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A vampire is an underworld creature.... a beautiul underworld creature

November 11, 2009
By freedombird GOLD, Staten Island, New York
freedombird GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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My stomach dripped a deep crimson blood as he pulled the blade out violently. i had attempted to kill him and I end up dying? My ivory dress had let the thick liquid seep through it. As if i wasn't already being killed softly. the poison was already in place before this time. the time he said "i love you" was just a lie. his glare never left my painful green eyes. I lay on the stone flooring and let tears run down my face. "i th-th-thought you loved me..." i cried in a whispered tone."I can never love a vampire like you." he shot back. i stared deeply into his brown eyes. "i had forgotton the curse of the fangs... being born a beautiful monster...I felt oxegen leaving my cold body.... my heart rate began to slow down. He wiped my blood off his sleek blade. "have fun Evangeline in the underworld for that is what you truly are... an underworld demon..." he said in a deep somewhat sorrowful voice.Then he left the room and continued to the ball that took place downstairs. I sat up and sobbed as i held my stomach gently. "how could i be so damn stupid?!" i yelled at myself. i banged my fists on the stone flooring."Evangeline? is that you?" a voice cried out. A sly smile took place over me. If i was an underworld creature.... then let me act like one. I'v always wondered what my best friends blood would taste like. "oh, Alex.... please just come here." i said with a sarcastic look of concern. He ran towards my dying body. he held my head and stroked my hair and then.... i bit him. My fangs plunged into his soft human flesh sucking the sweet taste of his blood."Evangeline! Stop!" he yelled. "don't blame me.... i'm an underworld creature..." i whispered evily into his ear. He collasped at the loss in blood. i laughed. "Not bad alex...." i said but then a sudden pain striked me. my heart became even slower and faded to a stop. I collapsed over alex and i lay dead over the newly bitten vampire. The underworld wasn't too bad, for a vmpire such as myself. I met many other beautiful creatures. I was still alowwed to go to the land of the living. But just for the search of blood. i also became Alex's trainer. He was a fairly well vampire. His good heart left him as he became more of what he truly is. I also got my revenge. I got the opportunity to kill the being of which killed me. I stuck the same blade which i was killed with into his fast beating heart. Life or should i say "after life" was a very fantastic life. but i'm always reminded that "a vampire is an underworld creature.... a beautiful underworld creature.

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just a story i wrote because of my own boredom.

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Lorelei SILVER said...
on Jun. 4 2010 at 11:01 am
Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
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Wasda BRONZE said...
on Mar. 1 2010 at 6:05 pm
Wasda BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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very good story