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What's Going On?

June 1, 2009
By Allison Clawans BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Allison Clawans BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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“I once heard that our world was flooded with oil,” I said to Emmaleigh.

“Wow! You mean we could actually use the cars that where in the museum,” she wondered.

“Yes, we could,” I replied.

We walked outside of the museum into the bright, sunlit streets of Washington, D.C. We were walking to the solar powered bus we took down for our trip. As we got on the air conditioning blasted us delightfully. We took our seats and we were off to the newly created Smithsonian for Natural Resources.

“This ‘green’ trip is getting exhausting. People didn’t think hundreds of years ago to use solar energy, so now we have to go to these boring museums,” I said.

“Learning about how the world has changed will help with the future,: exclaimed Ms. Fenning, my teacher.

“But it is not like we can do anything like they did. They used all of the natural resources the world had, so how can we, now, do anything like that,” I questioned.

My teacher could only respond with “Just you wait and see”, which is her response to everything.

I still couldn’t help but wonder how those people could ever have used all of the oil in the world. I know about the over consumption of gas for the SUV, trucks, and other big cars was a real big issue, but why would people use the even more limited supply of gas left to heat their homes. It makes no sense to me. Oh well, I guess my generation reaps the benefits of their failed lives. On to the next stop in this inane tour of stupidity, we are eating at the dimly lit Hard Rock for lunch.

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