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no title yet chapters 1-4

April 18, 2012
By BT1718 PLATINUM, Worthington, Ohio
BT1718 PLATINUM, Worthington, Ohio
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Chapter 1

On a cold winter day in Worthington, a group of three friends were inside waiting for the blizzard to settle or at least calm down a little. One of the friends, Ramey Steelrose, was a great magician whose power was unmatched in all the world. She was tall with long red hair and green eyes. After staring at this unusually powerful storm for a while, she started to notice some snowflakes were unnaturally bright and changed color slightly before going white again. She knew they were signs and traces of ancient magic.
Another friend, Alan Starbird, was the youngest knight in all of Worthington. He was short and muscular, with black hair and brown eyes. “We all should investigate this storm, but how would we do that without freezing to death?” He said.
In the back room was the third friend, Sam Snowset, who was of average height, had dark skin with white hair, and was blind, which gave him enhanced senses that enabled him to see through the vibrations of things around him. He stood off to the side of a window and focused intently on it. Unknown to most people, a person was walking up to the window with knives drawn; once he was ten feet away from the window, he started to run. When he got around two feet away, with a giant leap, he dove through the window where Sam was standing. The intruder didn’t even have enough time to look surprised. Sam took out his belt knife, turned it around, and stabbed at the base of the person’s neck, killing him easily. When the window broke it made a loud shattering sound. Sam could sense Ramey and Alan running towards him.
The two were in the living room still staring out the window in utter silence when they heard something shatter. At the same time, they grabbed their swords, ran to the back of the house, and saw Sam. He was standing over a figure in a bodysuit that was completely white except for the blood that was trickling from a knife wound at the base of his neck. Sam was cleaning the blood off his knife. When they patted the body for any clues about who he was and why he was there, they found pictures and descriptions of the three of them, an array of flat knives on his arms and legs, two long swords on his hips, and a bow with arrows strapped to his back.
“I sensed him sneaking around the house, so I came back here. I think he is from the Snow Lands of the West. I think the snow was a diversion so that this guy could sneak in the house, because the snow stopped after I killed him,” said Sam.
When Ramey and Alan looked through the broken window, they saw that it was not snowing anymore. Almost five inches of snow were on the ground, but it was only around the perimeter of the house.
Carrying the body, the three traveled to Cammie’s house, where they hoped to get information from the assassin, Cammie was a body reader. When they got there, they explained to Cammie the circumstances. They went to the basement where they put the assassin on a table covered with runes and symbols. After Cammie cast the spell, they saw a figure appear with the face of the assassin in the air above the body. Ramey asked the ghost quickly because they only had a little bit of time, “Who hired you, and why did they want us to be killed?”
The ghost replied in a low, screechy voice, “I was sent by Lord Blade of the Snow Lands in the West, but I do not know why he wanted you killed. He did not trust me with the information. He just gave names with pictures and addresses, so I came to kill you. Instead, I was killed.”
“Okay thank you for cooperating. We will give you a proper burial, Rest in peace.” Ramey replied. After they buried the assassin, they headed off for the Snow Lands of the West, but they had no clue what lay ahead for their group of three.
Chapter 2

Lord blade, dictator of the snow lands of the west was sitting in his secret room with special made doors so that he didn’t have to duck to compensate for his height of nine feet tall. This room nobody knew of except for a few very trustworthy spies of his he was reading his news from all his spies across his kingdom in the room it was completely dark but he was still able to see as if it the it was noon. While reading bored he scratched his head where there were two slight bumps that almost looked pointy. As he flipped another letter he came across one with the seal that meant urgent and dangerous. It was from his spy in Worthington. He had sent his assassin to stop the prophecy that one day a group of three would rise up and slay the dictator of the Snow lands who had ruled for centuries, conquering and killing any who stood up against him. As he read, he got angrier and angrier as he found out that the three had killed the assassin, and learned who sent him, and that they were headed his way. The Lord, after reading this, was so furious that he ordered the spy who gave him this news to be killed and another spy to take his place. He also commanded his armies to prepare to fight and sent a 20-man platoon to intercept and kill the group of three.

Chapter 3

As Alan, Ramey and Sam entered the borderlands of the Snow Lands of the West, they noticed, the refugee camps everywhere they looked. The haggard look of the people was the first thing they noticed. Most were so dirty that the snow that had accumulated on them was almost black. As they walked along the aisles of tents, they saw everybody following and staring at them with what appeared to be awe. The three stopped abruptly when a very old-looking man was carried in front of them by two young men. The old man had a staff that Ramey recognizes as the staff of a great shaman.
No birds, no people, no sounds were uttered as the shaman began to speak, “I have seen you coming; you are the warriors three of legend.” After he said this, the crowd screamed in a joyous tone that scared the three.
Alan was the first to recover. “Old man, what is this you speak of? Warriors three, we have never heard what you speak of.”
“There is a legend in our land of a group of three warriors; a woman mage, a knight of the youngest age, and a blind thief turned good. You are this three, so I have seen. Our emperor, Lord Blade, is a cruel ruler to say the least. He has killed all who speak of the legend and all who speak against him.”
In complete confidence, Sam stated “He speaks what he believes is true. If this legend is true, then we must dethrone Lord Blade as soon as we can”
Ramey stood in disbelief as Sam was talking. “I do not believe this legend, but according to the assassin this Lord Blade tried to kill us. So let us help these people and let them believe what they want. We need to go say “hi” to this Lord Blade anyway.” She replied
“I agree with you, Ramey. I don’t necessarily believe this legend, but we do have some business with this lord Blade fellow.”
“Then you will go to the palace and dethrone Lord Blade at whatever cost,” the old man urged with the biggest smile the three had ever seen.
“Yes,” the three say at the same time after looking at each other.
“Great! Then tonight you stay with us. We will have a giant feast and in the morning we will point you in the right direction,” the old man declared.
He signaled for the two young men to pick him up and carry him through a narrow pass uphill to what looks like a mountain of snow. As the old man got closer, he became younger and was able to stand on his own. Once he was fully standing on his own again, the man turned and beckoned the warrior three to come to his home. With a wave of his staff the snow dissipated from the hill and a cave was revealed. The three started walking toward the cave and toward the not-so old-man with questions swirling through all three of their heads.

Chapter 4

After the feast took place the old mad offered to let them stay in his cave for the night; it was warmer in the cave than in the tents. All three agreed with enthusiasm.
“What is your name, old man? I notice the staff and it looks familiar, but I can’t remember” Ramey asked
“Haha, you have to work on that memory. We have only met once and that was way before you were a great mage. I gave you your first staff that helped you learn how powerful you really are, I believe you broke it in your fight against joey from the final stage of your great mage tournament. It’s a shame that staff was a work of art and magic that took me two years to complete.”
“You’re the shaman of old Worthington! I was always told to fear you. You saved that town from multiple raids by bandits. You also single handedly fought 80 bandits and you won. You changed yourself into a griffin and scared most away, and the rest you ate one by one.”
“I am not as powerful as then, but yes, that is me. I don’t suggest doing that; bandits leave a nasty taste in your mouth, even if it is in another form. My real name is izah, although I haven’t gone by that in a long time. Old Man will suffice.”
“Wait, so you are a powerful wizard? Why haven’t you killed or taken over this land? From what I’ve heard, you seem like you could do it easily?” Alan stated
“It is not my place, and I am not as powerful as I used to be. Only in this cave can I have even close to the power I used to have. I will give you supplies in the morning. You may sleep, and we will convene in the morning before I point you in the right direction.”
As the three lay down to go to bed, Old Man walked to the entrance spoke a spell to shield the entrance then spoke another spell so that snow would cover the entrance from sight. After speaking the spells he went to his room and went to bed. Unknown to Old Man, Sam was awake and paying attention to what he was doing. Sam was thinking about his life before this and how he didn’t trust many magicians in fact Ramey was the only mage that he truly trusted. He had heard the rumors and legends of the great wizard of Old Worthington; he wasn’t going to sleep good this night he was to worried about this wizard. He won’t speak against him but at the first hint of betrayal he will not hesitate to get rid of the threat.

The author's comments:
work in progress im gonna be adding more chapters dont know how long its gonna be but book length atleast

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