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Origin of Tornadoes

April 4, 2017
By manasisoman SILVER, Hillsborough, New Jersey
manasisoman SILVER, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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It all came about in a small town called Tangohut, which lived all sorts of people, women, men, children, but most importantly: mortals. This town had a strict social class structure, meaning that all the mortals were placed at the top. However, these mortals were not created from ordinary folk. Each year, the god named Justice dropped one mortal down to Tangohut. These mortals were meant to stop any dangerous action in the town, preventing havoc and destruction within the village.
Everything was going considerably well in Tangohut, until one unusual mortal came down to the people, giving them surprise. No one knew what was coming their way.
All the citizens thought it was an ordinary day, walking about, shopping, farming, socializing within themselves. It was the first day of the new year, meaning that everyone was expecting a mortal to come by, anytime soon. Without being startled, the people heard a loud bell ring, in the middle of the town. Everyone from the village came rushing over, to see who had been dropped.
With anticipation all over their faces, Justice smoothly glided down a beautiful woman. Her hair had been coated with silk, her skin glowed, and her eyes were enhanced with beauty and trust. Quickly enough, everyone’s thrilled faces turned into disbelief.
Never had this village experienced a woman come down to the town to greet them. For decades, only men have entered.
Everyone knew that something must have been wrong.
Trying to keep a smile on their faces, the citizens welcomed her, but did not greet her as they did with the male mortals. With disappointment, the crowd started to simmer down in a matter of minutes. This mortal was different, she was here to accomplish one thing, and one thing only.
Boraf was a twelve year old boy who admired each one of the mortals that had been dropped from the God, but never had anyone seen a woman come. Without hesitation, as the crowd cleared, he rushed over to the gorgeous woman.
“Hello, um... welcome to our village!” A smile grew on his face as it turned tomato red.
“Aww, how cute are you!” She took her fingers and pinched the young boy’s cheek.
His face had disgust written all over it. “I am certainly not trying to be abrupt with you, but why have you come here? Our people have never seen a woman mortal. I am sorry, but we do not welcome such women to our land, because you are not male.” His were eyes sprinkled with revulsion, and his mind was thirsty for answers.
“Excuse me!” The woman politely stated, as she shivered in astonishment. “Young boy, you have no right to tell me if I am welcomed her or not!” The woman quickly walked away, in frustration. She slowly glanced to her left, and saw a group of men who were sitting on chairs, talking amongst themselves. It seemed as if they were sitting in an outdoor restaurant, waiting for someone to take their order. Next to them, she saw a class of women on the ground, wearing filthy and unwashed clothing.
The mortal then started to walk towards the two groups of people, with confidence and faith. First, she confronted the men.
“Hello gentlemen,” she uttered in friendliness. 
“Oh hello!” One man sat upright in his chair, as he closed his menu, and placed it on the table. “Are you here to take our order? We are ready to place our meals in the system.”
The mortal’s jaw dropped as she stared at them in confusion. “I am not your waitress , gentlemen. I am actually the mortal that had just been dropped from Justice.”
“Oh yes,” the man looked her up and down, and gave her a look of incredulity. “I remember you. So what are you here for?”
“Well, I wanted to ask you why the women to your left are sitting on the ground, and not sitting at the same level as you all?”
“Um..” He looked to his friends, as they shrugged. “Well, okay. Yes, yes. You see, they are women, why would they not be on the ground? Us, men, are honestly better at everything than women. Take no offense, but my speakings are sincere.” He paused and then continued to browse through his menu.
Her eyes widened and was speechless. Without a reply, the mortal turned, and started to walk away, as she shook her head in disbelief. “How rude,” she whispered to herself.
The mortal’s next stop was to the building of all the mortals.
After a few minutes of strolling through the village and observing the social class in the town, she arrived at the government building. As she sighed, she slowly opened the doors, expecting everything she has already encountered.
Quickly, a guard approached her. “Hello, majesty. I see that you are the mortal that has been dropped today. I grant you my trust and prosperity. Is there anything I can do for you today?”
“No thank you, I think I will just walk around for today. I truly appreciate your manners.” The mortal began to stroll where all the other mortals sat. As soon as she approached them, the men turned their chair, avoiding her face. “I suppose that you men do not want me here. I have seen so much discrimination within your town, I can not even stand another minute outside, or I will die of judgement. I assumed that you all are here to stop all the mess that has been created in this town, but all you have done is promote it.”
One of the men looked back and stated, “Well, we do not need you here, we can handle it all, as men. Women do not need to act as if they have everything under control, because it always ends in commotion. Thank you and have a good day.” The man hissed at the woman mortal, and continued to talk to the others.
But enough was enough for the mortal. She could not take it anymore. She screamed at the top of her lungs flew her hands to the side, looked up to the sky and yelled, “PEACE TO ALL WOMEN.” As she swirled her hands together in harmony, and all the men who had not been loyal to women were quickly turned into ash and put in the mortal’s hands. Spinning all of the dust around, it created an immense spiral dust storm, which revolved one hundred miles per hour. It was taller than any building that was constructed, and wider than the Moon. She controlled this storm to evict the mortals who were discriminatory towards women, and anyone she saw that was an advocate of this. The ash blinded the men, and choked them to death. This swirling storm tore down houses and building of the ones who were discriminatory. People yelled and screamed, begging for mercy, but the only satisfied folk were the poorly treated ladies. The male mortals fell to their knees, asking what they could do to reverse their actions.
But nothing could change her mind.
Years later, Tangohut was free of any cruel people who treated women in an inferior way.
People call this act a tornado, which occurs whenever anyone is acting discriminatory against women. It occurs once a year, in honor of the only woman mortal.

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