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Just a dream

June 5, 2012
By lexie526 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
lexie526 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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The frosty wind smacked her face as she ran from the house and away from the sorry excuse of a town. Thoughts scrambled through her head like angry bees from their hive. She can’t take much more from the family she has to deal with. Life was no joy ride for the girl with sandy blonde hair and golden brown eyes named Chloe. She just wanted to get away after the recent fight with her mother. She kept running below the night sky until she got herself calmed down. She began to slow to a steady walk while trying to gather her thoughts on the previous event. Suddenly she felt the world spinning around her as everything turned green and then black. She blacked out. She fell to her knees and then to her face.
She was falling and falling and falling as the darkness of the dream surrounded her. The air stung her back as she gained momentum. There’s something below. The distance between her and the object decreased rapidly. Then SMASH, she smacked her body against the glass and broke through. Shards of glass were shot into her arms and back.
At least the glass stopped her momentum and her dream. She started to gain consciousness once again. A sharp pain shot up her body as the glass in her arms hit the side of her torso. She lifted her body off the cold black pavement. She looked down at her arms and realized that dark red ooze poured out of the cuts. She began to walk back home. Once Chloe got back home she rushed to the bathroom. She drenched her arms and back with water as she pulled out the shards of glass. After she managed to remove all the glass she climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.
The alarm clock rang in her ear. She jolted awake: 6:00am. “Eww” she groaned as she unwillingly rolled out of bed and began to get dressed for school. She hated school because every time she blacked out people freaked out. Ever since Chloe was little she had a disease that caused her to black out. But that isn’t what freaked out Chloe; it is the dreams that she has when she blacks out. Every dream turns into reality. This makes her life challenging, especially when she blacks out in public. That’s why she avoids going out during the day. Chloe grabbed her keys off the cabinet in the small rounded kitchen and walked out the front door. Her car rumbled as she ignited the engine. She backed out and off to school she went. The school day went by quickly as she sat in class barley listening to the lectures. Finally, the last bell rang. She hopped out of her seat and found her car. She couldn’t wait to get home. She finally made it to her drive way, put the car in park, and then she blacked out.
This time she was in a hallway running from the dark person chasing her, unsure what he was and why he was chasing her. “What do you want!” she screamed in a frightened tone. He never answered but instead rushed after her. Then out of the darkness came a creature with razors on its back and eyes that shined with a deep purple. If she hadn’t been afraid of it she would have stopped to take a better look. But this was not the case. She ran as fast as she could and then finally hit the dead end. Her face smacked the wall as she was looking back.
She came back to life to find herself relieved that there was no blood. Chloe looked out her mirror and saw her best friend rushing toward her in a jog.
“Hey look, no blood” Brandi called out with a grin.
“Yeah, easy for you to say, my face still hurts” Chloe replied with a sarcastic tone.
Brandi knew about her blackouts, but not about her dreams. Chloe wasn’t about to give away that secret of hers.
“Can I hang over here for a while? My family is annoying the crap out of me” Brandi pleaded.
“Sure, why not, I’m tired of being alone after school.”
“Sweet action” cheered Brandi.

Brandi and Chloe sat on Chloe’s bedroom floor talking for hours. Chloe enjoyed talking to her because Brandi is the exact opposite of Chloe, so they balance each other out. Also, Brandi could make Chloe laugh. Brandi was very sarcastic and out spoken. Everything Chloe wished she was. Chloe was always taken advantage of because she didn’t speak up. She also didn’t like to let people in, but Brandi broke through her outer shell. Later that evening Brandi left. Chloe got up to head to the kitchen; she started down the hallway and blacked out once again. “Why are the blackouts happening more often?” thought Chloe.
She’s standing there, down the hallway that she was once running down earlier that day. She spotted something from the corner of her eye; it was the dark creepy man. She wanted to hide, but there was nowhere to hide. Soon the creepy man was right beside her. She just stood there frozen. The man reached up and touched her shoulder. She began to feel this burning sensation on her skin.
“Ahh!” she screeched. He looked at her in the eyes and said softly
“This has to happen”. She kept screaming in pain.
“Why!” she managed to screech.
“You have the gift, you must stay here”. He said as he clutched his hand even tighter around her shoulder.
The burning intensified. She didn’t know what to do but all she knew was that she needed to wake up. She lifted up her hand and dug her nails into the skin on her arm. The blood raced down her arm in bright red streams.
Chloe drifted in and out of consciousness. All she wanted was to be rid of this secret, this curse. She didn’t know why this strange man kept showing up in her dreams. She finally gained full consciousness. She needed to gain the strength to pick herself off the floor, but at this point it felt like that possibility was a million miles away. She laid there for what felt like an hour. She finally gathered enough strength to get up. She headed back to her room. The blackout dream made her lose her appetite. She just laid there, no clue on what to think and terrified of what the next dream may lead to.
The sun beamed down at her through the dusty blinds in her bedroom. She still was trying to make sense of the previous dream or as she would call it, nightmare. Her brain swirled with illogical thoughts. She finally got up from her bed and made it to the kitchen. Her stomach by this point was pleading for some type of food. After she ate, she was happy to relax and have a decent weekend. She went outside in the cool spring day. She wanted to go somewhere and get out of her house so, she called her best friend.
“Hey Brandi, are you busy today cause I need out of the house?” asked Chloe eagerly.
“Ummm, heck yes, I have nothing better to do, so just come on over” said Brandi.
Chloe began to walk down the sidewalk. Brandi only lived two blocks away, so Chloe can walk. She wished she could get the dream off her mind. She turned up Brandi’s driveway. Ding Dong the doorbell sang as she pushed its small circular button.
“Hey!” Brandi shouted “I’m glad to see you, I’m freaking bored.”
“Good, cause now we can be bored together,” Chloe said with a slight laugh
“So anything new?” of course Brandi had to ask.
“Nope, what about you?” asked Chloe
“Yeah, dude I got a new Laptop!” exclaimed Brandi
“Sweet action,” Chloe said trying to be excited. She was excited, but at the same time she was still thinking of the dream.
“Let’s go to the living room, I’ll show it to you” Brandi said.
They headed to the living room. Brandi sat down on the couch. As Chloe went to sit on the couch her vision turned and she went down.
She was in a room this time. The room was dark and cold with grey walls and an old creaky wood floor. A rush of air brushed past her. She looked around but saw no one. She felt a hand with cold boney fingers grip the back of her neck. She knew without looking that the dark, creepy stranger was behind her once again. She felt a burning sensation. She shrieked in pain. Then she felt the burning intensify; she looked down and saw the creature with the razors biting her calf. Her mind raced as she thought of what she should do. “What can I do?” she asks herself. The burning increases even more sees blisters begin to form. She screams in agony. This is it, she is going to die as she is being burned alive. “You must stay here!” shouts the man.
She’s back into reality. Brandi stands over her, not knowing what to do. Chloe looks at her leg and sees the hot whelps on her skin. She looks up at Brandi’s frightened face. Brandi is in a state of shock.
“How…What?” stuttered Brandi.
“I can explain if you..if you just..ugh just listen and promise me you won’t look at me like I’m some freak” Chloe went on “Every time I black out this happens. I dream and well as you can see it becomes real. But I’m scared, Brandi. Lately I’ve been seeing this strange man that pops up and grabs me and burns me along with this creature made of razors. He says I have to stay there in my dream, forever. I need help and I..I”
It hit like a ton of bricks. She’s in the room once again the dark stranger and the razor creature. She’s being grabbed once again. The pain starts, and then it’s over. She feels nothing. She doesn’t even hear her own thoughts. “It’s done” the strange man whispered in her ear. Her heart felt like it stopped. Chloe wanted to cry so badly, but she couldn’t.
“It’s not over, it can’t be” Chloe said.
“But it is my dear, you are stuck here” he laughed wickedly
A shudder went through her body. She raised her hand to her arm and dug her nails into her skin. It worked once so it should work again. But it didn’t. She pressed even harder and the cuts begin to bleed. “Why isn’t this working?” she tries to scream. But nothing, not even a single word is formed into noise. She’s gone from the real world and there is no possible way to get back.
Brandi sees the burns and the blood. She doesn’t know what to do. But Brandi watches her. She cleans up the blood, but it just keeps pouring until finally, Chloe stops breathing. She has no pulse. Brandi sobs in desperation of trying to save her friend but, it’s too late.

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