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My Stolen Melody

October 7, 2010
By Romanticish SILVER, Irving, Texas
Romanticish SILVER, Irving, Texas
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Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?
-Alfred lord tennyson

Great, I'm an angel and I still cant get anyone to fall in love with me! You see I was sent to Earth to fall in love, but so far I've proven nothing except the fact that men are scumbags, and women are w****... well at least some are, maybe not all. God wants to ens the world and start over before every person of mankind falls into Staten's clutches. And so far every man I've liked has either cheated on me, or thought I was not as gorgeous as that blonde that was ten years younger then me. Thus proving our lords worst fears.

But enough about that. I'm at Haven Park! It almost actually does look like Heaven. The trail goes on forever, and for as far as the eye can see, there is only knee high grass swaying gently back and forth. Back and forth. You cant see any trees or smoke, or cars or even bikes. Because there are none. Well... because nobody has the time of day to come here anymore. Its all about the money, or the publicity these days, and frankly its just sad. That's why I come here, I can stretch my wings without worrying. Today was different... somehow. I felt like I HAD to be here. I looked around me, why was I here? Of course, I was here to blow off steam from a bad breakup. Still, somehow... I had to BE somewhere. I stood up and dusted myself off, I started walking in any random direction. That's when I heard it. A type of melody... my melody! The one made for me when I was born in Heaven! NO one knows it except for God and myself! I've never been on Earth, its MY melody ! Its supposed to be God showing is love towards me!its special, one and only!

I started running towards the source of the sound, and slowly... slowly my beautiful one of a kind melody grew louder. Then all of a sudden it got softer, I figured I just ran passed, so I back tracked my steps and that's when I saw IT. A few feet off the trail was a full grown weeping willow. “I cant believe I never once, not once saw this tree.” I whispered to myself. It was just sitting there, swaying in tune with the grass, its branches swinging to my melody. It was like it was calling out to me... whispering sweet words of love in my ears, with its sweet little voice. I stepped foreword, one little baby step at a time. Afraid of who, or what I would find playing my melody. There have been rumors, that Satin is stealing angel melody s and using Gods love to turn his own children against him. As I came upon the tree I looked up into the branches, in awe of its magnificence, and grace. The tree was huge. Just like being in the rain forest... almost. The weather was nicer, warmer. Just then somebody yelled at me. But I didn't get to see who it was, because right at that moment I was falling. And the next thing I knew I was eating dirt! Something was kicking me near my feet...? “Hmm sorry luv, but I don't think their is room fer the three of us here.” he said, and smiled. Smiled! Did he just call me fat? I was curious as to how this a** thought he was. Not to mention he was probably the only other breathing 'human' in this damn park! I rubbed my belly thinking of a witty remark, but he noticed. Like... somehow he could look into my eyes my thoughts, which he couldn't! No human could. Right? Was he even human? His eyes softened, “I'm sorry, I was referren to my girl.” he smiled pointing out the guitar on his lap. I smiled too, I couldn't help it! He was like a younger version of Patrick Dempsey! Wise green eyes, curly black hair, and a beautiful smile, full of pearly whites! I stood up and began to turn away, what I did at just that moment makes me want to die. I was thrown up against him. Before I got up I looked up into eyes, and damn he was handsome! His eyes where wide open, probably with shock. His lips where kissable, definitely kissable. :'re you flirting with me?” he asked, after he caught his breath. “Excuse me?” I asked a bit flustered, and a little embarrassed, okay, maybe not a little. My cheeks must look like peppers(and not the green kind either)! He smiles, and my heart skips a couple of beats. “Well... first you flash me your butt by tripping over me.” he pauses, then adds, “And not a bad one either, then you fall on me, had me a bit breathless there too,” he closes his eyes and leans back all while flexing his muscles, before continuing. “And now instead of moving you stay, and not only that you stare open mouthed.” he then has to embarrass me more by chuckling. I hastily got up and looked away. Hoping to god he wasn't looking at me. But he was, when I looked back at him, he took his finger and wiped away the tear that had escaped my eye. “Aw don't worry angel, I didn't say I don't like it, your an amazing person, I mean from what I've seen.” he liked the tear then leans back against the tree and swiftly pulls his guitar back onto his lap. In an almost in humanly way. And looks straight into my eyes

Daring me to get up and run, I almost did. But it was too late, he was too nice and way too handsome, I couldn't leave now! And just like that he smiled triumphantly, and just as fast was back to his easy going self. something about him was wrong, but I didn't know, I just didn't know. And all the more reason to stay if not to know more about him, to figure out what was different about him. As I was about to speak he placed his finger on my lips, to keep me quiet. “Let me play you a song, it just.... It just came to me.” I nodded, and away his fingers went. At first I was happy, I felt that somehow this was a mach made directly in Heaven. Then soon enough I found out that I was horribly, terribly wrong. His eyes where not green anymore, they where black. His hair was on fire. I felt like I was falling. That's how I knew. He was the Devil's Minion, the loveless screech, come to take me to Hell. That's when I fell into the black hole of nothingness known to the human world as the Devil's throat.

The author's comments:
i was on the phone with my best friend and i wanted to write a story with her, i ended up taking over and explaining this little storyto her. she said it was amazing, so i dont know.

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