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Heartless Prey

February 10, 2009
By Bethelizadepp SILVER, Houston, Texas
Bethelizadepp SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The chair beckoned to her, or more likely, the person sitting on it.

He got up, arms outstretched, welcoming her into a concave of mystery; his cavernous arms welcomed her into a foreign land. She indeed desired so very much to explore this undiscovered country.

She felt herself pulled toward his effervescent aura, an invisible bond drawing her closer to him, and him closer to her.

It felt like an eternity until they touched, tentatively; but it was worth every minute of it. The electricity seemed to hum in the air as he pulled her so close; the feeling of his firm arms around her like a warm, delicious chocolate sundae that spreads millions of different sensations on her tongue. She gripped the taut muscles of his unyielding back like he was the only thing saving her from drowning in the waters of her passion.

The proximity of his heart to her ear though was comforting and exhilarating. His heart beat was sure, as steady as the rising sun and the moon's pulling of the tide. It was a sound she had not heard in a long time, the stable beat of a human heart, an assurance that his life force, his blood, was being pumped through his body for the day, and for the rest of his life.

She moved her lips so that they faced the spot on his chest where his heart lay hammering underneath; tenderly, she kissed the delicate spot where the heavily-thumping instrument that pumped his internal energy resided.

Then she heard it from his chest no more.

The supple body she had been embracing tightly, like a comfortable familiar blanket, was now no more than a cold, harsh coffin that housed a sliver of her unstable mind and consequently with it, her madness.

Yet she didn't really feel any of this madness as she desperately clung to the now limp body falling from her arms to the floor. She didn't want to relinquish her grip on his body; her longing for him had not surrendered.

But at last, her strength failed and she let him drop to the floor on his back as she tumbled on top of him.

With her hands on both sides of his body, she stared into his intense, unseeing azure eyes with her one murky deep black eye and her other unflinching amethyst eye. Like a strong, aged wine that satisfies the taste buds and pleases the senses, her gaze bore into the eyes of the mortal man.

But this action seemed to bother her, and she shook her head to clear whatever had just entered her mind. It seemed to have no effect.

Instead, she dragged herself onto his stomach, gripped his shirt, and ripped it from top to middle with ferocity befitting only a dedicated huntress. At the exact spot where she had kissed his chest, there was a seemingly depthless hole that she without hesitation reached her fingers into.

Slowly, her hand came back up holding something that glowed brightly. She peered at a shiny orb the size of an eyeball, observing the light blue glow radiating out of it.

She basked in its glow for what seemed a little while, but to her it was actually her life, her work and passion. Nothing satisfied her more than completing the task she had been trained to do her whole life. This was her life; her loyalty to what she believed overcame anything that stood in her way. She had to reach the final chapter of this cruel obligation she was fated for, regardless of trials.

And to prove her ultimate conviction to her cause, she would even aggrandize the enemy. To do this would cause her the ultimate pain, pain unfathomable to all except the entirely committed. Now she saw in that mesmeric orb of her captive what she wanted and what she ultimately had to do.

So she finally she tore her gaze away from the orb and back onto the body she had taken for herself.

One transparent opal tear slowly rolled down her alabaster cheek and onto the orb. Its glow magnified until it surrounded her and the body in its light, then as quickly as it had risen, it descended until all that was left was a black object that seemingly breathed on its own accord, resting in her palm. It had accepted her sacrifice, and forgiven her her sin.

Holding it up in front of her, she whispered the words to unlock history, " Aketay histay amy nephysh, ac etlay it be."

She threw back her head and swallowed the orb whole.

The orb responded in the only way it knew- destruction. But not before she was able to quickly lean down and fleetingly kiss the lifeless lips with the only love she knew and could give.

When the orb took her, light seemed to stream from her every pore; her lush inky-black hair encompassed the air around her and she screamed an ethereal sound that pierced every corner of the white room. Then the light dissipated, and she toppled over; now she was also no more than a coffin that was once a body.

An unnatural light shone brightly on the two bodies twined together. A strange breeze from somewhere ruffled his shirt and the fine auburn hair on his head. Her hair had fallen across his face like a veil, a covering for the innocence of the eyes that saw into her wanton soul.

For a time it was just them; it seemed as if they were to lay there for an eternity.

Then one of them moved.

The author's comments:
Yes-sounds like vampires, it's not.
No- Never read Twilight.

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Pdidi said...
on Mar. 27 2009 at 4:49 am
Wow that was crazy awesome.

This author needs to make a sequel.

K.I.S BRONZE said...
on Mar. 26 2009 at 12:23 am
K.I.S BRONZE, Lincoln, California
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment

that was great

i really want to know who moved though

okay this is going to bug me now until I know

make a small sequel or something plz!!!