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May 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I cannot believe mom is making me get a cat! I hate cats, dosen't she relize that by now? I got picked up early from school, to go to the pet center.

All the cats smell like fur and dirt. I wish mom would let me get a mouse or a monkey or something awsome, instead.

One cat, sitting alone in the corner, wasn't mewling or scratching like the others. His fur was midnight with no stars, his eyes were sulfer, and his teeth were a glowing white. This cat didn't smell like dirt, that was a start.

I reached down to pick him up, and he hissed, barring his beautiful sharp teeth. Awsome.

I turned to mom, “I want that one, not the calico”. Mom pouted, holding the mottled kitten up against her cheek, “but shes so adorible!”

I rolled my eyes, “mom, I don't do adorable.”

Sometimes, I swear, she is so clueless.

When we got home, I carried the black kitten up to my room. My floor was made from dark wood, and the walls were painted dark purple. The bed was stripped black and red, and the rug used to be a black bear. The only dim light came from off-white candles on a dark red table, whith black seats holding red cusions.

“Welcome to my room, the worlds most awsome place ever”, I set the kitten down on the foot of my bed, “when I move out in two years to go to colledge, I'm gonna, like, tow all this to my dorm.”

The cat leaped down from the furniture and started to claw he foots of the chairs.

I hopped onto my bed, and smile darkly at the cat, “nice touch.”

Picking up my favorite bat-shaped mirror from the nightstand, I gazed at my heart shaped face.

My hair was naturally black- thank god- and hung down to my shoulders. My eyes were purple- from the special color contacts I wore. I had very red lips- like blood. All my fingernails were black.

Looking to my side I saw the cat had jumped up, and was lying next to me.

I sighed deeply, “cats are for witches, not vampires...” I mummbled to myself.

The cat frowned, “My names Ink,” he said, “I'll try my best as your assistant...”

I felt a sudden pang of gratitude for Ink's loyalty, and deep inside I knew he was better than any bat, mouse or monkey could ever be.

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