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The Emersons

April 17, 2019
By Bella_Queen DIAMOND, Plymouth, Ohio
Bella_Queen DIAMOND, Plymouth, Ohio
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The Emersons were an odd sort of people, they usually kept to themselves, rarely ever inviting anyone over. The times they did have people over, they were business partners of Mr. Emerson.

Mr. Emerson was well known for his Business in England, he owned several funeral parlors that only a select few were aloud to use. These select few were rather rich. Mr. Emerson radiated importance, with his slick black hair, and his dignified moustache, he also had half moon spectacles that made him look rather smart. He almost always wore gold cufflinks, and a golden pocket watch, with his dignified black suit, he also wore a red striped tie. His face always told of his success he always had his nose in the air, and his black eyes always stared down the lesser people.

Mrs. Emerson, however radiated kindness.  Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled with happiness, and she always smiled at everyone, even people who were unkind to her. She had long black hair, and light freckles dotting her cheeks, she had very few wrinkles, and few worry lines. She usually wore a bright dress, that told people of her kindness. She also wore a silver bracelet, given to her by her husband, and her lips were always painted a cherry red. She worked as her husband's secretary, but was paid not, for she refused to accept a paycheck.

Most people who were allowed entry into the Emerson's home (This was very rare.) They reported it was an odd home indeed! People said the paintings they hung in their house were peculiar, all of them were dark, and forlorn. Yet it was not the paintings that were strange, it was the upstairs room people gossiped most about. People said there were always noises coming from within that room, they also reported that they saw a girl who looked to be eighteen in the window.

The truth was the Emerson’s did have a child, she was a forlorn sort, that was always hidden within the walls of the Emerson's home. She was never let out of the house for any reason whatsoever. She looked nothing like Mr. Emerson or Mrs. Emerson, she looked rather different with her yellow hair, and blue eyes. She had the same look of youth as her mother, but it never really showed, she was always frowning. Maybe it was because she was confined to the Emerson's house, or perhaps she was simply upset, because of the fact that her parents did not want people knowing of her “abilities.” The truth was that Tori Emerson could do rather unnatural things. She could bring back the dead.

This ability was found out when a visit to one of Mr. Emersons many funeral parlors. Mrs. Emerson was rather horrified when she found her three year old daughter playing with a zombie woman. Ever since that day the Emersons have hidden there odd daughter within their rather expensive mansion.

Tori was let out of the house, but only on select few days, she wasn’t even let out for school, instead Mrs. Emerson hired a private tutor, sworn to secrecy. She usually went to graveyards, and such, so she was quickly confined to the house. Her mother did not especially like her daughter, she thought her too forlorn, and dark. This was true, Tori usually wore dark clothing, perhaps it was because of her being able to bring back the dead.

I believe you now know the Emersons well enough to leave them, but do not fret their story does not end here. Instead it simply becomes more interesting, but that is for another time, for now we take our leave of the odd Emersons.

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