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The Day My World Shattered

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

For as long as I can remember, I lived in this dome. The crystal, cool, hazy, clouded and mysterious dome shape made up my small home, and seemed to close in and get smaller every day. I lived on a floor of sparkling dust, and what scared me the most was when the whole dome shook. The dust flew around, gracefully, and to any one watching it must have looked extremely peaceful, but it was scary, I could not see a thing, and my head spun, that is if there was anyone else to watch. I mean, I could not leave I could the dome, or see through the dome due to its unclear, smoggy appearance, and I didn’t know if I was the only life form or not.

It was that one day, when I was lounging and day dreaming as I always do when I heard noises, noises weren’t uncommon, but today these were voices, the only thing suggesting that there is life beyond the dome. The voices were high pitched voices filled with a rumbling, growing excitement and spark. I saw strange disfigured shapes gliding around my dome, they were bright, beautiful colours. Their voices were like music, friendly and warm, yet very un-natural and arcane. Then fear shot through my body. What if the shapes got hold of my globe, was it even possible? Could they even see me? If I stayed still, and silent for a long time, would they harm me?

Then I fell to the ground. The floor was unsteady and slowly moving and quaking beneath my feet. I hit the glimmering dust lightly. It wasn’t as hard and painful as the many times before the dome had been shaken. Many swore muscles had been from falling against the solid walls. I had always got through it though. I couldn’t afford to be miserable. Then the globe was shaken. As always I rolled into a tight ball. It was the only way I felt “safe” because I protected my head, which has taken a few hard blows. That’s when I felt a strange sensation. I was falling, my body lifted off the ground, hitting the dome roof and then my dome shattered. I had broken free from the only world I knew, and when I came to my senses I discovered that I was lying on hard floor that stretched more than a hundred times the size of my dome, which I knew was broken, and I saw, other beings, giants, with looks of terror on their faces. Suddenly this big airy space was no longer a mystery to me. Everything was clear now. I was small and this world beyond my globe was huge. I didn’t move. I was taking it all in, the colours were finally crisp.

“Mom! I broke your snow globe!!!” A voice boomed and echoed throughout the amazing room.

“The doll is lying on the ground!!!” Another voice with a much higher pitch called out.

I didn’t know what would happen next because all that mattered was I was out. I was free.

The author's comments:
My piece is about a girl who is trapped inside her globe. It has a much deeper message if you understand. It can have many different meanings, but is mainly about breaking through the ordinary into a whole new world of possibilities and chances.

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