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December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

The ember red sun darkened from the smoke of a thousand wild fires. Everything around died and decayed. Birds fell off the power lines dead. The leaves turned from green to brown dried up fallen to the ground. Houses sunk in towards the earth dead and decayed. The grass turned from a lush green into a dry tan that you only find in deserts. Cars rusted instantly where they sit. Cracks grew in the street. Everything went quiet. The only sound heard was the deep howling of the wind. Dead leaves flew in the noise scraping against the cracked and worn pavement of the street. The smell of a thousand rotting corpses slammed into my nose like a fire truck, as the temperature rose to an unbearable heat. All the houses around me caught on fire, like someone drenched them, in gasoline and lit them with a blow torch. I was in disbelief, I thought I was dreaming. But then everything was on fire. I quickly jumped off the burning grass where I was standing and on to the cracked pavement. A car across the street exploded. The force from the explosion knocked me to the ground. A cloud of fire rose up into the smoke filled sky. The sun was blackened by the smoke. Light only came from the burning outer shell of the world. A tormenting red glow that teased me so. The temperature was still increasing. The pavement got so hot that it started to melt my shoes. I had to move, but where? Everything was either on fire or boiling hot. My entire body was covered in sweat it was like I just got out of the shower. I started to run, but I couldn’t move. My shoes were melted to the ground, they began to boil. The air was so hot that my skin started to burn. It started at my feet and rose to my head. I yelled for help but no one could here me no one came running to save me. Everything was so hot, I couldn’t bare it. I longed for a bath tub filled with ice. The earth was on fire. I took refuge on the last part of the world where there was no flames. The inferno slowly closed in me I could feel it start to burn my skin. I looked up to see the smoke clear, a dark blue atmosphere with a radiant sun that covered the sky like a safety blanket hung over head. I smiled in hope of a better place as the fire engulfed my body. I burned to death.

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a107 said...
on Jan. 18 2009 at 6:04 am
Whoa! That was intense!