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Super Super Glue: The Fix For Every Problem

November 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Two billion years into the future, when the sun has died and humans had to evacuate earth, a galactic hero was born. When the sun died, it exploded, sending chunks of rock hurling toward earth. Many humans evacuated but for some unlucky beings, there was not enough time and they perished, as did the planet earth. Before earth was destroyed, one couple sacrificed their lives for the life of their child. They had one escape pod, big enough for only one person and they decided to send their son to safety.
The boy, Archemidius, landed on the far away planet of Neptune. He was welcomed and cherished by a small alien family. They looked exactly like humans except they had wings and their eyes were huge and black, no visible pupil. Archemidius had a great childhood; he did not remember that he was from a foreign planet or that he was not of their kind. When he inquired about why he had different eyes and no wings, they said it was a slight deformity that he has had since birth.
When Archemidius was 15, he fell in love with his neighbor’s daughter. He had always had feelings for her, but he never let them show. Her father was rich and his family was poor, she was out of his league. Archemidius went to the library looking for a book. He was looking for something that would help him get a better job so that he wouldn’t be poor and he could impress his love, Pomella. Coincidentally, Pomella was at the library. Archemidius sat down beside her and started a conversation. Pomella really like Archemidius, she liked him so much that she invited him over to her house for diner. They walked to Pomella’s house laughing. When Pomella brought Archemidius into her house, her father became furious. Pomella’s father knew that Archemidius’s family was poor and he found that anyone that was of lower class was unworthy of his family’s attention. Archemidius was thrown out.
After sulking for hours, Archemidius set out to see what all the chaos was about. He heard screams and felt an earth
% 0so he set out to see what had happened. He walked for two miles until he saw a crowd of people. Everyone was horrified to see that a stray piece of the sun had found its way to Neptune and almost severed the planet in half. No one knew what to do. Archemidius reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube that said, “Super Super Glue.” He never knew what this was or where it came from but for some reason, He had the feeling that this would fix the crisis. He opened the tube and poured its contents into the crack. Within 5 minutes, the crack no longer existed and he became the town hero. The mayor gave his family money and Pomella’s father realized that he had misjudged Archemidius and allowed him to be with his daughter. After many years passed, Pomella and Archemidius married and had many children.

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Red546 GOLD said...
on Dec. 4 2013 at 12:01 pm
Red546 GOLD, Warrenton, Georgia
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I am willing to bet most americans would agree with this statement. I'd like a little more elaboration to the story, but otherwise, charming. :)