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Anothe Field in the Prairies

March 17, 2010
By deardiary BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
deardiary BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
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A great heaving sigh escaped my chest into the cold morning air as the sun gently tickled my eyelids with its soft rays of light. The high pitched song, of the creatures of the air, reached my ears buried deep beneath the scratchy blanket covering my face, that smelt of the decade before. I laid perfectly still waiting to crawl out of my deep slumber, where the mind was your playground and reality was the nightmare awakening you in the midst of the evening. I gradually became aware of my surroundings as I realised I was not in my usual bed, waking up to the sounds of the heavy traffic down below my window. Instead, I was in a place that had been stopped in time long ago. A place where the sounds of kittens meowing and the smell of fresh bread was not completely foreign to our senses. A place where one could roam about for hours, and scream to the open blue sky without being heard by a soul, except for the grass and soil beneath our feet, holding the memories of the past caregivers of this wondrous haven of peace. We could forget our age, our worries, our lives altogether when there was nothing to remind us that anything was real.
I sat up abruptly, blinking my eyes rapidly until they adjusted to my surroundings. I was in a small room covered in a distracting violet wallpaper, spotted with white daisies, making the room seem twice as small than it actually was. Across from me, was an antique armoire the colour of night, that looked to weigh over 400 pounds, with only an empty gold picture frame resting on top. My single bed that creaked with each movement, was pushed up against the wall. To my right, was a small window hidden by faded white curtains, allowing only a small portion of sun in to light up this dark and eerie room. I swung my feet onto the cold wood floor, and shuffled over to the window. I pushed the curtains back and looked outside onto the most bright yellow field I had ever beheld, made up of thousands of flowers in the midst of bloom. It was practically glowing, forcing me to squint under its light.
The birds that had awoken me, were soaring through the cloudless blue sky, unaffected by the light wind that had the fields swaying gently back and forth, resembling an ocean of impossible colour. I suddenly yearned to escape this small room, and to join the beautiful scene in front of me.
I stuck my fingers beneath the window and pushed it up and open, revealing my way out. I hoisted myself onto the window sill, my feet dangling over the edge, and breathed in the warm sent of summer, putting a hand over my fast beating heart. I could not only see the wind now, but I could feel it too, as it brushed my hair from my shoulders and twirled it around my face.
With the spirit of the birds, I jumped the distance of six feet to the ground, landing on hard soil. I was on a path that divided the enormous field in two, allowing one to enjoy its beauty without being consumed altogether. I could not see its end, but it did not matter. I was not pressed for time.
I began to walk, the fine gravel scratching the bottoms of my feet, seeming that I was shoeless, making me feel more like an animal of the forest than a human being. My surroundings did not change, as I walked on. Endless yellow was all around me, lined by small wooden posts, adjoined by wire rusted in colour. Every once in a while, I would hear the sound of a bumble bee pass by my ear, or I would see a butterfly soundlessly float by before my eyes. It was so peaceful out here, I wondered if it was not heaven.
I suddenly heard a faint whisper, and glanced behind me, only to look on to more field. The wind blew past my face, and I heard the whisper again- a sad moaning kind of sound seeming to be coming from the ground. It was almost like the earth was trying to tell me something, that only the open minded could ever possibly understand. I began to question my insanity, and I wondered whether it was mother earth speaking to me, or the God from above.
Backing up a step, I felt to my surprise, a hard rock beneath my feet instead of dirt. I turned around to gawk at an enormous metal structure before me, resting on a long strip of cement, sitting right in the middle of the yellow field! The building was projecting a foul black smoke, seeming to be as thick as mud, filling up the beautiful sky above, tainting the clouds with its polluted colour. It was a power plant of some sort, I recognised it from the ones we had in the city, but it seemed so out of placem out here in the midst of heaven. I heard a small cry as a flake of colour fell to the ground in front of me, resembling a lot like a butterfly. Why would anyone want to destroy such beaut, to put up this man made mountain of metal?
I wondered how long it would be until the sea of yellow was replaced by a sea of cement.

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