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January 13, 2009
By AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
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Everyone knows Aquarius to be the man who perpetually is pouring the water inhabiting our streams and oceans, but I don’t believe that that is entirely true. Astronomers looks at this constellation and see a man carrying a large vat of water that is said to be where all water comes from. Perhaps their vision is accurate, but I believe there is someone else hiding in that constellation. I do not see a man there, I see a woman. She is carrying a large bucket filled with all of the black dwarf stars, the stars that will never shine again. Nobody ever misses them in the sky, so instead of rotting away and deteriorating, she collects them all, as if they were shells on the shore line. In fact they play an important part of the life of a sea shell. All scientists believe that sea shells are limestone and calcite in a nutshell, well they may be right, but I have an alternative theory. Lets start over, the constellation Aquarius is a woman, (not a man) who collects black dwarf stars (no, it’s not a vat of water), and these stars are the creator of all sea shells (not other minerals). There, now that that is all cleared up, we can begin.

Each night after everyone is done looking at the stars and is asleep in bed; Aquarius moves from her position in the heavens and begins collecting black dwarf stars. She is always a bit sad to see so many dead white dwarfs, but she cheers herself up again knowing that they will take on a new form of life, very soon. Not many stars die in one night, so Aquarius waits for days and days of collecting until finally her bucket is filled to the brim. Then, during the day, when it is too bright for anyone to see her, and her transparent bucket, she flies to the very back of each beach all over the world, the very back meaning that spot that everyone always stares at in enigma wondering what could be on the other side, and how they could they possibly get there. When she finds that part of the beach, she drops one black dwarf. When it touches the ocean, the waves receive a certain power. If they were dull before the dead star touched it, nobody remembered, but now that it has received the power, it is a body of shining, crisp, blue water, it is freed of all pollutants and hazardous matter. But that black star, which looked like, but a pebble, created new life. From that pebble came one new fish, one of a type that has never ventured toward this beach, as well as hermit crab, and a sea snail, and a jellyfish. The snail and hermit crab would need shells to grow into eventually, so that pebble produced thousands upon thousand of sea shells for them to call home. And the sea shells, when disintegrated, would create more soft, and luscious sand.

Aquarius did not mind the labor of flying around for days and days and dropping the black stars into each and every beach on the planet because what else was she going to do in the sky other than pose like all the other useless constellations? She enjoyed being in contact with each and every black star, as she picked it up, and as she plopped it into the sea. Some say that maybe it isn’t the magic of the dead stars that brings the oceans back to life, but the fact that she works so very hard to maintain them, and her love and power is embodied in each little tenacious pebble. If it weren’t for her, who knows what our beaches would look like? We take for granted each and every day all the hard work she puts into cleaning up our messes so we could enjoy the beach, but since we never knew the story of where all our trash carelessly left behind at the beaches went, maybe that was why we never really took the time to clean up. Well, for all you anti-eco friendly nut jobs, who litter each and every day, just think of what you are doing to our planet, and think of all the extra work the poor constellation Aquarius has to do. If we kept clean ourselves, she wouldn’t have to break her back and waste her power. What if she runs out of magic, in a few years? The whole world will be covered in trash!

It’s not easy being “green”, but the easy way out is never the right way. Be smart, do your part and the stars will shine brighter as your reward!

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