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Cat and Mouse.

December 26, 2010
By DannyKid33 PLATINUM, Pleasant Hill, California
DannyKid33 PLATINUM, Pleasant Hill, California
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“You told me that you would die for me. But I really don’t think you understand; you must live for me.”
They stood there on the precipice of the earth, their two worlds either about to collide or fall to pieces right before there eyes. The winds whipped around them, the sounds of life pulsing through the ground underfoot. The world was alive, but the decision to be made would decide whether or not they would be alive.
One was not to live without the other.
“The world wouldn’t go on without you, Beau. There just isn’t any possible way of life without you.”
Sighs passed between them; one breathed out, and the other breathed in the same breath.
“When I told you that I would posses your heart, Storm, I knew I would. I never wanted it to come to this level. Life will move on, the world will float by, but this place is a prison. Let me go free from it.”
Quakes from underfoot, and the ground began to crack. Worlds were toppling, seasons were shifting, and some things were ending while others were just beginning.
The world seemed to halt. Everything stopped, except for the breaths racking her chest. Her heartbeat sputtered on.
“I’m not going to let you go.”
His eyes saddened.
“But, Storm, you don’t seem to understand. I’m already gone.”
Things were put into perspective. She could see the dark fog on the other side of the world, the world which he was still in. The world toppled and spun.
His ghost flew away as she fell to the ground weeping.

The author's comments:
I'm not quite sure if it makes sense, but I started writing it while I was listening to the song "Cat and Mouse" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Good song :) Hope you like this :3

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