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I'm Still In Love With You

November 5, 2019
By cecikamer23 BRONZE, Fisherville, Kentucky
cecikamer23 BRONZE, Fisherville, Kentucky
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Set Instructions: The stage is set on a dark beach, with the loud sound of waves crashing down onto the shore. With a view of the ocean and in the distance the lights from the oil rigs. A single flashlight shines across the stage. It is Belly, looking for Conrad. Conrad is sitting in the lifeguard chair over looking the beach. Belly is a beautiful looking nineteen year old girl, who is getting married to Conrad’s brother Jeremiah in less than 24 hours. Conrad is a tall and very good-looking twenty year old boy. Belly, wearing a light blanket across her shoulders, and Conrad is dressed decently from getting back from the bar with the boys. The light from the flashlight hitting Conrad, and the spot light is now on him.

Monologue: (Belly talking to herself as she’s walking down the steps towards the beach, to where Conrad is) Oh no, what am I getting myself into walking down here? I should be getting ready for tomorrow and not walking down here getting myself all sandy. I just showered too. He is staring at me. Wow, those beautiful blue eyes. (going off into a daze) That’s why I loved him. Belly snap out of it, you’re marrying his brother Jeremiah tomorrow. (quickly you come back to reality and keep walking up to the life guard chair where Conrad is sitting) You can’t be doing this, you need to go back to the house. Gosh, I can’t take my eyes off him, why does he have to be so hot?

Conrad: (turning around and seeing Belly walking right at him)

(Conrad talking to himself; Belly freezes) Oh no here goes nothing

 Oh, hey Belly, what are you doing down here so late? You have a big day tomorrow, but I’m really glad you came down here. I actually need to talk to you.

Belly: (grabbing a hold of her stomach and its twisting and turning, eagerly waiting to hear what Conrad has to say) Hey Conrad, I saw you sitting out here so I thought I would come join you. Its not that big of a day tomorrow. (Belly turns and talks to herself; Conrad freezes) is it though?

(Belly talking to herself; Conrad is frozen) although I am getting married, maybe I shouldn’t be down here.

Belly: But what’s up? Is something wrong?

Conrad: Well Belly yes but no.

(Belly to herself; Conrad is frozen) Oh my God, Jeremiah’s calling off the wedding, I knew it. Or- (before Belly could finish her thought Conrad begins talking)

Conrad: Belly, I’m still in love with you, and I’ll always be, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

(to herself) And right then when those words came out of Conrad’s mouth, I suddenly couldn’t breathe. (begins breathing very heavily)

(Belly’s thoughts in her head) I’m going to pass out. (screams) OH MY GOD, DID CONRAD FISHER JUST SAY HES STILL IN LOVE WITH ME? (going from a screaming voice to a soft and sad voice) Of course the day before my wedding, Conrad Fisher, the boy I’ve been in love with my whole life. The boy who made me cry for months after he broke my heart. Conrad Fisher just told me he loved me. Wow. (lights dim, and curtain closes)

The author's comments:

I really liked the 3 books in this series ending with "Will Always Have Summer" By: Jenny Han

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Yeah same

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this was a good plot but I would love to see were it goes I mean she is still in love with her Fiance's brother!!!!What about the wedding? what is she going to do?? I need to know more! but other than the cliff hanger amazing plot and imagination it felt so real especially because of all the detail. Hopefully one day you can take your work to a higher level and it can become a real play or even a movie amazing work!!1