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December 29, 2008
By Anonymous

!!?!?” Shade said, “Well you could just let me do it, I can get the blood easily enough.” Mitch responded angrily, “No I’m not letting you touch her. Not after the way you ‘handled’ Marvin and his friends.” Sherry asked, “Ughhh… Mitch? Are you ok?” Upon hearing her voice Mitch realized that he had been awkwardly standing in front of her, probably with and odd expression on his face because of the argument he was having with Shade, ever since he said the words ohh no. He stammered a bit then said, “Ughh yea I’m great.” Sherry replied, “Ugh ok Mitch. Well I guess I’ll see you around.” Sherry then turned around and walked off. Not more then a second after she had turned around Mitch heard Shade’s voice scream in his head, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!? STOP HER!!!! WE NEED HER BLOOD!!!” Mitch said, “I can’t do it!! If I told her I needed some of her blood she would think I’m a freak and never talk to me again!” Shade yelled, “You selfish little worm!! You’re willing to sacrifice the entire planet for a girl who rarely acknowledges your existence!?!? Besides all loving her will do is bring you pain!!!” Mitch was going to yell back but stopped himself; he had heard a change in Shade’s voice. He sounded hurt, sad even. Then he said, “Shade… I’m sorry that happened to you, but you said you were ok with it.” Shade sounding very upset said, “Well I didn’t tell the story quite truthfully the first time. She never tried to give me a fruit with a poisonous snake on it, and I didn’t light her tail on fire.” Mitch then asked, “Well is that all you lied about?” Shade replied, “No….she wasn’t the one to betray me….I betrayed her.” Mitch asked, “Why Shade? Why did you betray her?” Shade replied, “I could say it was all Wrath’s fault but I’m as much to blame as he is. You see it didn’t take long for Wrath to find out that Demona and I had hooked up in the training camp, and he decided that I wasn’t good enough to deserve such a wonderful gift as her. So one day he came down into the area and found me. He approached me and said, “You are a grand warrior Shade!!! You bring honor and pride to your world!!” I replied, “Thank you my lord. It is an honor to serve” Though in my head I felt that he was a tyrannical jacka** and that he was slowly destroying everything our people once believed in. He then told me, “I did not come here to compliment you though. I came here to warn you. The one named Demona seeks to betray you so that she may be one step closer to freedom.” When he first told me I looked at him oddly and said, “With all due respect your lordship, I do not believe you.” He replied to me, “Well I know I can’t force you to believe the truth, but she doesn’t love you Shade. She just wants you dead so she can escape from here.” Then he walked off. Knowing he had not convinced me he decided that it was time to pull out his big guns. He monitored Demona and I over the next week or so and he learned about the meeting we were planning in the forest clearing. So he ordered that a battalion of graduate Shaakin warriors be positioned there wait to for me, and that a few others be ordered to attack Demona in order to keep her away. I feel for his trick like an old brick wall. I was convinced that Demona had set me up and that she was out to kill me. So that night I snuck out to find her. When I did I left her a note saying if I ever saw her again I’d kill her.” Mitch then asked, “Well what happened between you two after that?” Shade said, “Nothing for a long while. Not until I got a hand delivered invitation from Wrath. The invitation was to his and Demona’s wedding. It hit me right then that she had never betrayed me, and that Wrath just wanted her for himself. That’s the main reason why I tried to kill Wrath. I wanted him to pay for everything he had done to me. I fought him but he won. When I failed Wrath chose to say that I was trying to take the throne from him, instead of revealing his low some actions.” Mitch said, “Wow…I’m sorry Shade…” Shade replied, “Yea…so am I….” Mitch then asked, “Well do you know if they got married yet?” Shade replied, “I don’t know. It was scheduled to be held a week after Demona left boot camp. When I was sent here she was still there but she didn’t have long to go before she would be let out. They might be married by now but I have no idea what has happened to her since I’ve been gone really.” Mitch said, “Man Shade you have had a bummer of a life. If we are gonna be friends then I’m going to need a prescription of anti-depressants.” Shade laughed and said, “Very funny human, but you’d die of an overdose if I kept telling you all the bad.” Mitch and shade both laughed, then Shade said, “Thank you hu…Mitch. Thank you for listening.” Slightly shocked that Shade had used both his name and the words ‘thank you’ Mitch said, “No problem Shade.” Then Shade said, “Now if you are willing to trust me I can get some blood from that girl without killing her, maiming her, or severely harming her in any way.” Mitch felt like it might be a bad idea but he also felt like he could trust Shade more now and he agreed. Shade said, “Ok well lets get to the back of the library so no one will see you transform.” Mitch walks to the back and stand behind a bookshelf. Then he begins to feel Shade’s power flow all throughout his body and he began to transform into his Shaakin form. After the transformation had finished Shade looked around and sniffed the air for Sherry. He quickly found her scent and locked onto her position. Then he jumped into the air and dove towards the ground head first. Just when he hit the ground his body went through it and left in the area where he was standing was a shadow on the ground. In his less noticeable shadow state, Shade then bolted towards the door of the library. No one really noticed the faint little blotch quickly traveling to the front of the library. He went under the door and was flying down the halls. In no time at all he had caught up with Sherry. He pulled himself out of the ground and began to walk behind her quietly. He then threw a low charge dark energy ball at the wall near Sherry. She shrieked in surprise of the loud crackling noise it made when it hit the wall. Shade then snuck up right behind her and gave her a little cut on the arm. When Sherry turned around to see what had cut her she saw nothing because Shade had teleported to Mitch’s house. He then let the one drop of blood that got onto his claws drop into a small bottle, which he then closed and hid in Mitch’s room. Then he walked to the bathroom and grabbed an bandage and teleported back to the school so that he was standing right behind Sherry. Then he took back his power and Mitch returned to normal. Sherry then turned around and said to Mitch, “Hey can I have that bandage? I got a cut on my arm somehow.” Mitch looks at the bandage in bewilderment not knowing how it came to rest in his hand then he heard Shade’s voice say, “Your welcome.”

Chapter 7
A Knight’s Return and More Blood
Mitch arrives home after school saying over and over in his head, “SHADE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” Mitch had a good conversation with Sherry and realized that the two of them had a lot in common. He felt even better when Sherry said that they should hang out and talk more often. Shade replied, “Ahhh no problem dude. You listened to my silly issues so I figured I’d help you out with the ladies, instead of just giving you lame advice like Shiny did.” The two of them laughed heartedly, then Mitch said, “Ok so we got Sherry’s blood and we didn’t hurt her, now how are we gonna get Marvin’s?” Shade replies, “Well I’m really hoping we can be a little less..uh…subtle..about how we get his blood.” Mitch laughed a bit then said, “Well I think you’ve done enough to Marvin for one lifetime. He may be a jacka**, but he has more then paid for everything he has done to me. Shade growled in a way that said he was sad but accepting of the decision. He then asked, “Well, if we aren’t going to get his blood the easy way, then how are we going to get it?” Mitch thought long and hard then said, “Well he is in the hospital he must be plugged into an IV. We could use your powers to sneak in, get a syringe, and draw some blood from him easily enough.” Shade said, “Well yea we could do that, but you have no idea weather or not they are taking blood from him at the hospital. If you use a syringe it is possible that you may draw too much from him and he would die. At least if we did it my way he would die quickly and then we’d be sure that the custodians would be earning their pay that night.” Mitch stopped to think, ignoring the disturbing image Shade put into his mind, realizing what he was warning him about. He then said, “Hmmm this will be more complicated then I thought.” Shade then said, “Well that’s only cause you won’t follow my plan!!!” Mitch growled about Shade’s persistence to see his plan followed.
Meanwhile back in the world of darkness Wrath had begun to suspect something. He was pacing his throne room muttering, “That fool Shade hasn’t reported back yet. I know that the humans aren’t strong enough to kill him, but I wonder why he hasn’t set up the anchor yet. Well its time to find out what’s been going on!” Suddenly two bat-like creatures spring from Wrath’s arms and flutter before him waiting for their orders. Wrath then said, “One of you find the failure Shade and see what he has been doing, while the other investigates the world of light. Report back to me the instant you learn of something important!” The two bats fluttered off then vanished from that world in a puff of smoke. Wrath then stared off into the distance and thought, “Shade if you are out there plotting against me you might as well forget about it. I’m your better in every way, you have nothing that can help you to bet me, NOTHING!” One of the bats soon arrives in Earth and it sniffs the air for Shade’s scent. It quickly picks it up and flutters off towards Mitch’s house. The bat arrives at the house in no time and perches outside Mitch’s bedroom window to listen in on their conversation. The creature’s incredible hearing is so strong that it can even hear thoughts and easily picks up on the conversation between Shade and Mitch. It hears Mitch say, “I know the plan and I know that Marvin is the best choice for we have, but he has suffered enough I feel it is important that he be kept alive.” The bat’s ears perk up upon hearing about Marvin. It listens in closer hears Shade say, “Ok, well where is he right now?” Mitch replies, “He is at the hospital downtown, it was the only with the proper equipment to help him.” Assuming that this person was incredibly important the creature flew off. It looked around and found a random person walking down the street. The bat dived from the sky and bit him hard on the neck. The bat drank some of his blood, and from drinking the blood it gained the man’s memories. From that it learned where the hospital was and flew off. It soon arrived at the hospital and perched on a tree looking at the people entering and exiting. It was listening for anyone who thought the name Marvin. It soon heard someone, who looked like a nurse, think his name and he swooped down and bit her too. From her blood he learned what room Marvin is in. The bat then flied along the outside of the building until it found the window to the room Marvin was in. Marvin was hooked up to hundreds of tubes, and looked like a vegetable. There was an assortment of machines doing everything from recording his heartbeat to helping him breathe. The bat then glared angrily at Marvin and shot violently forward, smashing through the window. The bat then fluttered over Marvin and he reshaped his tail into a scythe. He raised his tail, then began to stab violently at Marvin. Blood started to fly everywhere. Feeling accomplished the bat teleported back to the world of darkness.
Meanwhile in the world of light, the other spy bat was causing some problems of its own. It instantly flew towards the palace of light, knowing that’s where anything important would be taking place. It arrived there and hid on the ceiling just as Prism emerged from the catacombs. The bat listened in carefully as Prism said, “Solaris, I found the spell I need.” Solaris replied, “I am glad my love. The catacombs didn’t prove to be too much of a problem for you did they?” Prism replied, “Not at all. I easily found what I was loo….” Prism trails off and his ears perk up. He then looks straight up at the ceiling, right where the bat was hanging. As soon as it realized that it was noticed it teleported away, and just before an energy beam would have incinerated him. Prism yelled, “NO! D*** it!” Solaris asks, “Prism, my love, what is wrong?” He replied, “That was a Shaakin spy, and it heard about the spell. Which means Wrath now knows what we are planning. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer but I need to go back to Earth.” Prism then walked up to Solaris, the mask over his face opened and he kissed her lips lovingly. She then said, “Please be careful. I love you.” Prism’ face mask closed again and he replied, “I will and I love you too.” Then he teleported back to Earth.
Mitch and Shade were still arguing when all of a sudden Mitch felt something odd in his body. Then he heard Prism’s voice in his head say, “Have you two gotten the blood we need yet?” Shade replied, “Hey Shiny is back!!! And yes we got the blood.” Mitch then said, “Well actually we only have one of the blood samples right now but we know where the other is and he isn’t going anywhere.” Prism then said, “That may no longer be the case, I found a Shaakin spy listening in on me when I told Solaris I found the spell. It escaped before I could kill it so I know that Wrath knows what we are planning or will very soon. I’m sure one came here, and he may have found out about Marvin so we need to go to that hospital now.” Shade said, “Yea Shiny is right Mitch, this could ruin our plan if we aren’t careful. We need to act quickly now.” Mitch then said, “Ok but the hospital he is at is a ways away, it will take me an hour or to two to get there by walking since mom has the car.” Shade replied, “Who said you’d be walking? We are gonna fly there.” Mitch asked surprised, “You can fly?” Prism replied, “Yea, both Shade and I can fly.” Shade then said, “I remembered the first time I flew. I was three years old. It felt so great to feel the wind pass through my fur.” Mitch said, “Wow Shade, you actually do have a happy memory or two.” Mitch and Shade laugh, then Prism yelled, “STOP IT YOU TWO!!!! We need to go now.” Shade said, “Jeeze, buzz kill.” Mitch felt Prism’s power flow over him and he quickly transformed into his Lietan form. Prism walked over to Mitch’s window, opened it up then jumped out. Before he hit the ground, jets popped out of his back and he flew off. He flew high to avoid being seen, then headed towards the hospital. He quickly arrived and Prism descended from the sky a bit. Then suddenly he transformed into Shade. Mitch asked, “Why did you give Shade control Prism?” Prism replied, “Like you my sense of smell is not very strong but Shade’s is incredible, I knew he would be able to sniff out Marvin’s location.” He sat there in the sky flapping large bat wings that came out of his back. He sniffed the air for Marvin’s scent and flew to the side of the building. He then landed in the building through the broken window. His wings then retracted back into his body. After seeing the horrible scene in the room Shade heard Mitch’s voice say, “Whoa what happened here?” Shade replied, “Well it looks like somebody decided to go with my plan.” Mitch felt a horrible pain inside; he knew that Marvin’s death was all his fault. It was a truly troubling feeling, he had never done anything like this to anyone before and while he did not like Marvin, he never would have wished this one him. Then Mitch said, “Shade let me have control real quick I need to do something.” He transformed back into Mitch and he walked out of the room into the hospital hall. He looked around and saw Marvin’s parents standing at the end of the hall, and he started to walk towards them. Shade then asked Mitch, “What are you going to do?” Mitch replied, “I’m gonna tell them it was my fault.” Shade said, “WHAT!?! You can’t be serious!?!?! Besides they would never believe you.” Mitch stopped walking and wanted to argue with Shade about this more but knew that he was right. There was nothing he could say to his parents that they would believe. He finally said, “I just….I just want to apologize.” Shade said, “Ugh…. You humans can be sooo sentimental. Very well go back into the room and I’ll grant your wish.” Mitch turned around and walked back into the room without anyone noticing and then he changed back into Shade. Shade then grabbed a piece of paper and asked, “What do you want to say?” Mitch replied, “Just write I’m sorry, I made a mistake and it cost your son his life, I hope you can forgive me.” Shade wrote exactly what he said then placed the piece of paper on the bed next to Marvin. Shade then swiped up some blood on his finger and placed it in a small container he found in the room, then said, “Lets go we got what we came for.” His wings then sprouted out of his back in a burst of black fire, he then jumped out the window, and flew back towards Mitch’s house.

Chapter 8
Closing the Gates
Back in the world of darkness Wrath was still pacing in front of his throne. He stopped and growled angrily, “Those spies should have been back by now. What is taking them so long?” Still standing there growling, he suddenly heard a noise; he quickly turned around and slammed the ground hard with his claws. It sent a tremor into the ground that ripped open the surface of the ground before him. Then he heard a voice say, “Cool it hothead, it’s just me.” It was Demona; she had walked over to see what was making Wrath so upset. It was easy to see at first glance why Wrath wanted Demona; she had a very beautiful figure yet a strong will and sharp mind. Her most unique feature was her ears. While they were pointed like all other Shaakin’s hers were not the same size. Her right ear was very short appearing to be only a small black point on the side of her head, while her left ear was very long. While in the gladiatorial training camp she colored her longer ear red with blood, causing her to stand out even more. The way she fought was also unique. While most other’s fighting styles seemed to be aggressive and direct, hers was subtle and less aggressive but still very lethal. Her style was given the name Death’s Dance due to her elegance and grace while she dismembered her foes. Wrath said, “Ohh hello, have you seen any spy bats around? I sent them out a long while ago but they haven’t returned” Demona said, “No I haven’t, oh and don’t worry you didn’t hurt me or anything like that.” Wrath started to reply but then suddenly one of the spy bats flew into view. Wrath said, “Ahhh yes one of my spies has returned!” Demona then said, “Ohh yippee. How many did you send out anyway, and why?” Wrath growled then said, “It isn’t anything you need to worry yourself about my dear.” Demona’s eyes glowed a blood red then returned to normal. In her mind she thought, “That just means it has to do with Shade. I’m smarter then you give me credit for. I know that you did something to drive Shade away. That’s the only reason why he would try to assassinate you and why you would exile your finest warrior in the whole world of darkness.” She then grew sad and thought, “Shade…..I love you…I hope to see you again soon. Preferably alive.” She then pulled herself from her thought and said, “Ok dear. I’ll see you later.” and with that she walked off. When Wrath knew that she was gone he turned back to the spy bat and it told him that he had found Shade inside a human. It then told him about how they wanted a human named Marvin and how he had ruined their plans by killing the human. Wrath replied, “Well done my spy!!! You bring honor to your world and yourself! This information about Shade being within a human and that they are able to communicate with each other is troubling. It leads me to suspect that the great ones are trying to restore balance. Their time will come though.” Suddenly the other spy bat flew into view and Wrath asked for its report. It told him about the spell that Prism had found and what it does. He then told him that Prism was apparently working with Shade and a human. Wrath thought for a minute then realized what was going on. He roared with rage at the top of his lungs then grabbed the first spy bat tight in his hand. Then he said, “YOU WORTHLESS CUR!!! THEY NEEDED THAT HUMANS BLOOD TO MAKE A COMPASS TO FIND THE ENERGY POINTS!!!! YOU STOPPED NOTHING BY KILLING HIM; IN FACT YOU MAY HAVE MADE IT EASIER FOR THEM TO GET THE BLOOD!!!” Wrath then crushed the bat in his hands and turned to the other, “Is that all you have to report?”
Back at Earth, Shade had just landed inside Mitch’s room through his open window. He then transformed back into Mitch. He sat there for a second and looked at the blood sample they got and felt sorrow inside him that Marvin had died. Then Mitch stopped and said in his mind, “Hey wait a minute! Why did we fly to the hospital? Couldn’t we have just teleported there?” Prism replied, “Normally you would be right but we can only teleport to places we have been to and know well. Since we had never been there flying was our best option for getting there.” Mitch replied, “Ok well why didn’t we teleport back?” Shade replied, “Because flying is great!! When you teleport you miss all the good feeling you get with flying.” Prism replied, “Fun? Please Shade there is no fun to be had in flight. It is simply a way of getting somewhere and since teleportation does it much faster it is obviously there better choice.” Shade said, “Jeeze Shiny the way you talk it makes me wonder why Wrath would want to conquer your world, it sounds so boring.” Prism growled angrily then said, “You are just a fool Shade.” Shade snickered a bit then said, “Well how about I prove to you flying is fun then?” Prism asked, “How do you plan to do that? Are you going to assault me with stupidity until I surrender my position in the argument?” Shade replied, “No, that’s my backup plan, I’m gonna ask Mitch what he thought of flying. So Mitch, what did you think of it?” Mitch thought for a moment about how it felt to fly while inside each body and he noticed that it felt drastically different in each body. Prism’s smooth metallic body made the wind fly against, over, and past him. Also because Prism used something similar to a jet pack engine to fly, he moved in a straight line through the air and nothing ever seemed to change, it almost got boring. The feeling was similar to the feeling you have when you stick your head outside of a car window: loud, uncomfortable, and annoying. The experience he had through Shade’s body felt much different. First off Shade’s body had fur and this caused the air to move though it when Shade flew. It produced on his skin an almost tickle like sensation and the memory of it made Mitch smile. Then, secondly, because Shade uses wings to fly this made the trajectory though the air less straight. The slight ups, downs, left and rights while moving through the air all felt unique. Every time Shade leaned in a direction though the sky it always felt different. The only similar thing between each movement was that it felt fun and made Mitch smile. After thinking Mitch then said, “You are both right.” Puzzled Shade asked, “What do you mean? Are you just saying that not to hurt Shiny’s feelings? Cause if you are say what you really mean!!!” Mitch laughed a bit then said, “No no I’m not doing anything like that I just remembered how it felt to fly in each body. Prism is right by saying flying is boring because his body causes it to feel that way, but Shade is also right because in his body flight feels amazing. It is easy to see why Shade chose to fly here instead of teleport.” There was a slight silence for a minute then Prism said, “I never thought about it, but yea it makes sense that Shade’s skin would make flight a more enjoyable experience.” Then Shade said, “Ha!!! Face Shiny! My skin is more awesome then yours!” Mitch then said, “Come on now Shade, be nice. Don’t make Prism feel bad.” Shade then said, “Ahhh your right. Hey Shiny don’t worry about it, next time before we fly we can wrap you in some carpet. Hahahaha!!!!” Prism said, “Have your fun Shade but right now we really need to get to work.” Mitch and Shade both agreed and they gathered up the ingredients to make the magical compass. Then Shade said, “Hey Mitch, I’m gonna need to take over for a bit ok?” Mitch said, “Ok, sure. I don’t know anything about spell casting.” Mitch’s body then transformed into Shade’s. Shade then sat down and put the blood samples on the fork and began to cite the incantation. The fork then floated into the air. It began to glow a dark blue color with its tips colored a dark red. Then it spun around very quickly and suddenly stopped pointing off in a random direction. Shade then said, “There we go, the spell is done. This fork will always point to the closest energy point and if we get really close to one it will fly off towards it.” Suddenly the fork shot straight forward and through Mitch’s bedroom wall. Shade said, “Kinda like that….” Mitch got up quickly and looked out his window to see that the fork was stuck in the ground of his backyard. Mitch said, “Of course…..” Mitch then walked down the stairs and into his backyard. He walked up to the fork and stood there looking at it. Prism said, “Ok Mitch, I’ll take over from here.” Mitch then transformed into Prism. Prism began to cast the spell to seal the energy point. His hands glowed a light blue as he chanted the spell then they suddenly shined a brilliant white. He then slammed his hand on the ground in front of the fork and a huge burst of energy erupted from where he slammed the ground. The light shinned brightly for a second after the blast then it vanished and an X was burned onto the ground. Shade said, “Ohhh wow. Lots of lights and splody noises!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!” Prism replied, “Well I think we are gonna have to do it three more times. While looking for the spell I found a scroll that said Earth has four energy points on it.” Shade said, “Awesome, more pretty lights and funny noises to be had!” Mitch laughed hard because of Shade’s silliness. Then he said, “Well if there are four more to get lets get going.” Prism then said, “Well the compass is pointing to the south, that’s where we are headed next. Since we need to do some flying would you do the honors Shade?” Shade said, “Alright, pretty lights, funny noises, and flying this is turning out to be a great day.” Prism then transformed into Shade, he spread his wings and they took off into the sky.

Chapter 9
A Warlord’s Rage
Wrath is screaming with rage at his latest set of spies that he has sent out. Apparently Shade, Mitch, and Prism have been incredibly busy having closed three of the four energy points. After sealing the first one, Shade headed south towards the seconds which was located on an island off the coast of the southern tip of Chile in South America. The island was very clod and covered in snow. They happened to pass a small village on the way to the point and Mitch said to Shade, “Hey you should lick that pole with your tongue.” Shade asked, “Why would I ever do something stupid like that?” Mitch replied, “Well I know why you wouldn’t want to do it, you’re afraid your tongue will get stuck. Chicken.” Shade said, “No it won’t and no I’m not!!” Mitch said, “Prove it then.” So Shade licked the pole and his tongue got stuck, he screeched in shook and anger at first then he caused his tongue to ignite with black fire and it quickly let go of the pole. Shade said in an odd voice due to his tongue’s current state, “Dat wuussn’t bery funny.” Mitch didn’t reply all he could do was laugh. The third point was to the east, in the middle of the Australian outback. When shade landed he walked up to a kangaroo and stared at it for a minute, then got a quick kick in the face. Mitch laughed some more. Wrath was full of rage he couldn’t believe that his plan was falling apart right before his eyes. Demona walked up and asked, “Wrath dear you look troubled what’s wrong?” Wrath growled and said nothing. A smile appeared on Demona’s face. She knew that whatever was going on it was Shade’s doing and it was pissing Wrath off. Which she enjoyed thoroughly. She decided that she would rub some salt in his wound and said, “I’m sure that whatever is going on Shade will be able to handle it dear, he is or world’s greatest warrior.” Wrath growled angrily and replied, “He is also a traitor and a fool. He is probably dead by now.” Demona smiled more knowing that what she had said upset Wrath. Then she said, “Well I’ll leave you to your work.” Then she walked off. After she was gone Wrath thought to himself, “That girl is becoming a nuisance, she knows too much and wouldn’t make a good queen. Perhaps its time I tie up some loose ends, all of them.” Wrath walked off toward the training grounds. After arriving there he talked to the warden and he said to him, “Warden, I need the most ferocious warrior in the area right now. He is to be given a special mission and if he succeeds he will be considered a full graduate from the course.” The Warden said, “Well if you’re looking for sheer ferocity its Frenzy you’re looking for my lord.” Frenzy was a rather odd Shaakin. He always seemed to be moving; even when he was sitting still he was twitching from sheer paranoia. His eyes were always wide open and bloodshot. His ears were incredibly pointed, almost like spikes. His head and back was also covered in small spikes. Frenzy wasn’t exactly a cunning fighter but he just never seems to give up. Even when outrageously outnumbered he will charge forward with curved blades of black fire coming out of his wrists. Wrath said, “Yes I remember seeing Frenzy fight one time. He was outnumbered a hundred to one and he still won. He is the one I need. Bring him here so that I may speak with him.” The warden got Frenzy and brought him to Wrath. Wrath said, “Ahhh Frenzy!! How does it feel to be free?” Frenzy replied, “IT FEELS GREAT!!! BUT I AM NEVER TRULEY FREE!! THEY ARE ALWAYS WATCHING!!” Wrath asked a bit puzzled, “Who is watching you great warrior?” Frenzy replied, “THEY ARE!!!!” Wrath decided he should move the conversation forward knowing he wouldn’t get any other answer out of Frenzy. Then he said, “I need your help great warrior. There is a traitor who seeks to ruin your lord’s plans for conquest. I need you to stop him.” Frenzy said, “I’M SURE I CAN STOP HIM BUT WHY SHOULD I?” Wrath said, “What? Killing a traitor to your world and serving your lord isn’t a good enough reason?” Frenzy replied, “NO, NOT REALLY.” Wrath said, “Well then…uhh…OH! You should kill him because he is one of those people who are watching you.” Frenzy shouted, “THE WATCHERS!!! I’LL KILL HIM!!!” Wrath said, “Yes now I will send you to Earth, once you get there take this potion.” Wrath handed Frenzy a vial filled with a red colored liquid. Wrath said, “That vial is filled with Crimson Rage. That potion will make a hundred times stronger then you are right now. It should make you more then powerful enough to kill the traitor.” Frenzy said, “YES!!! I KILL, I KILL!!!” Wrath then opened a portal to Earth and Frenzy went through it. Frenzy arrived on Earth right on top of the last energy point, he then chugged the potion. His whole body surged with power. His entire body beefed up, the spikes on his head and back got longer, and his head developed a jaw with razor sharp fangs. He looked very similar to Wrath, but he was still smaller then him.
Meanwhile, Shade was flying towards the last energy point when he heard Prism’s voice say, “Whoa I just sensed a huge surge of power.” Mitch asked, “How huge, and why didn’t Shade sense it?” Shade said, “Lietans are capable of sensing high energy levels around them, the only kind of energy they cannot detect is harmonic.” Prism said, “This energy signal is huge, I’m not sure who it is but whoever they are they are incredibly powerful, and its coming from the same direction as the last energy point.” Shade said, “Well looks like Wrath finally got tired of us playing Godzilla and trampling all over his plans.” Prism said, “Be focused Shade, this being is very powerful. Do not underestimate him.” Shade replied, “Whatever, it’ll be nice to finally do some fighting for once. All I’ve gotten to do is be nice to the humans.” Shade flew faster towards he final point, which was located deep in the heart of the jungles of India, and soon he saw what stood in there way. Shade said, “Well well well, if it isn’t Frenzy. Shoulda known Wrath would send to do his dirty work. You’ve gotten bigger since I last saw you, have you been working out?” Frenzy only glared back at Shade then all of a sudden two huge blades made from black fire formed on each of his hands. Shade said, “Whoa there big guy. Take it easy! You might scratch your eyes out with those things.” Frenzy then slashed at Shade, Shade teleported out of the way, but the force from Frenzy’s swing tore a path across the ground and knocked a tree over. Shade gulped and he heard Prism’s voice say, “I told you so.” Realizing that he needed to get serious Shade instantly went on the offensive. He started to throw dark energy balls at Frenzy. They were hitting him by the hundreds within only a few seconds. After a bit Shade stopped his barrage and waited for the dust to clear, but to his shock there stood Frenzy completely unharmed. Frenzy then lunged forward, and with that thrust he left a crater in the spot where he was standing, and grabbed Shade. He held him high in the air and prepared to stab him with his other arm’s blades. Shade yelled, “Hey guys I could use some help here!!!” Mitch asked, “What do you expect us to do!?! Even if we transformed we’d be in the same predicament as you!” Shade said, “Well you better think of something quick!!!” Mitch thought hard for a moment then he had an idea. He wasn’t sure if it was going to work but it was the only shot he had and he started to concentrate. Frenzy then said, “TIME TO DIE!!!” When suddenly Mitch shot out of the side of Shade’s body. Both Frenzy and Shade stared at him in surprise then just as suddenly as he had emerged he transformed into Prism and he shot and energy beam at Frenzy. Frenzy dropped Shade, as he recoiled from Prism’s attack. Prism then transformed his other hand into a machine gun, and he then created a missile pod on his shoulder. He started to unload on Frenzy with all his weaponry, but his attack only worked for a bit before Frenzy regained his focus. He then grabbed Prism and threw him off in the distance, going through a number of trees before landing hard. Shade teleported over to Prism and helped him up then he asked, “How did you do that?” Prism said, “I didn’t do it, Mitch did. Through sheer will he exited your mind and body then let me use his body so we could both fight Frenzy.” Shade said, “Well it was a good effort but he is still too powerful, even for both of us.” Prism said, “Not necessarily. I’ve got a weapon with enough grunt to take this guy apart but it takes some time to charge it up, and I can’t move while I’m charging it or firing it. If you could distract him long enough for me to get that weapon ready though, he would be toast in no time.” Shade replied, “Well if you’re sure it’ll work I’ll do it.” Prism said, “Oh and one more thing. Once it’s charged your going to want to get out of the way.” Shade teleported back to frenzy and started to teleport around him in order to confuse and distract him. While Shade was doing that Prism started to ready his weapon. A huge cannon came out of his back and it went over his face. He then slammed his feet into the ground and anchors folded out of his legs to keep him locked to the ground. He then slammed his fists into the ground and anchors also came out of his arms and locked them to the ground. A low whirring noise was happening as the cannon began to charge its power. Shade looked off towards Prism to see the menacing gun he had transformed into, he then continued to keep Frenzy busy. After about five minutes the noise coming from the cannon was very loud and it was glowing with energy. Prism looked through the cannons scope, which was what was covering his face, he then shouted, “SHADE MOVE!!!” Shade teleported behind Prism. Frenzy turned and saw the cannon, a look of sheer terror dawned on his face. Prism fired, the ground he was anchored to cracked and the trees around him bent back from the force of the blast. A huge, bright, red beam shot forth and incinerated everything in front of Prism for a mile, including Frenzy. After he was done firing his metallic body was glowing red hot, and steaming. As he stood up the pieces of his body that made the cannon fell off of him. Shade looked ahead and saw that there was a ten foot wide path carved into the Earth for a mile in front of him. After staring at the devastation for a minute Shade said, “Man…Shiny….You have got to teach me how to do that.”

Chapter 10
Righteous Vengence
After gazing at the devastation Prism transformed back into Mitch who then rejoined with Shade. As he did the three of them felt something weird, an odd energy that they hadn’t felt before. Shade asked, “What was that?” Prism replied, “I have no idea, but it’s not our concern right now. That energy point is.” Shade replied, “Yea its time for you to make more pretty light and splody noises.” Shade then transformed into Prism and he proceeded with the spell.
Meanwhile Wrath’s screams of rage could be heard from all corners of the world of darkness. His last spy reported back that Frenzy died defending the energy point and that the three heroes had managed to seal it. Demona walked up to Wrath and said with a grin on her face, “What’s wrong dear?” Wrath growled and replied, “Shade has proven more resourceful then I originally thought. He, along with a Lietan and a human, has managed to seal all the energy points on Earth.” Demona pretended to gasp and said, “Oh no! Didn’t you need those for your plan to work my dear?” Wrath growled louder, “You can drop the act!!! I know your smarter then you’ve been acting and I know you know it was I that caused Shade to leave you!” Demona returned a growl and said, “Hmmm so you aren’t as dumb as Shade and I took you for. Well looks like Shade shut your little plans of conquest down for good and knowing him he will be here soon to beat your a**.” Wrath growled and grabbed Demona by the neck, “First off that little worm will never be able to defeat me, and secondly just because the energy points on Earth are sealed doesn’t mean he has won yet. I’ve still got an ace up my sleeve. Now all that remains is weather I should kill you now or when Shade shows up so he can see you suffer.”
Back with out heroes, Prism had just finished sealing the energy point. Then he said, “Congratulate your selves’ guys! We managed to stop Wrath’s army from ever coming to Earth.” Suddenly Shade shot out of Prism’s body holding his fire swords, then he pointed up at the sky and said, “What do you call them?” Prism looked up and saw the Shaakin army was falling out of the sky. Prism yelled, “How can this be!?!?! That was all the energy points on……OH D*** IT!!!” Shade asked, “What?! Prism replied, “The moon!!! There must have been an energy point on the moon!!!!” Mitch said, “No way!! Wouldn’t out compass have led us to it?” Shade said, “No because we used and element that came from the Earth to make the pointer, and it can only find energy points on the Earth.” Mitch then asked, “Are you sure that they are coming from the moon?” Prism replied, “That is the only other place close enough to the Earth that has even the possibility of having an energy point so that must be where they are coming from. It will take them some time to reach the Earth from the moon but not that long.” Shade said, “Well then that means we are on the clock guys, the only way we are gonna be able to save the Earth is if we kill Wrath. After we kill him I’ll become the new commander of the Shaakin army and I’ll call off the invasion.” Prism yelled, “WHOA!!! Hold the phone! You already tried to take the throne from Wrath once before and you said yourself that you would’ve conquered the Earth, how can we trust you?” Mitch said, “You don’t know the whole story Prism. He had other reasons for trying to kill Wrath and if he had he never would have gone though with the invasion, would you Shade?” Shade said, “Once again Mitch is right Shiny, I only said that earlier cause I didn’t want to talk about my real reasons for attacking Wrath, but believe we when I say that if we kill Wrath I will order an immediate end to the invasion.” Prism seemed concerned about weather or not he was being tricked but eventually said, “Ok…let’s go.” Prism joined with Shade, again they felt the odd energy they felt the first time, then Shade teleported back to his world.
Back in the world of darkness Wrath was laughing manically. His spies had not seen our heroes anywhere since the anchor to the moon’s energy point was formed. His army marched through the portal leaving the world empty save for him and Demona, who he had tied up. He turned to her and said, “You see my dear? I have thought of everything!!! Even though Shade thwarted my plans to establish an anchor on the Earth he is too late to stop my army now!! In fact he is probably dead by now!!!” Suddenly Wrath heard a voice say, “Knock knock.” He turned around and got decked in the face by Shade who had walked up behind him while he was yelling at Demona. Then he said, “Yea I got an a**-whooping that needs to be delivered to a guy named Wrath.” Wrath quickly got up and said, “You fool!!! You know you’re not powerful enough to stop me!!!” Shade pointed behind Wrath and replied, “Yea I know, that’s what Shiny is here for.” Wrath turned around to see Prism standing there holding a huge warhammer. Prism said, “Batter up.” Then he swung it with all his might at Wrath. Wrath tried to block the swing with one of his arms but was still sent flying a good distance. Shade walked over to Prism and said, “Batter up? Man was that the best line you could come up with?” Prism said, “Ahhh shut up you. Besides I thought you said this was gonna be hard.” Suddenly a huge wave of dark energy shot through the air and nailed Prism. Shade turned to face Wrath and he pulled out his dark fire swords. He then spread his wings and used them to shot towards Wrath very quickly. He managed to cut Wrath across the chest but to his amazement it healed almost instantly. Wrath then grabbed him, lifted him off the ground and said, “Is that the best you’ve got?” He then threw Shade behind him who flew for an incredible distance before hitting the ground. Wrath stared in the direction that he threw Shade then said with an evil grin on his face, “Hey you got some nice air! Weakling!!” Wrath didn’t get to celebrate his victory for long though because suddenly an energy blast hit him in the back, shortly followed by another four. He turned around to see Prism standing there with his arm cannon smoking. He roared in defiance and started to charge towards Prism. Prism continued to fire at Wrath but he seemed unaffected by his blasts. He turned his other arm into and energy cannon and began unloading both on Wrath, but it didn’t stop Wrath’s charge and once he got close enough he slammed Prism with his arm using all his might. Prism flew back from the hit, but before he could get out of reach Wrath grabbed him and threw him back behind him hitting Shade, who had just gotten up to fight again. Prism then said, “Ugh…ok you were right this guy is tough.” The two of them struggled to get up, and just barley dodged Wrath as he was about to trample them. Shade yelled, “Man he isn’t even tired!!! We are going to have to think of something else if we want to win this fight. Maybe you could try that big cannon of yours on him.” The two then leaped over Wrath as he tried to slash them. After regrouping Prism replied, “I don’t think that would work this time. Not only would he be much harder to distract then Frenzy was but he is also much more powerful I’m not even sure if my cannon would put a dent in him.” The two of them then dodged two huge energy waves that Wrath sent towards them. He then yelled, “Stand and fight you cowards!! You can’t avoid me forever!!!” Shade replied, “Unfortunately he is right. We need to think of something now!” Prism then said, “Mitch!! You saved us last time, do you have any ideas about what we should do?” Mitch thought for a moment then remembered the odd energy they all felt when either Shade or Prism would re-combine with them. Then he said, “Hey maybe if you two can separate from me maybe you can also combine, like into a warrior that would be a mixture of your two races.” Shade and Prism looked at each other. Then Prism said, “Sounds like an idea, but we don’t know if it will even work.” Shade said, “Well it better cause it is the only shot we’ve got!! Mitch concentrate on combing us!” Mitch began to concentrate and Shade rejoined with Prism. At the moment Mitch felt the odd energy he concentrated on releasing it and he felt an unimaginable power flow over him. Prism’s body started to change, his metallic changed from its pure silver color. A metallic black crawled up his arms and legs and was shaped in a flame like pattern. He grew a second tail each ended in a black tip with a pointed arrow like shape. From the center of his face to the top of his head and just in front of his ears a black flame pattern emerged. Also a second set of eyes appeared, one of them was colored blue and the other set was red. Two large curved spikes ending in a black tip emerged from his shoulders. Finally on his chest a large black design appeared, it was in the shape of a bat with its wings open and it had red eyes. Wrath stood in awe as this transformation took place, then the new being said in a mix of Mitch’s, Shade’s and Prism’s voice, “I am Vengeance and your reign of chaos ends now.” As Vengeance stood there his energy, in the form of electricity, coursed over his body and across the ground in the immediate area around him. Wrath roared in defiance and said, “It doesn’t matter what you do!!! You will never defeat me!!!” He started to charge towards Vengeance, he then formed a huge blade of black fire at the end of his right arm and dragged it across the ground behind him as he ran forward. Vengeance just stood there watching as Wrath got closer, then just as Wrath swung Vengeance vanished. Wrath looked all over where his blade had hit and he couldn’t see any sign of Vengeance. He pulled his blade out of the ground and turned around and was shocked to see Vengeance standing right in front of him. Then Vengeance grabbed Wrath’s head and said, “Goodbye.” He slammed Wrath hard into the ground sending tremors in all directions. Then he threw straight up and high into the air. As Wrath was in the air Vengeance slammed the ground with both his hands and a huge black spike shot out of the ground. Wrath began to fall back down and was impaled by the spike, his dying scream rattled the world of darkness, then he grew silent. As soon as Wrath was dead Vengeance separated into Shade, Mitch and Prism. Shade ran over to Demona and cut the ropes tying her. As soon as he did she kissed him then asked, “What took you so long? I thought you would have killed Wrath by now.” Shade wanted to say something funny, he wanted to some smart a** remark but all that came out was, “Sorry I took so long, I’ll never leave again. I love you.” Demona smiled and kissed him again. Shade then said, “While I love kissing you baby I need to stop that army!” He sent out a spy bat to inform the army of what has happened and that they are to return home immediately. Just as the bat teleported to Earth, our heroes were suddenly teleported away themselves. Demona was the only one left standing there and she looked around for a moment before saying, “What the h***!?!?”
Mitch, Shade and Prism all looked around expecting another fight. Then they realized they were in Yin and Yang’s realm and they heard the two gods of balance say, “Well done you three! You did a marvelous job of protecting the natural balance. Now you may all go home.” Our heroes looked at each other then Shade asked, “Well will we ever be able to see each other again?” The two gods replied, “Well that is up to you, considering both Shade and Prism will be highly influential people in each of their worlds I’m sure no one will object to you visiting Earth every now and then. We also hope that since you two will be seen as such great warriors and leaders of your worlds you will try to establish peace amongst the two races.” Shade said, “Well I wouldn’t have it other way, otherwise I’d never get to learn how to use that cannon attack that Shiny knows.” Prism laughed and said, “I agree I look forward to peace between the Shaakin and the Lietan.” Yin and Yang then said, “Very good, and you Mitch, you are to be commended greatly.” Mitch asked, “Huh? Why me?” The two gods replied, “You used your races’ strongest power to help Shade and Prism in their time of need. You used the human ability of undying will, quick wits, and vivid imagination to think out of the box and come up with the idea of combining the two races to make a stronger being. That in itself is the essence of balance and harmony. This world is forever in your debt” Mitch said, “Wow, I guess I never really saw myself as a key member to this team.” Shade said, “Are you kidding Mitch? If it wasn’t for you I would’ve died back when we fought Frenzy.” Mitch said, “Huh, I guess your right. Well your welcome and thank you. I’m glad I could be of help.” The two gods then said, “We will now return you to your home worlds.” Our heroes all said their goodbyes to one another then they were returned to their homes. Mitch ended up showing up sitting on his bed in his room. He sat there for a minute then he laid back to relax. He then heard his mom’s voice say “Mitch you have a guest.” Mitch sat up and looked to see that Sherry was standing in his doorway. Mitch said, “Sherry! Uh….hi. What are you doing here?” Sherry replied, “Well you haven’t been at school the past two days and I was worried about you. What has been going on?” Mitch laughed a bit then said, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Sherry said, “Try me.”
The world continued to exist in balance thanks to the actions of our three heroes and because of it their lives kept moving too. After hearing Mitch’s story Sherry’s first thought was that he was crazy but Mitch showed her the compass they used to find the energy points and it was all the proof she needed. The two of them became good friends and within the next few months became boyfriend and girlfriend. When Marvin’s funeral was held Mitch made sure he attended and paid his respects. He then continued to stop by at his grave every few weeks and leave some flowers, unable to forgive himself of the price Marvin paid due to his irresponsible actions. Prism and Shade each continued to visit Mitch every now and then to tell him about what was going on in their worlds. The two of them never showed up at the same times though and they never were able to stay for more then a few minutes. The two of them were busy with matters concerning how their worlds were being ran. Shade and Prism kept their promise to the gods and peace was soon established between the two races. To commemorate their new peace Prism and Shade along with Demona and Solaris agreed to have their weddings on Earth on the same day. It took place not more then a month after balance had been restored and they choose to hold it under Lake Erie, the Lietans made a metallic air bubble for them to hold it in. Obviously both Mitch and Sherry were there, they were picked up by Shade who teleported them there. Both of the weddings went smoothly and were very nice, though Mitch and Sherry both agreed that the Lietan and Shaakin cuisine was odd. Prism felt bad for them so he teleported to a McDonalds and got them some cheeseburgers. The three couples then danced the night away and later that evening Mitch got his first kiss from Sherry. All was well in the worlds of Shaakin, Lieten and human alike, and our three heroes continued to live out their lives, which were, thankfully, finally at peace.
The End

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