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3 World Divide

March 18, 2010
By xo19brandee93xo SILVER, Griswold, Connecticut
xo19brandee93xo SILVER, Griswold, Connecticut
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“mommy! Wake up! Please!” I yelled my father was trying to pull me away when I kicked him in the crotch and ran back to her . My father killed her. Stab wounds in the chest. She wouldn’t wake up. My sister was in the coner crying her eyes out . My father decided to go after her. I jumped on top of him and my hands automatically wrapped around his neck. But it was to big for my tiny hands. I yelled to her “call the cops!! Hurry!” my sister took the phone and ran upstairs to hide and call the cops. My dad threw me off his shoulders and on to the floor.
“you will get it” he barked at me and drew a knife out and started to come at me when I spotted a gun next to me. My legs was hurting me so I couldn’t get up. I stuck out my hand to reach for the gun that’s when something remarkable happens. The gun started to swivel and come to my hand. Like a magnet. I took the last shot in the gun at my father and I hit him right in the chest. My sister heard the shot and came running down stairs. She looked at me with a scared face and I looked at my hand wondering how I did that. I heard the sirens out side and the police came barging in. and saw that my father was laying next to me dead. A gun shot to his chest just like my mom. The police picked me up and picked my sister up. And the EMT team came in and took my father and my mother away.

13 years later

I was walking down the road when I spotted a gorgeous dress sitting in the window of a store that im very known at. I shop there at least everyday. They have the best clothes. I didn’t know they sold dresses. So I went in the store
“since when did you guys start selling dresses?” I asked
“yesterday. The store was placed under a new manager. So what she says goes. “
“that sucks.”
“yeah” the clerks name is Chrissie. The other one was Dayle.
“so Chrissie when’s the next shopping spree?” I asked
“when every you want to go. Just give me a ring.” Chrissie exclaimed
“yeah I will after I get that dress you have showing in the window.” I laughed.
“I sure can. Be right back.” Chrissie finalized and I checked out and then I took my phone out and called Chrissie in the store. She answered
“hey what’s up?” I asked
“nothing much im at work”
“really.. I should stop by. But anyways I was wondering. When your out of work do you wanna go on a shopping spree?”
“haha yea sure ill give you a call when im out.”
“ok.. Bye.” we both said and I hung up then went outside, and walked outside a little ways until I ways mob by the paparazzi. Then I got a call.
“hey what’s up?” I answered
“nothing I just got out of work are you busy at the moment?” Chrissie asked
“just a bit what gave that away?”
“just that I can see everyone around you.”
“o yeah.. Bout that .. I can slide just give me one minute..” I closed my phone and then shouted “Get the f*** out of my way.. Im going to the mall!” then every one cleared the way and my and Chrissie went to the mall. Yes it took only a 10 years to become famous. It was my dream. Being a famous singer and all. It takes a lot. I always gotta look good. Chrissie is my best friends ever. She works at my favorite place ever. The mall was jammed packed with my fans and all.
“Brie, Brie! Can you sigh this!!” one of my fans shouted at me.
“yea sure kiddo.” I gleed. “hey Chrissie I’ll just be a minute. can you wait for me at bath and body works?”
“yeah sure.” Chrissie sighed. Then went off. I continued to sigh autographs for people then I finally made it out of the mob. And I caught up with Chrissie. We went into the store and got a few things.
“you know what. I was thinking. I should get a wig and hide my famous face from everybody so I can hang out with my friends. What do you think?” I asked
“that’s a good idea. Then you can do things without getting mobbed by everyone. Lets go.”
“ok.” we got up and I put my hoodie up some no one can see me. When we got to the wig store there was no one there. The store clerk took a picture of me before the transformation. I looked over and there I spotted . A long black hair wig with red streaks going through it. That was the one I wanted. After waiting an agonizing half hour I was done. The store clerk took another picture of me and we compared it to each other. What a difference. I kept the wig on and me and Chrissie continued to shop and no one recognized me. No one at all. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a girl that looked exactly like me. She was like my twin. Im surprised she wasn’t getting mob. She look a lot like me. I walked over to her.
“hello. My name is Bri- Brianna. And you might be?”
“my names Candy. Do I know you?”
“I don’t know you look very familiar to me. How old are you?”
“18, you?”
“cool. Wait I think I know you now.” she looked at me even more “you’re my sister. 13 years ago mom and dad died. Dad killed mom and you killed dad. Out of protection of me. Oh my god its been that long!”
“yeah can you believe it?”
“and your also-” she looked around before speaking “Brie.. The famous singer.. Arnt you?”
I nodded my head. “you cant say a thing to anyone. At all. So whos this?”
“oh this is my hubby. Rick. We just got married a few days ago”
“awe my sister got married before me.. that’s cool. Congratulations.”
“thanks. Well ill see you later.”
“yeah. Bye.” then I turned and walk like 5 inches and bam a hot a** guy walked right into me. And he nocked my wig off.. I scrambled to get it before one could see and just like what happened 13 years ago, my wig came right to me. I put it on and got up.
“im so sorry your brie right?”
“yeah. But don’t say anything!”
“I wont, I wont, so do you want to get diner?”
“sure I would like that.”
“my names Jake by the way.”
“I like that name.” I said dazed
“well I’ll let you guys go I gotta get home to feed my boyfriend. I’ll call ya later Brianna.” Chrissie goodbyes and left
“so that’s what you go by.” Jake asked
“yea. Pretty much” I said
“well lets eat shall we?”
“ok.” I agreed and we sat down at the table and ordered our food. He was such a gentlemen. We sat there for the whole night just talking about life. Then suddenly I heard a great blast come from the kitchen and the fire alarms all went off. We all ran outside when I heard a cry come from the building. I ran into the blaze and tried to rescue the person. He was trapped underneath a wooden support and it was about to catch fire. When I raised my hand and focused on the support it levitated in mid air and I flung it across the room. I picked the man up and ran outside with him. The firemen took him away and brought him in the ambulance. When the firemen got the blaze under control we left. I gave Jake my number and then we said our good byes and I went in my house. I looked at my hand once again like I did 13 years ago. In amazement I dug out my old leather outfit that I bought a while ago for a party I went to. And that’s when I had 3 different lives. Brie the famous singer, Brianna the normal person, and now Jessie the hero.

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on Apr. 1 2010 at 10:57 am
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
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its a GREAT story but a little confusing in the middle.