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January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

What a headache! That lever was harder then I thought. Although, then again, I wasn’t planning on falling on top of Mana’s invisibility ray. Who knew it would actually work? Well I’d best be getting out of bed now. After eating my breakfast, I glanced at the clock to see that I’m about to be late. So I ran out the door, hopped on my bike, and darted off to school.

As soon as I got to school I parked my bike and dashed to homeroom. Just as I held out my watch for the time I saw Mrs. Fradale walking up the last few steps with books under one arm and her bag slung on her shoulder. I quickly ducked behind the wall and whispered “Kazaam.” As soon as she pulled the door open I ducked under her arm through the doorway and swiftly hopped up the stairs as I heard a faint “thud” behind me. As soon as I got right in front of the door I said “Kazaam” and once again I reappeared. I opened the door to the clock right across from me reading 8:35 and quickly bolted to my seat before the door reopened. In no more then a second later Mrs. Fradale opened the door and paused to say “Wow, you guys are amazing.” Jun Ha turned to grin at me and I grinned back in response.

After safely arriving to homeroom the three periods in the morning went smoothly. When Alayna, Jun Ha, and I went to the main building for lunch, I decided to play a little trick on them.

While Jun Ha and I were waiting for Alayna to charge her shoes I whispered, “Kazaam” and disappeared. Luckily, it seemed that anything on me—such as my clothes and my bag---disappeared with me. When Alayna finally got her shoes on she asked, “Where’s Talia?”

Jun Ha looked around and shrugged, “I don’t know. Let’s wait for her in the main building.”

“But that wouldn’t be waiting for her,” Alayna said.

“Yes it is because we are such nice people,” Jun Ha replied. “Ah, we’re so nice.” I rolled my eyes dramatically. “Besides, she’s probably doing ‘dilmo’ (Russian for “business”).” This time I flicked her ear and she jumped frantically looking for who could have flicked her ear. To her surprise, no one seemed capable of doing that unless they had super long arms. She cocked her head to the side and followed Alayna out the door with me following behind giggling.

I then decided to pass them and I crossed both traffic lights. I said, “Kazaam” and reappeared once again while they were still going down the steps.

“Alayna! Jun Ha! Over here!” I yelled. They both turned around in surprise.

“Where were you?” Jun Ha yelled back.


“Wait five seconds!” she yelled. I waited for them to cross both lights.

“We were waiting for you over there—“Alayna was starting to say, but Jun Ha cut in.

“I thought you were doing dilmo!” They both kept on speaking over each other which was difficult to understand but hilarious for the listener thanks to their facial expressions and voices.

I chuckled and responded “magic”.

This day is bound to be pretty interesting I thought as I grinned to myself while Alayna and Jun Ha were chattering away as we walked on.

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