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The New Dawn of Love and Death (the beginning)

February 21, 2009
By VBabe15 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
VBabe15 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Aaron Sober. Aaron "Mickey" Sober is the name. I never thought that losing my life to the one I love could be so blissful. Losing my life to Jessie Lemyre.

She was my first love, and I lost myself. Why did I do it...? I never intended to do it... help?

I don't think I can forgive myself for loving her, but yet I don't regret what I did for her. I loved her with all my heart, but our love wasn't meant to be, because it was forbidden.

I had no idea what she really was. But it couldn't stop me from loving her. Even though she was a demon in disguise, thirsting for my blood.

I thought that I saw something good in her. But I was wrong, but even in death, I still love her with all my heart, even though she was the cause of my death. But I know she will never admit it. She never wanted to do it because she still loves me and now, I am her silent protector. Just for her, always watching over her, always making sure she's safe.

Always making sure the demon inside doesn't escape like it did before. To make sure she doesn't lose another love by killing them unwillingly. I know she still cares for me and still keeps my body and searches for another soul just like mine. She wants me to live.

It all began in the large city of Chicago...

1. The Stary Night When We Met

"Aaron. Aaron!"

"Mmm. Five more minutes," I moaned.

"Come on, Aaron. We have to pack up. We're going to the big city. You should be happy that you're getting out of this death trap." I slowly opened my eyes, the light of the sun burning them. "Hurry up." I looked over to my side. It was my mother.

My mother's name was Melissa Sober. She was tall and the very definition of flawless skin. She had a slender body. Almost looking like a model out of a chick clothing magazine.

I slowly got out of bed. I then walked downstairs to eat my breakfast. I decided to have a bagel with cream cheese. I put the bagel in the toaster and walked off to the computer room to turn my computer on. Once it was on, the IMVU login page popped up. I entered my login.



While my slow computer was logging me in, I went back to the kitchen to get my crunchy and soft bagel. I jerked the refrigerator open, and snatched the cream cheese out. I slabbed it onto the bagel. With one half of the bagel in my mouth and the other half in my left hand, I slowly sauntered back into the computer room. I realized that I had a chat request. It was my best friend Hector Sanchez. I began the chat immediately.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: Hey. What's up?

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: Nothing much. What about you?

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: Nothing much. How was it at the movies with Miya?

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: We had a good time.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: What movie did you go see again?

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: Friday the Thirteenth.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx:OK. Hey Miya's on. Do you want me to request a group chat?

xO_HectorBabe_Ox:Yeah. Go ahead.

I clicked on the group chat and typed her username in and clicked invite.

xoxoMiyababyxoxo: Hey Aaron. Hey babe.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: What's up?

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: What's up, babe?

xoxoMiyaBabyxoxo: Nothing much. Bored. LOL.

xXxAaronMikeyxXx:LOL. Not for long.

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: We'll change that.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: I got to go start packing. I guess this is a final good-bye.

xoxoMiyababyxoxo: I'm going to miss you, Aaron.

xO_HectorBabe_Ox: Same here, man.

xXxAaronMickeyxXx: Ok, guys. Peace out.

I clicked out of the IMVU window and turned the computer off so that I could unplug it.

"Aaron, unplug all the computers and label them with our names while you're at it, will you!" My mother yelled from the other room.

"OK!" I yelled back. I took the sticky pads out and put all out names on seperate pads. Aaron, Melissa, John, Chris, and Monica. We all had the same type of computer, but we all sat at a different place to know which one was ours.

My mother brought me five large boxes, one for each computer and some styrafoam peanuts to keep the computers safe. I carefully struggled to put the computers into the boxes.

My older brother came into the room and tauntingly laughed at how weak I was, just because he could lift a hundred pounds in one hand. "You need some help, bro?" Chris said, still laughing.

"Ugh!" I said, lifting another computer. "No. I'm good." I told him confidently.

When I was done putting all the computers into boxes, I put the styrafoam peanuts into all the boxes until it filled all of them to the top. Once I completed that task, I slowly taped the boxes shut, trying to keep it perfect. It didn't really turn out perfect like I wanted it to.

A few minutes after I was done with the computers, my mother told my brother to put some music on. The first song he put on was one that we all loved. It was Higinia by Bless the Fall. We all started singing along to it like it was some kind of karaoke.

"If you could stay here for just a little bit a little while a little bit with me You're what makes me and if god could keep you with me I'd trade just about anything you're what makes me want to change things. I would die just to live and yet we all live to die You're what makes me want to change, You will not die You will not die You will not die You will not die If you could stay here for just a little bit a little while a little bit with me
You're what makes me, And if God could keep you with me I'd change just about anything Take a step further back to where you belong Take a look at your life what have you become? I never had the chance to explain myself I never had the chance to apologize,You will not die You will not die You will not die You will not...." we all sang in unity. But only the guys did the screamo parts. It put more fun into packing. It made it go faster too.

"The truck's here," my father said, just walking in the door. "Are we all ready to load?"

" Yeah," we all said in unity. We began picking up boxes and taking them outside to be put into the truck. I put my boxes in, in a slow sad way. I didn't want to leave, yet I did. I didn't want to leave because I didn't want to leave my friends behind. I did want to leave because I wanted to attempt to start a new life.

We were all packed sooner than I wanted. Just before we were about to leave, Hector and Miya came running down the street for a final good-bye. Miya awkwardly, flew into my arms, crying.

"Please don't leave us! We couldn't possibly bear living here without you!" Miya screamed, crying sarcastically in my arms. I put my head down on Miya's shoulder and almost started crying. I couldn't hold myself back. I let a couple tears slip.

Even Hector started crying. He stood alone though.

"Aaron! Time to leave!" My mother yelled after me. It was the final good-bye between the three of us. Knowing that I would never see them again, I continued sobbing. Once I was in the truck, I stopped sobbing. As we were driving away, I looked back at them in sober.

We began our long ride to Chicago. Chris turned the music on to our favorite urban station. I sat there in silence, while everyone else sat there singing along to the music. The long drive took about five hours. Five long hours.

We were finally at our new house at 4106 N. Whipple Ave. We all immediately started bringing boxes inside. Once everything was inside the house, everyone but me started unpacking their things

"Mother, I'll unpack my things later. I want to go get used to the surrounding area." I said to her.

"OK, Aaron. Be back by four." She answered.

"OK, mother." I said back, walking out the door. I went outside and started and started wandering, blaintly. As I was walking, I came across a park, and decided to walk through it.

The author's comments:
this is part of a book im currently writing. its just what i have so far

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on Mar. 17 2009 at 9:53 pm
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Amazing absolutely amazing. You caught my interest from the bery beginning and you gave your can I say this texture. keep up the good work.