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The Calling (A Part of Many, Certainly Not the Beginning)

June 23, 2009
By artofthedeath PLATINUM, Dothan, Alabama
artofthedeath PLATINUM, Dothan, Alabama
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The room gradually grew darker as the sun started to disappear beyond the horizon. Tommy didn't notice as the time ticked away and day slipped into night, and neither did either of the others. Movies weren't so captivating usually, but tonight, the three of them sat in a thrance.Isabella and Maggi were slumped on either side of Tommy on that worn out old couch, half alseep and half alert as Tommy's movie madness started to fade.

Isabella was the first to look around and realize that the daytime was long gone. A clingy mist had moved in, snaking it's swarming tennacles along the little houses. Because of the surrounding trees and poor moonlight, the mist took on a greenish tint as it creeped up the various dirt roads and stuck to the windows and left the world in an endless haze. Isabella checked her cell phone. The time read 9:30.

With a yawn she stood up and hugged her son. Tommy held his mother tightly for a moment, an effort of silent thanks. They couldn't even whisper now because Maggi lay asleep, her head resting snugly on Tommy's shoulder. Isabella nodded silently, smiled calmly, and retired to bed. Her day was long, depressing, and tiring, but she decided that she and Tommy were going to finally make it through. The threat of that thing's?return no longer foddled with her tired mind. Tommy was home, he was safe, and no one was coming for him as they had promised.

Tommy eventually fell into a light sleep, stroking Maggi's hair with one hand while his head gently rested on top of her's. The day had been perfect.

However, when his eye's closed, Tommy's dreams were not pleasant.
It was pitch black. Tommy was standing, blind and afraid.

Sweat dripped down his back, his face, and made wet pools in his tight fists. Anger rippled through him in shock waves, however, he had no idea what he was angry about.
They were everywhere. Some shouted, so whispered, but they came on all at once in a jumbled mess. Tommy strained to catch phrases as they flew by like lightning.
"You monster!" A woman's voice shrieked.?
"I'm here. Don't be afraid. It's alright." Maggi's voice whispered.
"You're more than human, Thomas." A deep, rumbling thunder of a voice stated as it shot past.
"NOOOOOOO!" And Tommy's heart stopped beating. His mother was in trouble.
And now, he knew why he was angry. Tommy started running. All he knew was that his mother was in danger. But suddenly, his body stopped moving. He couldn't work it. Tears of anger stung his blinded eyes, his pulse quickened as he tried to move his limbs. He crumpled to the ground. The voices rose to a cresendo, screeching into his ears. Tommy tried to scream, but he could not even feel his toungue.
And suddenly, the voices stopped. Silence dropped over Tommy like a think blanket. Seconds, or minutes, or maybe hours passes. Then, one voice spoke clear as ice. It was the same deep voice that had spoken to his earlier.
"Thomas, I call on you and your strengths. I call upon you to fulfill your destiny as what you really are."
Tommy's snapped open, his mouth wide in mid-scream. Light blinded him insantly, and he tried lifting one of his hand's to cover them. But it was pinned to his side by a strong hand. Tommy shut his eyes tightly, let his breath come out in ragged bursts, and opened them again. The light didn't sting him this time. He found that both of his arms and legs were pinned down by Isabella and Maggi. They sat on either side of him, their expressions shocked.
"What?" He managed to ask between breaths.
Isabella let out a sudden breath like she had been holding it in for a while. "You were having a nightmare. You were kicking and thrashing and scraming. Maggi and I were keeping you from hurting yourself." Tommy turned his head to Maggi. She only nodded. Slowly, they both released him from their grasps. Tommy put hsi arm around Maggi and squeezed tightly, showing her there was nothing to be afriad of.
"Don't worry." he whispered. "It was just a dream."

The author's comments:
This is a peice of my book. It's not the beginning, and it's not the end. Call it part of the rising action. The beginning will be posted shortly.

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Interesting concept! Would love to see more!