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December 17, 2009
By ash2011 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
ash2011 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
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March 1st,1989

"Jett,honey,you must always remember that you are a very special girl. Not like any other person in the world. You musn't ever bewitch humans because they are not like us, my darling." "Mama,whats goin on?" "Shh,Jett.Here,take this key.It will lead you to everything i own. I love you."

july 29, 1997 - present day
My mother was burned alive right before my very eyes as a result of being a witch. She did nothing wrong to deserve that, she actually was helping their kind. What happened was mama layed crystals upon pillows around my tiny cousin,Emily whom was very sick,Mama was only trying to make her well again. I was only six when the humans incenerated her. I stood there crying,unable to move.

Today i am 14,it's my birthday.The ironic thing is that i was born on the 13th.As the saying goes,In ancient Rome a witchs coven comprised 12,with the 13th member being the devil,Very strange things have happened to me today, first the front door of the shack i have been staying in flung open and a few seconds later a gust of wind rushed in,it even knocked me down. Another thing happened,you see i have been trying to make even with god since hes good n' all but when i picked up my bible blood gushed out of my nose. That last thing was a real head rush i almost passed out. Thing's like that never happen to even me. Being a witch should make me a target,right? Nope. Besides the way my eyes turn dark purple and the way my pupils shape into crescents at night, i am alot like a human girl. Even with all the sadness and rage in my heart i still yearn to be like my human friends. I learned that not all humans are bad. Some lie,cheat,and kill only merely because of kind, but others are very pleasant. The humans I am friends with know nothing about me. If they found out,even with all the kindness in their hearts they would report to their pappa. Then their pappa's men would hunt me down,incenerate me,and laugh as my ashes fall. The humans are frightened of us. As Mary,my human friend, would say,"Witches are freaks.Evil freaks.They have green,pimpled skin and a long finger to cast spells on us with." None of that is true. I have never seen one witch with green skin. We all have much of the same physical appearances as the humans do. Like as for me I have stringy chestnut hair on my head,all the basic body parts plus the ones that males do not have,dark brown eyes during the daytimes only,and i do not have a long finger for castin' spells. That logic is absurd. Where do humans get their information anyways,geez.Give us some credit,we have saved their bottoms quite a few times. But,anyways,as for my birthday i am going to treat myself to a nice indoor banquet for a change.

"Jett! what are you doing here? And all alone? Why?" "Hey Mary.I just felt like treating myself to dinner." This is not going to be good. If she asks me to go somewhere with her,which i am expecting her to,The sun sets in only an hour. "Jett! Come to sit with my family and I.Oh,i forgot to tell you that me and Valerie are going to Dices later. You have to come,please? It will be so fun with you there." She looks like a tart with those tight jeans on. And i cannot go to that hangout spot,it's dangerous. "um Mar,I'm sorry but i already have plans with my brother.I will see you and Val at school Monday,I have got to get going or i will be late. Bye Mar." I just lied,shame on me! I do not have plans,i do not have a brother. It's only me. I have been on my own since my mother died. It was always easy for me. The powers i have kept me safe. I have the ability to make something happen without saying it. I can think,"I sure wish i had one of those juicy roastburgers." poof,There it is. Anything i want to happen in my thoughts i can do. There is a catch though. I cannot make it happen if there is a maralder around. Maralder's are our adversary. They are much stronger than most witchs too. They can do anything. The only thing that can hurt them is a Ravenscroft crystal,which can destroy them with a single touch.I have never seen one but mama once told me that if i ever hear the slight screeching noise,to run away.

BAM (glass breaking)
"Please,don't hurt me. I have never hurt any of you humans before i promise."
"Hah. Boss,she tanks' were human. Hah."


Oh.No. They're here. But why? Why me? I always behave,never do anything to get in their way. I was just sleeping in my bed,then two large men bust in. I should of known they weren't human from their very large size and nasty stench. "Yes. Now RU,Shut your Mouth!" "Young girl,are you Jett?" "Why?" "Answer the Question!" "Y..e..s" gulp "Very well then. RU,Do it."


"Nooo!" "Heeellllppp!"

"Hit the brat again. Across the head this time. You know as well as i do that young witch's howl as bad as an animal."


Ow.I feel as if i am dreaming. A horrible,horrible nightmare. I feel my hand gently touch my head.Ow.There is blood. It's dripping down past my eye now. I can barely open my eyes but from the small slits i see a bright light shining down on me. Am i in heaven? No. I would not be in so much pain.Why can't i move my arms or legs? I can't get up either. As i focus my eyes and open them a little wider i see that i am laying on a metal table. Correction,Strapped to a metal table and i am completly nude. All that comes out are tears,salty,clear tears as i look at my body. It is covered in bloody markings.What are the bloody prints? Oh. I see. It's the fertility cross. The fertility cross is carved in my skin,in every inch of my skin it seems. "Heeelllppp meeeee please?" I scream.

"RU,get the gun.Shoot her in the throat before she wakes Ahfala." "But sir,she is bearing Ahfalas child.If i shoot her it will kill them both." "No it will not you dimwit! She is Genevieve's Daughter. Nothing can kill her because she is the most powerful sorceress alive.Do it,Now!"



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Sarbear GOLD said...
on Apr. 24 2010 at 9:41 pm
Sarbear GOLD, Milan, Ohio
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this is great!! now im wondering what happens next!!

Cute_Girl94 said...
on Jan. 12 2010 at 8:30 am
Cute_Girl94, Kota Kinabalu, Other
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This story are good!!! Hope you publish more of this story