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The Princess Who Wanted To Be Someone Else

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ding, ding, ding,” rang the wedding bells as Prince Eric and his new princess just got married. This is the story of their happily ever after.

One evening Princess Mia was getting ready to meet Prince Eric for the first time. She wanted everything to be perfect. They were to meet out by the garden for a special dinner. The whole time they were together everything went wrong. First Prince Eric didn’t show up until half an hour later after he was supposed to. Then while they were eating a very large bird crashed into the table and food flew everywhere. Princess Mia was covered with fish, vegetables, fruits, just about every food you could think of. She was so embarrassed, her cheeks turned rosy red as she ran into the castle sobbing.

Rachel, a maid who worked in the castle, was on the balcony taking a break when all of the sudden Princess Mia went running in crying. “What’s wrong princess?” she asked.”
“I was having dinner with the prince and it had to be perfect.” whined Princess Mia.
“Then everything went wrong and now he probably won’t ever want to see me again!”
“Well I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.” said Rachel. “At least you looked pretty when you met him; I was covered with dust when he first seen me.”
‘“I guess you’re right” said Princess Mia. “What is your name by the way?” she asked. “My name is Rachel. So what is it like being a princess?”
“At first its fun but then you get tired of people always calling and talking about you.” replied Princess Mia.
“I always wanted to be a princess; being normal is really boring.” said Rachel.
“And I have always wondered what it would be like to be normal.” said Princess Mia. Just then a shooting star flashed right before their eyes. Both girls made a wish; they wished they could be one another.

The next morning, Rachel woke up to be Princess Mia and Princess Mia woke up to be Rachel. They were so surprised, they didn’t believe it would happen but it did. As the morning passed Rachel needed to wash the floors and clean the dishes. Princess Mia found out she had another date set with Prince Eric. Rachel being Princess Mia didn’t want to tell the real princess that she was going to meet him, so she kept it to herself. While Rachel was having trouble cleaning, Princess Mia was having the time of her life. Later on they met on the balcony and talked about being each other.

“Being a princess is so much fun. I don’t have any idea why you would want to be me.” said Rachel.
“Now I know how hard it is to be normal, cleaning is the worst thing ever.” replied Princess Mia.
“Well the princess has duties so I will see you later.” said Rachel
. “Yeah I know I was a princess before, but meet me later ok?” asked princess mia.
“Yes I will meet you here later!” shouted Rachel as she went to meet Prince Eric.
She and Prince Eric met out by the garden as they did before. When Rachel first laid eyes on Prince Eric, she knew it was love at first sight.

They walked and talked and by the end of the day, Rachel was sure she had fallen in love with the prince. She was so busy with Prince Eric that she forgot she needed to meet up with princess mia on the balcony. After a few days Rachel and Princess Mia started to get sick of being each other and wanted to be themselves. Princess Mia missed sleeping late and people doing things for her. She especially missed wearing fancy dresses and not dirty uniforms. Rachel missed having her alone time and doing things by and for herself. One night princess Mia and Rachel decided they wanted be themselves again.

The following day they traveled to go and see Lucinda the good witch. They explained to her that they traded places by wishing upon a shooting star. While Lucinda was looking for a spell, Prince Eric followed Princess Mia and Rachel to her house. He wanted to ask Princess Mia to marry him and noticed she went with a maid somewhere. That’s when he decided to follow them. Lucinda found a spell to help the girls get back to being themselves. “This should do it,” she said assuring the two. “One, two, three go back to thee body that you were originally supposed to be” chanted Lucinda. Just as she finished the spell, there was fog everywhere and everything was turning blue. Princess Mia and Rachel were floating and their souls went back to their bodies. Prince Eric couldn’t believe his eyes.
Through the window Rachel seen Prince Eric and ran out to see him. She explained to him that it was her who was Princess Mia. Prince Eric wouldn’t of believed her but since he seen it with his own eyes, he did. They were engaged and now live happily ever after.

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Great job!

on Jan. 20 2011 at 1:03 pm
CameronOliver BRONZE, Blythewood, South Carolina
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Hm...I think it was a tad blatant where you got you're inspiration, however, it was a cute story. Next time, try and think outside the box.