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A Trip with Santa Claus

January 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a Christmas Eve the Madsen family finished putting up the tree.
“Are you sure it doesn’t need any more ornaments?”Trey asked his mother with delight.
“No dear we don’t have anymore ornaments to rut on the tree. Now off to bed you go or Santa won’t deliver the presents tonight.”

All of the lights were off in the house. All the light could see was the dim light coming from the lights on the Christmas tree. Everyone was asleep except for Trey who was lying in his be waiting for Santa.

Just about to doze off Trey heard something… Sleigh bells? Santa was there. He was finally there! Trey couldn’t sit in bed when he could be exploring all of the presents he had gotten. He hopped out of bed and tiptoed into the living room.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa said looking into a bulb and seeing his reflection. “I look a little thin, wonder where the cookies and milk are at?
“Ah, there they are with a note. I wonder what is says.”
Scrolled in orange crayon was :

Dear, Santa

Santa all I want for Christmas this year is a bike and lots of candy.
My sister wants a lot of things makeup, ponies, and earrings.
My mom and dad haven’t said any thing they want so please get them something special.
Sincerely, Trey Madsen

“Oh, well I better go see what else that boy wants.” Santa said to himself.
“Ah there he is!” Santa said exasperatedly. “Trey, Trey. Wake up Trey.”
“Santa is that you?”
“Yes it is you need to get up and come with me Trey.”And before Trey could see what was outside of his window He was starring at the ground, from up in Santa’s sleigh.
“Santa, where are we goin’?” Trey said.
“To the North Pole.”

On the ground Trey could see elves having a snowball fight.
And Reindeer eating candy.
Trey was so caught up in all of the magic that he didn’t realize the small shop Santa had landed by.

Walking through the swirling snow, Trey could make out small little figure moving toward them.
Is this how you wanted it Santa? Asked a little elf.
Its perfect, replied Santa.
Then I will wrap it and put it in the next bag.
Thank you Adien, said Santa

Trey watched Adien walk through a tunnel then looked up just in time to see santa walking toward him with two cups in his hand.
Here is something to keep you going on our tour.

They started by going trough the toy shop. Where they saw toys of all sorts being made.

Then we moved on to the reindeer stables and watched as more elves hitched up the team on the sleigh for Santas next run.

They passed through the of the small village in about 15 minutes.
Looking at all of the brightly decorated houses, And stores.

Trey yawned, and Santa sighed.
I guess that is time to get you home.

They turned and waved to the crowd saying their fair wells.

Santa took trey to his room and said his goodbyes.
Next year we will see more. Santa promised.

In the morning when Trey woke up he ran downstairs and saw a sparkling new ornament shining on the tree. A small new gift from Santa so he could remember this Christmas forever.

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