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January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in the magical land of park city, a young girl named Sofia was with her friend Katrina. They were very worried about school and they also had absolutely nothing to do. They wanted to go to town but Katrina’s dad wouldn’t let them. They sat down and waited patiently for something to happen. Then all of a sudden a fairy came down and waved her magic wand and turned them both into rabbits they were astonished. The fairy told them that while they were rabbits they would have to accomplish something amazing, they would have powers.

Katrina and Sofia went outside to try and finish their task. They walked down a rainbow road and tried to figure out what she had meant. Sofia started running so Katrina followed. The magic that they had, made them able to run for a long time without stopping. They ran and ran until they came to a beautiful set of lights. They sat by the lights and thought. Then all of a sudden a moose with a broken leg came over the hill. Katrina suddenly understood. They needed to help this moose. It was big and intimidating but she approached it and started to talk to it. “ Hello my name is Katrina and this is Sofia. We would like to help you”.
“ Thank you very much”, said the moose.
After they had helped the moose they realized that the fairy had wanted them to stop worrying about themselves and help others in need.

The end

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