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The Day I Became An Angel

December 21, 2010
By Shrien PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
Shrien PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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I think it was a Sunday when I found out I was an angel. No, it was a Tuesday, it was my mom and dad's anniversary. Yeah, a Tuesday. I was staying over my grandparents house in order to give them "alone time." I had just woken up from a good sleep. The day before I had done 30 laps of swimming at the pool, and I was happy to have a good night sleep. But that's when my Grandma woke me up, her face beaming with happiness and eager. "What is it Granny?" I groan, checking the digital clock on the side table. 6:30? What the h***! "It's too early" I mumbled, and dug myself back in the bed. "Lea! WAKE UP!" my granny exclaimed. I never saw her so happy or excited before. I rubbed my eyes and pushed my hair back, clambering out from underneath the covers. I stretched, and that's when I saw it. The big, white wings stretching from my back. At first, I thought, I'm hallucinating, I have to be! But than my Granny smiled and patted me on the back, "Congratulations Lea!" she said, her eyes shiny with unshed tears. "What are you talking about?" I say wildly, touching them. They were soft, and...Feathery. I shuddered, I was like a d*** bird! "You're an angel!" she exclaimed, squeezing me excitedyly. "Ha-ha. So now what? I died in my sleep, and this is some cruel joke God's playing on me" I look up at the ceiling, "You can stop now, God, stick to making miracles not stand-up comedy!" I screamed. My granny shook her head, laughing happily. "No, Lea, every 3rd women in the UnderWood family eventaully sprouts wings and becomes an angel." I blinked at her, commencing her to go on. " being an angel doesn't nesscarily mean your dead. Thats just a cliche.'" I gulped, not believing the words absorbing the air around me. "You were chosen to make the world better, Lea" she said, pride in her voice. You might want to know what happened next. I plan to tell you. I passed out.

The author's comments:
Wanted to try a different point of view. Hope you like it! !

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