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The Sky is The Limit

December 11, 2018
By jenna-writer PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
jenna-writer PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
― Arthur C. Clarke


Jason Force:    A 23-year-old, German-American, adrenaline junkie who lives his life with thrill and danger. He is wearing a plain, white tank top with navy cut-off shorts along with some navy adidas. He has a sun-tanned skin tone, a toned physique and a couple scars on his cheek from his past adventures. His dirty blonde, short hair is never combed nor kept. His best friend is Caleb Falls which he has known since middle school. He is open-minded, but surprisingly quite protective.

Caleb Falls:     A 23-year-old, American, introvert who loves playing the Sims inside his house. He has a thin physique and a pale skin tone. He has slicked back black, short hair. He is wearing a light blue button-up and dark blue jeans with his black and white sneakers. He is the middle-school, best friend of Jason Force who he has trouble hanging out with sometimes due to their opposite personalities. He is close-minded.

Karl Johnson:  43-year-old male expert in flight and mechanics. He is intelligent and has a quick reaction time. He is the ideal assistant towards safe flight activities. He wears a light brown flight outfit and a parachute pack on his back. He has light brown and gray, short hair.

Chris Kurt:      36-year-old male expert in flight and mechanics. He is a quick-learner and evident in agilities. He is an ideal assistant towards fast flight activities. He wears a light brown flight outfit and a parachute pack on his back. He has bright, blonde hair that reaches his ears.



Thrust Stage is dark before the spotlight shines directly on Caleb and Jason. There is loud tweeting over the speakers to represent pigeons. It is about 6:10 in the morning on Thursday, in the New York, Central Dog Park. There is about a 12 by 12 foot painted backdrop on the stage with a sunrise and a couple painted trees. Jason and Caleb are sitting UP RIGHT of the stage, facing the crowd, on a bench, tossing bread crumbs UP CENTER to pigeons(stuffed). It is sunny outside, and the grass(rug) that is covering the entirety of the stage is freshly trimmed. It isn’t as loud as they thought it would be and no dogs could be seen. Jason has called Caleb out to meet with him about “important business” and Caleb hesitantly obliges and meets him at Central Park to have a conversation. They are now discussing the “important business” Jason mentioned over the phone, and as they begin to talk, the tweeting noises fade.

Scene One

JASON: [speaking seriously, staring at Caleb] Thank you for meeting me here.


CALEB: [looking concerned, skeptical] You mentioned important business? I didn’t even think you cared about business. Let alone get out of bed this early.


JASON: [chuckling] Okay, you caught me! [raising hands in defense] I wanted you here to discuss that you’re being a total hermit! [pointing an accusing finger at Caleb]


CALEB: [blushing, becoming defensive] I’m not a hermit, I am an introvert! I am just not a “total” thrill-seeker like you, accept it!


JASON: [disagreeing, shaking his head] You haven’t been out of your house in days! You’re a closeted thrill-seeker and you know it, you can’t hide it from me, dude! [grasping Caleb’s shoulders] Let me help you come out!


CALEB: [groaning, shaking his head] Stop talking so loudly, you make it sound like I’m closeting my sexuality. You’ll make people stare. [looking around nervously]


JASON: [grinning] You’re hiding your attraction to a great adrenaline rush! Come on, give me your time for this weekend and I’ll make plans for something fun! [gradually speaking louder]


CALEB: [frantically shaking head] Jason, you realize you do insane stuff, right? What makes you think I want to be a part of that!?


JASON: [reassuring, smiling gently] With a friend like me, of course I think you wanna be a part of the fun! Come on, give it chance, you never know unless you try! [encouragingly punching Caleb’s arm]


CALEB: [still shaking his head, slower] I’m not interested in adrenaline rushes, Jason, [gradually talking quieter] just the thought of it is already giving me goosebumps.


JASON: [pursing his lips] What about the time you [emphasis] loved doing flips on my trampoline?


CALEB: [3 second pause] I only did that because of peer pressure, [hesitant] not for any other reason.


JASON: [exaggerated surprised look on face, dramatic gasp] [mocking tone] Oh no! Not peer pressure! [bored expression, normal tone] Caleb, don’t deny that you were feeling risky that day and you didn’t care if you flunked the flip! You wanted that risk, and I want to help you feel that way again. You [emphasis] did nail the flip.


CALEB: [looking down in shame, speaking quietly] What activity do you have in mind?


JASON: [scheming look on face, tapping the tips of his fingers against each other as he speaks] We wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise, now would we? Trust me! I know you’re just a beginner, so we won’t be motorcycling through fire or anything like that. It won’t be something too crazy, okay? Deal? [holding his hand out for Caleb to agree to the plan]


CALEB: [biting his lip before speaking] Oka- [cut-off by Jason]


JASON: You also have to be blindfolded until we get there, I’ll take care of everything! Just be sure you wear warm clothes. [wiggling his fingers to show he’s finished the precautions of the deal]


CALEB: [furrowing his brows, slightly lifting his hand] You promise we won’t die?


JASON: [grinning] I promise. [grabbing Caleb’s hand and shaking it excitedly]


CALEB: [frowning, he drops the rest of the bread crumbs onto the grass]





Thrust Stage reveals with spotlights that a blindfolded and ear-covered Caleb is sitting in an airplane chair UP CENTER beside Jason who is eagerly staring out the window that is in front of a backdrop painted with clouds and a perspective airplane wing. The seats are above the ground, sitting on a platform that is about the size of the bench they were sitting on in scene 1, to give room for jumping DOWNSTAGE CENTER. It is about 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. Caleb and Jason are connected to bungee cords that are connected to the top of the stage for future use. Caleb and Jason are both wearing heavy jackets and sweatpants. There is a fan UP LEFT near Caleb to show wind coming from outside. Two sky-diver assistants: Karl Johnson and Chris Kurt enter the UP LEFT stage to show the parachute packs attached to their backs, they stop on the left of Jason and Caleb. They turn to Caleb and Jason, smiling. The chairs Caleb and Jason were seated on begin to shake to resemble the plane taking off and the fan is turned onto a higher speed. Caleb looks around blindly for any answers and Jason pulls his blindfold off and Caleb drops his hands that were covering his ears.

Scene Two

CALEB: [eyes widening, looking at the sky-diving assistants with worry and then with anger at Jason] Please tell me we are [emphasis] not about to go [loudly speaking] SKY-DIVING!


JASON: [grinning and chuckling] No can-do, because that’s exactly what we are about to do! I hope those clothes are warm enough for ya.


CALEB: [hearing airplane noises coming from UP RIGHT SPEAKERS, gasping] No way, no way, no way! Jason we can’t go through with this! You have [emphasis] got to be kidding me!


JASON: There’s no joking when you get this high in the air! Soon we will be able to see [emphasis] everything from up here! [waving hands] You’ll be fine! Tell him guys!


KARL: Don’t worry kid, we are experts in the field. We will keep ya outta danger. [smirking, giving two thumbs up]


CHRIS: [laughing] Your name is Caleb, right? Well, Caleb, it’s your choice. I’m skilled in [emphasis] speed, that guy over there is [quotation fingers] Mr. Safety. Who do you want to help you dive?


JASON: [pointing to Chris] You’re takin’ him, he needs some danger in his life today. He’s practically deprived of it! Make his heart race a bit, he needs it!


CALEB: [widening eyes, staring at Jason] Danger?! What do you mean by danger?! Jason don’t kill me, man!


JASON: Saddle up! It’s time to fly! [walks over to Karl to get hooked in] Go let Chris get you ready to go.


CALEB: Ah…alright. [awkwardly walks over to Chris, who quickly begins getting him strapped in] [mumbling under breath] Today is when I die…


CHRIS: You excited, kid? [he finishes strapping in Caleb] With me, we will be going super quick. I always take Jason and we’re down at the ground in a matter of minutes.


CALEB: Oh God… Jason, I think I’m gonna hurl! [covers face with hands]   


JASON: Get ready, Caleb! It’s time, you can hurl when you get down there! [turning towards the edge of the platform, ready to jump] I’ll meet you down there, buddy, don’t be afraid!


CHRIS: Ready?! [walking to the platform beside Jason and Karl]


CALEB: No-No let’s just fly back down! We’re gonna die! [squirming around in the harness] How do I get this thing off?!


CHRIS: Geronimo! [he jumps off the platform with Caleb and they start hovering with the support of the bungee cords]


CALEB: [screaming loudly, the fan is on its highest speed towards the two]


JASON: [laughing as Karl jumps off the platform as well, hovering beside Caleb, Jason yelling at Caleb] You’re flying, Caleb! Embrace it, throw away the fear!


CALEB: I don’t think I can! [shutting his eyes] I’m scared!


JASON: [smiling weakly] Open your eyes!


CALEB: [slowly opening eyes, slightly calming down] It’s… It’s…


JASON: [widening eyes, grinning] Yeah?


CALEB: It’s… [realization quickly hits] GETTING CLOSER, AHH! [yelling in fear as the bungee cords lower slowly]


JASON: Time to ‘shute! [the parachutes from both boys extend]


KARL: Alright boys, here’s our stop! [sighing as they all land on the grass(rug) below where they had been hovering]


 JASON: Dude that was radical, you’ve got to admit! [turning towards Caleb, quickly furrowing his brows at Caleb who was crying]


JASON: Oh Caleb, man, I’m sorry. Are you alright? [unhooking himself from Karl, walking over to Caleb who was being unhooked from Chris]


CALEB: [wipes eyes] That…was [emphasis] fun!


JASON: Really? [surprised, smirking] I knew you’d like it!


CALEB: [smiling, embarrassed by his crying] I hate you… [trailing off, playfully punching Jason in the arm]


JASON: You only hate me when I’m right! Now will you come with me for some motorcycle driving... [trailing off] through fire? [grinning]


CALEB: Absolutely not, but I will do some flips on your trampoline if you’re up for it. [grinning, feeling more confident]


JASON: Anytime. [smiling proudly, throwing his arm around Caleb and grabbing his phone to call for an Uber]


[The stage darkens and the lights fade out.]

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