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Surprises in Small Packages

July 16, 2011
By ToraToriTora PLATINUM, Gilbert, Arizona
ToraToriTora PLATINUM, Gilbert, Arizona
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The bell rang. Five minutes later, Jenny skipped along the road back home. She had just gotten a smiley sticker from her teacher and was very proud. It was her first one and she presented it proudly on her lovely blouse. Suddenly, she bumped into something solid and fell over on her rear. She rubbed it as tears came from her eyes. It was very painful. Jenny looked up.

Ben was standing before her. Jenny froze. Ben was the scariest bully in all of her school. Everyone stayed clear of him.

“What a pretty shirt. Is that lace?” His voice dripped like sticky, poisonous honey. Jenny nodded. “May I see it?” She stared at him as his fist reached down towards her shirt. Before she could react, Ben had ripped off her sleeve. She gasped. Her favorite shirt! Mother always complemented her on how lovely she looked in it!

Ben laughed a nasty laugh. Jenny felt sickened. As she stopped and thought a bit, she realized she felt calm, with a bit of annoyance. She stared him. He stopped laughing.

“Aren’t you scared?”


“You should be.” His face split into a wicked grin and grabbed her hair. Jenny pushed all of that emotion into her hair. Ben cried out and dropped her. Jenny stood up.

Ben was furious. He reached for her again, intent on squeezing every last bit of life out of her. She was insignificant and had hurt him. She had to go.

As his hand closed around her upper arm, she felt a small shock like ones she got from playing on the playground slides. He screamed.

Jenny stared at Ben. Ben stared back. Jenny smirked. Ben’s eyes widened, and he turned and ran away. Jenny smiled happily. She felt powerful. She stared at her blouse. She instantly felt devastated. She pressed the sleeve to her arm and felt another shock. The shirt was mended.

Jenny stood up and skipped along the road back home. When she opened the door, her mother exclaimed, “Jennifer Lindsey! What did you do to your hair?” Jenny reached up and patted her head. Bursts of sparks sizzled through her static hair, now two feet in the air.
“I played with Ben.”
“Ben? Who’s that?”
“It doesn’t matter; he won’t talk to me anymore.” She smiled creepily. Her mother couldn’t help but notice light flash through her teeth, as though her daughter had been struck with lightning.
“Um, sweetie, what game were you playing?”
“Did you touch anything dangerous?” Her mother gently prodded, trying to get more information on why her daughter was so static.
Jenny shrugged. “He just tagged me, that’s all. Then he ran off.” Her mother stared at her, and then called up the stairs, “Macy? Who’s Ben?” Feet pounded on the stairs as a slightly older girl walked into the kitchen.
“Ben the Bully?” Her eyes widened. “What happened to Jen?” Jenny was sitting at her chair peeling a banana. As she stuck it in her mouth, a huge popping noise burst throughout the kitchen as the banana burnt to a crispy black.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a while ago, when I was just bursting with story ideas. To realease it all, I wrote three or four short stories, and this is one of them. I particularly enjoy it because it "shocks" the reader and the story has a complete turn-around ending. Sometimes, you wish for a superpower to chase away all of life's "bullies" away. I guess that was what inspired this piece.

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