dancing on the moon. Thats when this story truely came into play.

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