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Stock Holders And Monsters

March 18, 2012
By swswim BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
swswim BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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John:Go look what you did with you life, you did the wrong thing buying apple.

Mike:Apple makes money uncle John, i dont also dont care what you say about ther company they do money.[ says it loud almost yelling]
John: ahh shut up and get to work. [ saying it harshly]
Mike: SO thats what you think huh, all let you know apple makes more money than this whole bliuding and even every company on Smars.[saying like a smartecl]
John: Your even luck i brought you here, you could be on earth with the others.
Mike: Im leaving again ok.
John: Good cuz your'r fired.
Mike: good becuase since Im the owner i need going to go earth. To manage it.
John:Ok do it your'e working unitl you leaving.
Mike: NO NEVER uncle m leaving anad never coming back.
John:ok lets see how long that lasts.[Mike is leaving saying a string of cruse under his breath]
[Bob is entering as Mike leaves]
Bob: Mike made a good choice buying apple.
John:It was a stupid choice jacked up choice.
Bob: It was a good choice know matter what you say.
John: it was stupid because another comapny is going to think of something better.
Bob: you are messed up sometimes.
John: I know thats me.
Secartry: theirs someone the door for you.
John: send them in.
Nick: hi names Nick and you must John Wayne.[says freindly almost like family]
John: I am
Nick:oh amlost forgot heres my partner Joshua.
John: so what.
Nick: we are sorry to inform you that your stocks have gonne dwon bye more than 50%.
John: get out now [saying it sersouly]
Nick:ok Mr.Wayne [ running out]
[its tommarrow afternoon and Mike and reports to his uncle office and his uncle John starts to yell.]
John:you are jacked up.
Mike:You are the the messed up one. Apple is one of the leading eltrininc that means messed up.
Sectary:their is someone at the door for you.
John:ok send him in.
Matthew:Mr.Wayne Apple INC. want you to buy half of thier stocks.
John: why would i buy the most pitiful stocks in history expatioly sence im billoinair.
Matthew: I will persanoly make suremore than half of your stocks go down.
John: No you will not,i will have you shipped too earth anad put in jail.
Matthew:I know but...
John:but nothing
[John presses the silent alarm]
Matthew: i already disarmed the alarm.
John: why did you do that?
Matthew: now can we make a deal.
Matthew: ok
John:i will buy quater of your stocks.

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