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January 28, 2010
By T3on0y BRONZE, Esperance, New York
T3on0y BRONZE, Esperance, New York
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“What’s that Drake?” Ben questioned.
“I…I don’t know,” I answered. I took off my winter jacket and hat. I picked up the random basketball that was sitting inside of my locker. It was a Nike outdoor/indoor basketball with blue and red stripes. I looked for a note or anything to see who it was from but nothing….an anonymous basketball.
“How did you get that?!” Ben screamed. I was amazed about how new it was. The grip was very smooth. “I have to give this to the lost and found,” I exclaimed.
“No way Drake, don’t do that! Let’s just keep it for one day. We can try it out after school at my house,” Ben implied.
“Ok, fine but just for one day,” I groaned. But what if this belonged to a young child and someone misplaced it and thought it was mine? The whole day the basketball was all I could think about. I went home on the bus with the ball in my hand. I got off at Bens house. Luckily his dad plowed his drive way so we had a clean sheet of pavement to play on.
“Pass it D!” Ben has called me D ever since fifth grade. Now that we are in 8th grade he still calls me that. Same as everyone else. I got ready to pass and I passed it with a lot of force and he caught it and went for a 3 point shot. He missed completely. “It must be the cold,” he sighed.
“Oh, yeah right. You just have butterfingers,” I said.
“Pass it to me then,” He threw it with the anger of me calling him butterfingers and I caught it. I got ready in the 3 point stance as usual and licked my right hand and went up for the shot. SWOOSH! “Told you Benny,” as I said with amazement. But as I said that the basketball was rolling straight towards me and I picked it up. I shot from a little bit farther almost half court.

“Don’t even try it D,” he exclaimed. I bent my knees licked my hand and… SWOOSH! The ball rolled towards me again! This is freaking me out. “What the heck?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know, man, this is really weird!” I yelled.
“Let me try,” Ben said. He tried a layup, a 3pointer, but nothing. He is a lot better than me to. Strangely the ball didn’t roll towards him. Then I ran up, grabbed the ball, and did a layup. The ball went in the hoop with ease. I walked away purposely to see if it would follow me and it did!

“How….the?” I yelled.

“That is really freaky D!” Ben yelled. “But how is this even possible. Basketballs don’t magically go into the hoop with every shot. They don’t follow you,” he yelled again. “Why can you make all the shots but I can’t?” Then he grabbed my ball and then got another ball that was his and shot with my ball then his basketball. He did this combination for a good ten minutes but my ball would never want to go in for him. Then he stopped and got angry. “This is crazy,” as he said in a huffing puffing voice. “D you can’t bring this back to school. The ball is probably magic,”

“I can’t bring this basketball back Ben. Could it be magic?”

I thought about what Ben said when I walked home. I dropped the ball down in my room went down for dinner. The ball was following!? No way, this is ridiculous. Then I just locked the ball in my closet until after dinner. Thank God my sister wasn’t home or else she would have been all over my case. At dinner I didn’t tell anyone about the ball. I couldn’t. Dinner kept my mind off the ball…Thank God.

After dinner I ran up to my room as fast as I could. I got up there, got the ball out and stared at it. Why would this basketball be doing this? Then I just turned on my X-box and started playing videogames. Anything to keep my wondering mind o ff of that basketball. Then I slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“Drake Drake!!! Wake up! Wake up!” My mom was yelling in my ear.

“What what?” I asked. It was annoying to have people screaming in my ear when I was sleeping...Wait a dream! I was dreaming!

“Drake you were scrambling in bed you were having a bad dream!” she cried out loud. I suddenly found myself looking for this ball.

The ball was just a dream. I then searched the whole entire house but I guess it was a dream...a long lost dream. The ball was gone…gone.

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on Apr. 19 2010 at 6:10 pm
xBaByGiRrL22x PLATINUM, Pearl River, New York
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ha i like this. may i ask, where'd u get ur inspiration?? Or was this just some random spurtz of writing? xD nicee jobb